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You know you're a feeler when....

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    When you take bad décisions .. mmeehhh

    only taking in account your feelings

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    when you analyze the frown on your boss's face to mean you're getting fired.

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    When you can't watch a show further because it will have a love triangle and it just triggers you. It's just wrong!

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    When you apologize for apologizing.
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    Unknown Personality

    You know you're an ambivert to thinking and feeling when:

    - You cry at movies, eat vegetarian because you feel sorry for animals, and become angry when someone bullies yourself or others.
    - you are so attuned to your own thoughts, logic and ideas that you could care less about what is going on with other people in the room.

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    You ask if your best friend would be ok with waiting to play the next song because you're still in the moment with the last one and really don't want other music to intrude on your feels.

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