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You know you're a judger when

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This is a discussion on You know you're a judger when within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; You know you are a judged when forgiveness comes so naturally to you that you have to consciously be/act like ...

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    You know you are a judged when forgiveness comes so naturally to you that you have to consciously be/act like a jerk (which kills a part of you inside and plagues you with more or less unresolvable feelings of guilt) in order to keep from being taken advantage of. Or maybe that's INTJ in particular, not sure.

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    -You organize the shelves at Walmart better than the employees do
    -Your daily routine is written down somewhere, even though you're not a Youtuber or a blogger
    -Your planner is your baby
    -Even if someone offers to help you clean/organize, you will only let them do it over your dead body.
    -Spontaneous is not in your vocabulary

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    You know you are a judger when you have to review every book/album/game that you have.
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    You know you're a Judger with ADD when you are late to everything and very upset about it.
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    When you do not want to change the path of wheels already in motion.
    When you feel like you have achieved a lot but procrastination is still a problem

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    You go to a mall with your P friend and you've made a decision with her of what you both wants to buy but at the mall your P friend change her mind and wants to buy another thing and you're annoyed with her

    When you made a book about emergency exit maps on every buildings you often visit and you always bring the book so you can be prepared in case of emergency.
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    When you try to be all ''live and let live'' but 5 minutes later you're criticizing what a friend does and telling him what he should be doing instead.
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    When you're trying to be carefree and enjoy your time but then you remember you have a schedule and if you sleep late to have a "friendly night chat with your bestie" you're going to mess everything up

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    when you have a structured way of experiencing reality, and when things dont fit in with that structure, you start to feel powerless and confused, which is unacceptable.
    when you constantly add to your structure, and that IS your way of life.

    I dont think judgers judge any more or less than percievers, and even if they did, what they judge doesnt necessarily have to be people. They might judge themselves more than anyone, and live to a standard they feel everyone else should follow to better themselves in kind. so basically, they strive to be role-models and having control is only part of the appeal of holding a standard, since when control is taken away, it is a big deal. They might adapt a better behavior or plan of action from other so called judgers or become more flexible due to a percievers influence.
    They can appear stubborn and rigid, but may not reveal why they are that way for their own personal reasons.

    when you are very generous with people you are close to and want to make sure everyone is standing on their feet.

    when you are very good at managing money so that you dont have to live without basic comforts of life, but can still help others when necessary.

    when you give good advice about how to be a beneficial member of society.
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