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You know you're a perceiver when...

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    When everything around is messy
    your room
    your house
    your desktop
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    This cracked me up!

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    You're always freaking late!! STJs love this :)

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    When the quantity of tabs open at the same time in your browser just keeps inflating day after day and there's nothing you can do against it.

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    Public restrooms are cleaner than your own personal restroom
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    When you say to yourself you will do X and Y but end up lazing around and doing nothing of substance despite all those grandiose ideas in my head.

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    Nothing throws you off cause you're so good at pivoting

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    When you don't agree with the old saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well...

    I just completed a very P project: replacing the integrated halogen spots over my bathroom mirror cabinet, badly.

    First I had of course just assumed that the bulbs needed replacing, but it didn't help. I contemplated hiring a licensed electrician come to replace the lamps, but it sounded like a lot of effort, plus I'm not all that wild about the cabinet to begin with and wasn't willing to spend a lot of money fixing it. Also, I like being able to do things myself. Sounded like a job for this amateur with no knowledge of electrical work.

    So I screwed the structure open to see what the wiring looked like. Scary - there were a lot of wires, attached to different places in the wall, to each other and to a slim box. I decided that that I wouldn't be able to make sense of the wires without the help of an instruction booklet that would probably come with the new lamps, so I headed for the store in hope that the choice would be obvious when I saw the selection.

    There were no halogen spots in the store; apparently led has replaced halogen years ago. I took my chances and bought some led spots. They weren't the same size as the old ones, but I decided to make it work anyway. I wondered about the box thingy, but although I had the opportunity to google it with my phone, it made more sense to me to at least give it a go first.

    At home, with the screwdriver in my hand ready to screw the new wires to the old mystery box I got a bit squimish and finally googled that a halogen driver cannot be used with led spots. Back to the store. I was hoping that I could find the same size box, only for leds, because there wasn't really room in the structure for much else. The only thing I could find was a completely different kind of a led driver, with a plug and cord. I bought it, although it was obvious that it wasn't meant to be integrated into any fixed structure. Maybe I could take it apart and find the right kind of wires inside? After all, I've never done this before; beginner's luck must be on my side.

    You would think that after messing up every single step of the way I wouldn't have working led spots in my bathroom. But if your standards aren't very high, nothing is very difficult. I ended up having to use a drill, some superglue and scotch tape to force together all these parts that clearly weren't meant to be used together, but now I do have spotlights in my bathroom again.

    This would never happen to a Judger.

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    When your itinerary involves currency exchange, flight tickets, hotel bookings and nothing else.

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    You know you're a perceiver when the suggestion of making a schedule to make your life supposedly easier makes you cringe

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