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Bigger conflict: J type vs. P type, or J type vs. J type?

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This is a discussion on Bigger conflict: J type vs. P type, or J type vs. J type? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I don't enjoy being around J-types too much. I like most of them but there's a point when they start ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I don't enjoy being around J-types too much. I like most of them but there's a point when they start to be too annoying. I think most of them get better with age since they learn not to shit bricks everytime a plan is changed. I always thought that Js and Ps would be "natural enemies" but I think that relationships between Ps and Js are more peaceful than those between Js and Js. However especially TJs seem to enjoy arguing so for them conflicts aren't a bad thing.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    As a P, I just don't bother arguing with J types at all. They don't see things the same way I do, and it we'll both end up getting nowhere. I usually just go along with what they demand unless something's extremely important to me and goes against my values. Hell, it's one less decision I have to make on my own.

    I watch Js fight each other constantly though. It's hilarious to a P. It really is. I'm about as P as one can get, and I think that just about everyone could use a "chill pill" most of the time.

    However, I'll have friendly debates with fellow Ps (of the NT variety) all day long.

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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    P's annoy me so much because they are usually very unorganized. Organization is a BIG thing for me. And organization is a J thing. Especially with my ESFP sister, I always found myself yelling at her to pick something up or shut a door she left open.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    The key, as always , is based on respect or lack thereof.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I think P's probably annoy J's more than J's annoy P's. My mom is a strong J and I'm a strong P. Most of the time, the things I do that upset her don't even occur to me as upsetting in the slightest. Even after living with her for 20+ years, I haven't figured out how to stop pushing her buttons. Still, when she mentions something, I'm quick to attend to it to make sure she doesn't start nagging. It's the nagging that really drives me crazy.

    On the other hand, J's can be as organized as they want, as long as they don't expect the same from me. XD

    J VS J is fun to watch. It's probably just because J's *notice* so much more. As a P, I could be surrounded by mess and uncertainty, but it's alright, I don't mind. I don't even feel the need to fix it. XD
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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by teddy564339 View Post
    But after thinking about it some more, I think I’ve noticed that I clash with J types just as much as, and actually probably more than P types. I guess it all depends on the situation and person of course…there are some situations where P types drive me up the wall.
    With a P and a J it’s more likely they will talk past each other entirely because they work differently. Like Who’s On First. Each interprets the other in a way that misses what the other meant and they go around in frustrated circles.

    When two Js clash it’s more likely they get each other’s approaches fine, but they’re disagreeing on the argument. It’s a fight about the positions rather than a failure of communication.

    Quote Originally Posted by teddy564339 View Post
    But I really see J types clashing with other J types just because both sides seem like they’re more likely to be stubborn and less likely to budge on whatever it is they’re feeling at the time.
    Oh Ps are plenty stubborn. Js want closure, Ps want the best opportunity. Js are flexible internally: have to be, to achieve closure externally. Ps introvert their judging, they are more organised and picky on the inside: naturally they chafe against external structure.
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    JvsP is simple and it has nothing to do with how orderly someone is.

    First of all a J type will have a theory about something and their tendency is to look for data that matches that theory. That is why Js seem so sure of themselves and often disregard other people's ideas. This makes a J's judgment fast but the possibility of inaccuracy 9of them being wrong) is high.

    A P on the other hand will work for data to developing a theory. This is why you see so many Ps questioning their type and checking different possibilities, going deep into the theory and questioning things, looking closely at what the data points towards. This makes p types look indecisive and all over the place, they also come to conclusions much slower or they don't come to a conclusion at all. However when they do decide it is often highly accurate.

    Simple as that. The difference between a J and a P.
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    Unknown Personality

    Hmm.. in my experience I think I have more conflicts with J types, but I could be biased because both my parents are J's. The conflict comes with clashing decisions, whereas the problem I have with P's comes from getting them to do things (but this might mostly be NP's).

    Overall, I get along more with E's, N's, T's, and P's, so I guess that explains why I'm drawn to ENTP's (and act as one around people sometimes).

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    ESFP - The Performers

    I'd imagine it's JvJ for me, because I don't have problems with Js (unless they direct too much of that J onto me). It's always the other way round.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Lol all the J v J debates I've seen NEVER FUCKING END. One J always has to prove to another J that his views are right where P's go Eh whatever.

    Edit:Today in Poli Sci class we were talking about the diffent ways people talk about politics and heres what I came up with:

    2 P's will Talk about something and just keep throwing hypotheticals at eachother to make even more. If they can't agree on something they find middle ground and compromise.
    "Coffee Shop Talk"

    1 P will throw hypotheticals at a J and a J will try to make a conclusion"Problem Solving". If the P doesn't agree with the J the talk will turn into a "Questioning"coversation

    2 J's will Talk about something and if there ideas don't match they have to prove to eachother"The Debate".Where as if they agree on something there discussion will turn into a "Coffee Shop Talk"

    1 J will throw there data or conclusion at a P a P will keep asking questions on how they got that conclusion and find flaws."Questioning" If the J and the P can't agree the conversation turns into a "Problem Solving" type conversation

    This is just a hypothesis for a Poli-Sci anyone got any input?
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