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Bigger conflict: J type vs. P type, or J type vs. J type?

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This is a discussion on Bigger conflict: J type vs. P type, or J type vs. J type? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I just wish to understand how P's live their lives in such a state of disarray.......

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I just wish to understand how P's live their lives in such a state of disarray....

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    J vs J

    Why? Let me illustrate....

    Here's a J vs P conflict:

    J: &#*[email protected]&#^!$*&#!*!(#@%&!
    P: ok ok chill dude geez.....

    Here's a J vs J conflict:

    J: @#[email protected]#[email protected]$
    J: @#[email protected]@#[email protected]#[email protected]
    J: @#$&D(@*#($&@#[email protected]@@
    J: &*[email protected]#^$!&(#($(!#*$&(!*&$(!#$
    J: &@#^$(@*#($&(@#&$(@*#$&(@#*$&@(
    J: *(#&$(@*#$&*(#@&$*(@&#$(&@#$*(@#&$(@*9
    J: &(#$*!&#&$(!*#&$(*!#&*($&!*($&*(!#&$*(!&#*($&!*(#&$*(!
    J: #&*($(@#&*(!&$*(!&$(*!&(#$&*(#&$*(!&$(!#&$(#&$(!#&($&(!&*($&

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    INFP - The Idealists

    (I'm a P)
    I can't stand when a J type comes to a conclusion about me. I need a lot of room to fluctuate and change perspective I guess. That can be troubling to some people. And I think especially if I love someone, their "J" function can really stifle me, because I do care how they are effected. So it works kinda like that?

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Like what hmwith said, Js never see things the same way I do. I used to have a friend who was INxJ and we argued most of the time and we never ever agree with each other.
    Things just didn't go well.

    It's a lot easier getting along with other Ps though.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    J vs J.

    P's annoy me when they don't keep their word or take things seriously. But it turns out OK, since I plan on them not following through when they specifically promised to.

    But another J with an opposing agenda = RAMFIGHT.

    If a J is trying to force me away from my solidified plans in order to fit theirs, there WILL be problems.

    Of course, when I charge forth with MY plans because I don't want to waste any more time fighting with them (and I let them know clearly of this intention), they take it as "irresponsibility". When in reality, I didn't plan to follow you at all, jackass.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Please don't get pissy about what I'm writing, this is colored by personal experiences and the black/white opinion they make me produce. I don't have anything against anyone based on their type.

    Well... Ps do clash, but usually there's a top and a bottom dynamic with Ps.
    Only scenario I can come to think of where an actual battle of MIGHT will occur is this:

    ESTP clash with ISTP when ESTP invade ISTP space and try to steal their stuff.
    ESTP will try to flee the scene with loot, but ISTP will not let that happen as it is their stuff.
    ESTP wont let go of loot that is already in hand so 2 options possible:
    a) Make a run for it, but know that they have a disadvantage with loot
    b) Destroy evidence, innocent until caught with their hand so far down in the honey jar that even Jesus wont forgive your sin
    ESTP will be cornered, let's get ready to rumble!

    I wasn't around when something like this happened. I got the circumstances explained by several people. One of them being the ISTP.
    From what I know about the ESTP and the ISTP the example above was very likely to be how the scenario went down. I'd witnessed the ESTP "permanently borrow" stuff without asking as a reoccurring happening and I'd just about started to realize, at the time, that the ISTP's stuff was sacred!

    Anyway, those two just mentioned made me feel like this:
    XSTPs suck. I wont know they are an XSTP before it's too late though. I'm kidding, these two individuals are extremes maintained by the next worst things that is: EXFJs!!!

    Maybe they also are created by circumstances like being the youngest.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Theoretically, I would say Js argue the most with other Js. My personal experience kind of supports this.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I've noticed that I have worse conflicts with other Js. Generally, when I'm spending time with Ps, I learn to "expect the unexpected" and formulate multiple plans in my head on the fly for the different possible scenarios. I can go with the flow, but I plan it.

    With fellow Js, on the other hand, especially the very inflexible ones, conflicts can get messier. Sometimes when they don't understand a point I'm trying to make (not disagree with, but don't understand - there is a difference), arguments erupt, or when our plans conflict. Additionally, I've noticed that generally Js are more likely to hold grudges and want revenge (whether it's actually justified or completely irrational), which I really don't have time to deal with, due to everything else I'm currently fitting into my life.

    My best friends are a pretty even mix of Js and Ps.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I think this totally depends on the context of the conflict. For instance, Ti and Fi doms can be extremely stubborn about their "logic" or "feelings" and blow up on you if they are unwilling to compromise or explore alternatives farther, Te and Fe doms can be extremely stubborn about throwing out their typical approach to logic or feelings to experiment with something new on the fly, while Ni and Si doms can be stubborn about letting go of a subjective perception, while Ne and Se doms can be stubborn about exploring the world outside of their own bubble of intuition or sensing...I dunno, I've basically seen it all in both P doms and J doms, Ps/Js, what have you. I think Ps tend to be a bit more passive-aggressive though, while Js tend to be more direct. The conflicts I've had between both have been pretty even overall, and I haven't seen any particular trends in what happens when two Js clash or two Ps clash, etc. Almost any topic that comes up about the J/P labels are probably a self-fulfilling prophecy, since there is no universal definition of J/P in types (really, what are the "true" J types and the "true" P types? Probably none, since every type uses J/P functions and, based on their overall consciousness in a person, no matter what position they are in, they have a pretty equal chance of causing a person to be as J as a higher J or as P as a lower P, since they can be more easily controlled in higher consciousness, which can result in them either being rigid or highly subdued, depending on the person, while in the lower form, they are less in control, so a person could have a rather out-of-control rigid use of them, depending on the person, or a rather out-of-control subdued use, depending on the person). This is the interesting point I've gotten to in Jungian psychology. Besides personality type, there's always temperament at play, etc.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    In terms of both sides being unrelenting and pushing for their argument, J vs J.
    With one side getting frustrated at the other, and maybe acquiescing from the weaker side, J vs P.

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