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Living Exceptions to the Myers Briggs or Enneagram (Unknown Personality)

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This is a discussion on Living Exceptions to the Myers Briggs or Enneagram (Unknown Personality) within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Originally Posted by Eric B Well, it seems clear you're a Get Things Going (or "Coworker"; ESF/ENP), and being E7 ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric B View Post
    Well, it seems clear you're a Get Things Going (or "Coworker"; ESF/ENP), and being E7 would go along with this as well.
    So then Keirsey temperament theory would be what would determine it for you. Do you identify with NT, NF, or SP descriptions, then?

    As for childhood, I find it can sometimes be difficult to assess what you were really "using" in retrospect. Our dominant is so second-nature, we might take it for granted, and notice the "behavior" associated with other functions, instead. Like circumstances I remember might have made tit seem I was a Feeler, but taken in context with the situations and such, and the fact that the suppressed functions do come up, and perhaps might be more noticeable because of the negative emotions associated with them, it's clear that was not true.

    You can look at this page to get a sense of hat type is like for children (before everything has fully differentiated):
    Personality and Kids
    That's very possible, with regard to the bolded. What I mainly remember from my childhood is my love of animals, reading about them, playing with them, buying stuffed animals, etc. I don't remember doing much in the way of analysis, though in my early 20s that popped up strongly. It's hard to tell what type I would have been in childhood because if I had wanted to engage in any of the weaknesses of an ENP, for example, I might have been beaten at the first sign of not doing exactly what I was supposed to do. Once I left home I made up for the suppressive upbringing. :)

    With Keirsey I'm an SP or NT and when I watch his videos, I identify most strongly with SP, though I'm not an artist in any sense.

    This is something I just came across:

    Five Lenses of Type |

    "Fifth Lens—Systemic Influences
    Living Systems
    The fifth lens is not really a single lens, but a recognition that we are living systems operating within living systems and there are other systemic influences beside type that inform our identities and our behaviors..... Some of the systemic influences come from within the system and thus other models are helpful such as Dario Nardi’s model of Life-Themes. Each of these eight Life-Themes – Physical, Creative, Establishment, Community, Academic, Entrepreneurial, Political, Growth – colors our types. Thus an ESFP with a Growth Life-Theme might look more like an ENFP and one with an Establishment Life-Theme might look like an ESFJ.19 So many varieties of type to enjoy! If you don’t know about these other models, then you can be hindered in your ability to help others clarify their type."

    I don't like having to look outside MBTI since the method should work without outside help, but maybe something like the above is going on with me. That would explain my strong orientation to the present and the gut feeling that I'm SP and would also allow me to be on the edge of SP or ESFP, more toward ENFP beliefs and non-conformity. It's always possible my T came from my discouragement with people and a strong push in my childhood and throughout my adulthood to be T.

    This is all just a guess as to why I seem to bounce all over the place with regard to MBTI. :D
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I only recently found that Berens blog site. It has pretty good stuff that pretty much parallels the books, but there is some stuff I hadn't seen before (like some details about Keirsey's development of his theory).

    Your earlier descriptions really did seem to point to ENTP. Is is possible that these "Fifth Lens" influences might have pushed you to an appearance of an SP? (Like imaginativeness was discouraged?)

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    Unknown Personality

    I don't know! :D Right now it's all a confusion, but this has been almost like a counseling session since I realized today that in my early 20s I was involved in a traumatic situation that the material world couldn't come close to solving, so I had to go deep within myself for quite a while to work things out. I was helped by strongly NT people, and since I learned from them off and on for many years first out of necessity then interest, I was able to develop that side of myself to a higher degree than most people bother with. I was taught to analyze people and events in somewhat of a critiquing and philosophical sense, to the point where I now automatically analyze everything that's going on around me. I've been told by a couple psychologists that I understand situations and people's motivations and games better than anyone they've known.

    It's not that I had forgotten what happened in my early 20s but I've moved beyond it and hardly think about it anymore. But my life had been going in an ESFP direction and I had to take a right-angle turn, which set me apart from almost everything and everyone I'd known. During the entire time I was researching alternative methods of dealing with the world, I was trying to have as much fun as possible, given the circumstances, and spent years dancing 5 nights a week. So I had two parallel lives going on for years -- one fun-loving S and one in the midst of psychology and spirituality with N-type people. It broke me apart from a normal life and to this day I can't relate to mainstream people, since I was in that other world too long. The only people I hang out with on a regular basis are fun-loving SPs and counter culture types, and I feel at home in both. It's funny that they don't usually mingle, but I move easily between the two worlds.

    So what happens when an ESFP has to enter an overall ENFP world with a T perspective soon after moving away from home and then stays in that world for much of 15 years? If that's what happened to me, then confusion results when MBTI typing is attempted. :D It might take me a while to know for sure, but that could be the answer, and if not, then at least I have a good direction to look in order to figure out my type.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
    That's what I'm thinking, that if the F almost always equates to people, then I'm probably an ENTP. A couple years ago I realized that I use people in a having-fun and sharing-ideas sense without having a strong interest in getting to know people in any more depth than what they think about certain concepts, unless it's a significant other or gives me more information in general about what people are like. I do like helping people, when the opportunity arises, but it's always in a logic rather than warm or empathetic sense.

    dejavu, what you wrote are completely my issues, other than changing "more serious than the ENFPs" to "somewhat less personal warmth than the ENFPs."
    You sound a lot like me, and I also know other ENTPs that are kind and considerate and so on. You sound very ENTPish. :)
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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
    If an ESFP could be a non-conformist and free thinker and into reading and discussing all sorts of alternative ideas, that would be the first choice of who I'd be.

    My strong present rather than future orientation consistently for much of my life rules out N, and my non-confirmist and free-thinking ways seem to rule out S, from everything I've read. That doesn't leave much for me to be. I haven't yet read any MBTI or even Socionics description by any author that covers who I am, so I guess I'm one of those who will likely remain Unknown Personality. There are many other methodologies that describe me, including Enneagram 7w6, but so far not Myers-Briggs.
    DO not rule it out because of just because you are a freethinking non-conformist. I fit that mould perfectly and I know am not iNtuitive...anyone here can tell you that I think. I always come out xSFP (much more often ESFP) with 7w6 Enneagram. Most descriptions for MBTI types are all stereotypes that seem to fit the more undeveloped types and unhealthy (ESFPs are stupid sluts, INTJs are dickish robots, etc...) Those are the last thing to go by if you're trying to figure that out. I did the quiz at the site Eric B pointed out by myself and with my mother for kids, that's a good place to start if you remember lots for the questions.
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    Unknown Personality

    Okay, so I can be either ENTP or ESFP. :D Really though, I feel like each type almost equally.

    Thanks to both. :) And I've been coming to that conclusion myself, that the descriptions are stereotypes of people who haven't grown, and I do know people like that, but not very many past the teens.

    I'm on my way out the door and will be on dialup for 4 days, so I might not be posting much.

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    I can relate to this. I am constantly struggling with type confusion. I'll "decide" that I fit one type, but then find something else with further research that makes me doubt it, and it starts all over again. I think a combination of life experiences and my inexperience with being very self-analyzing is making it a bit harder for me to find my type. I put INTP because that's what I almost always test as, and it seems to be what I come off as to other people. I still don't know about it though. As for Enneagram, I thought I was a type 9, but as I try and get better at analyzing myself, I'm thinking more and more that I'm a type 1. I don't know.
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    Unknown Personality

    Since people on this thread were really nice in trying to help me type myself, I'm back to say that I was able to sort it out. yayyy! Here's what I posted on a thread started by PisceanReve:

    PisceanReve, if you're still around, I found my type. :) Ogen posted the following website:

    After giving it a lot of thought this weekend and then reading about Knowledge Seekers, particularly "Typical Knowledge Seeker Natural Gifts and Talents," I'm clearly an NT, with SP being a close second and NF being a little behind that. My SP-type light-heartedness and spontaneity is very important to me, but underneath I seem to be a flakey NT. :D

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Yeah; that's what NTP's are: the "flaky NT's"!
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    Unknown Personality

    Hard-core logic underneath with enough flakiness on top to cover Mt. Everest many times over. Since I'm now officially an N, that's my attempt at metaphor. :-O

    This explains why I feel like I'm going through life somewhat by myself. Put together an NT female who has a lot of weird ideas about things including what's going on in the world and isn't into house stuff and is strongly interested in biology and nature sports and has a very open-minded view of spirituality and doesn't always know how to talk to females yet is female enough to not always be able to hang out with guys and their car talk and better abilities in mountains and you get someone who is considered eccentric and has to hunt around for people to be friends with. ;)

    I guess I don't belong on this thread anymore but since it took me months to find a website or book that describes who I am, I'd tell people not to give up because maybe something will click for you. But if it doesn't, there are a lot of other personality typing methods, some of which I fit well in spite of my messy MBTI type.

    My INTJ SO just said I should go to the J dark side and start making decisions. That's scary. :-O

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