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Let's Match MBTI Types With Zodiac Signs!

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This is a discussion on Let's Match MBTI Types With Zodiac Signs! within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Just for fun then :) (these are all based on the persons close to me.) Aries - INTP, INFP, ISFP ...

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    Just for fun then :)

    (these are all based on the persons close to me.)

    Aries - INTP, INFP, ISFP
    Taurus - ESTJ, ENFP, ESFP
    Gemini - INTJ, ESFP (2 guys)
    Cancer - ENFP, ENFJ (3 girls)
    Leo - ESFP, INFP, ENTJ
    Virgo - INTP, INTJ, ESFP
    Libra - ESFP (2 people including my bro)
    Scorpio - INFP, ESFP
    Sagittarius - INFJ (me), ENFJ, ENFP (2 girls), ISTP (other bro), ESFP
    Capricorn - ESFP (mom), INFJ (dad) INTJ (crush), ENFP, ENFJ
    Aquarius - INFP, ENFP
    Pisces - ISFJ, ENFJ

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    A good idea, but...
    Seems to be a lot of dissonance and inconsistencies in this thread thus far.
    Would be interesting to see a statistical data-sheet to spot any trends.
    Also, as has been mentioned, sun sign alone might not be the determining factor. Possibly Mars and Mercury might play a role. No idea.

    Gemini ENTP here (Gemini 3). Mars and Mercury in Gemini too, and sun in the 5th. Seems a stereotypical fit perhaps, going by classical descriptions at least, but I'd like to know why it fits for me and not, perhaps, for someone else of the same zodiac type.
    Perhaps it is simply coincidence on my part.
    Another strange coincidence is one of my exes, his birthday was literally 2 days after mine (different year however) and we were genuinely REALLY similar in tastes and personality (which is why the mutual attraction and mutual annoyance LOL).

    Like I said, needs more research.

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    INTJ and Scorpio

    I'm INTJ, Scorpio and, in the Chinese calendar, Dragon. Since I'm very logical, I find it difficult to realize that all three match my personality so completely that it's scary. I'm not inclined to think that the date and/or year of my birth could possibly have anything to do with my personality, but there it is.

    If you're a true INTJ, it seems to me that you would almost have to be a Scorpio...they match up so closely. If you're another sign, please look under Scorpio characteristics and tell me where they differ from you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica_1287 View Post
    A true Sagittarius would be an iNtuitive (ENTP, most likely) since the sign of the archer is very philosophical and idea-minded. As for the rest, I'd say:

    Taurus- XNTJ
    You forgot INTP ;)

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk

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    ISXJ and a Leo

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    ENFP / INFP Libra, Sagittarius rising and moon in Cancer. Amused at how that fits some people's "profiling".

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    Here's a statistical poll showing MBTI vs. astrotype:


    Here's a related thread I made (also with a poll but not the same kind of a poll)

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    I'm Aries and INFP. Aries sign fits my characteristics and temperament almost perfectly.

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    For family members:

    Aquarius: INFJ
    Cancer: xSFJ
    Gemini: ENFx
    Leo: xNFJ

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    I don't really know why everyone type ISFP to pisces. Also, ISFP can be fit to Aries greatly, since ISFP is an advetorious personality.

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