If you were to pick a theme song....

If you were to pick a theme song....

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This is a discussion on If you were to pick a theme song.... within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; For yourself and your MBTI, what would it be??? I'm ISFP, and here's my pick.......

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    If you were to pick a theme song....

    For yourself and your MBTI, what would it be???
    I'm ISFP, and here's my pick....
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    Well I seen this mentioned in the estp theme thread by another estp and figured it was pretty accurate

    This song to me is like epitome of the best and worst of estp full circle

    This song makes me think of any rebellious estps youth at least me and all the SPs I knew of back in our delinquency

    Douchey asshole estps song
    Every time I hear it and I think this must be an estp gone wrong
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    Here are my choices for ISFPs.

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    My MBTI type is INTJ
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    INFJ. I've always felt this is my theme song.

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    When you tell Ne that there are limitations and rules Ne will take it as a challenge to find another alternative, whilst Fi is screaming that this is the right thing to do... well you end up with a stubborn dreamer who's out to prove you wrong. That and Ne's love for possibilities leads them to saying they can do 'anything' not just narrowing it down to one specific dream.

    Type 7 ENFP. My personal anthem. (OneRepublic have a few other ENFP-like songs too... Counting Stars? yeah that one too)

    NFPs and our chronic Peter Pan syndrome.

    An ENFP (or INFP... cause let's face it, Florence is the epitome of INFP) trying to get out of a grip.

    Type 4(?) More ExFP than just ENFP. Pink is obviously ESFP. :P

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    If you ever need to tell the difference:


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    Hmmm for me I find "Creep" pretty relatable...dunno about the other INTJs out there.

    Can't post a video while I have less than 15 posts lol, will amend later!
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