How do/did you act in class?

How do/did you act in class?

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    How do/did you act in class?

    Do you talk a lot? Go on your phone a ton

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    When I was in school I would usually be quiet but not paying attention.

    Would doodle or write down lyrics of whatever song I was enamoured with at the time.

    If the class interested me I'd pay more attention, but I never cared for acting nice or being obedient.

    At University where I had more choice over which modules I took and I actually gave a f*ck I was not a star pupil, but one of the more interested for sure. Would often ask questions or debate a different pov. It was surprisingly well received by most professors, which made me re-evaluate my stance on studying in general.

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    the stereotypical entp, "the loud nerd" i would always be talking, interrupting everyone but still paying attention.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Quote Originally Posted by User24 View Post
    Do you talk a lot? Go on your phone a ton
    Hahaha, phones in the classroom. That was a startlingly foreign concept to me when I read it. I also walked uphill both ways...

    Anyway, when I was a young elementary school student, I was usually pretty keen on what the teacher had to say, and I tried to be friendly with my classmates. By later elementary, I had gravitated towards sitting at the back of the class, trying to will myself invisible to the people around me, and took to doodling in the margins of my notebook while the teacher talked. This remained consistent throughout the rest of my education.

    I did initially correct teachers when they were wrong, but this did not go over well, so I ceased participation entirely. Made me quite bitter about the participation grade.

    Granted, I did develop a bad attitude about it all, which doesn't help. I just felt like I couldn't relate very well to my classmates (they weren't mean, just...not sure how to talk to me I think, and I wasn't sure how to talk to them. It was very awkward), and school became this representation of how I was a failure (I had a B average instead of an A, which caused my parents to be furious at me extremely frequently, and made going to school extremely depressing because it would directly lead to upsetting my parents again), so it was tough to go every day.
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    I'm an INFJ (for those on mobile).

    In elementary, I was extremely quiet. I never spoke in class, never asked questions, didn't really make friends or anything. I did my work slowly. My teachers described me as "meticulous" (I think this has only somewhat to do with me being an INFJ and quite a lot with my enneagram being a 1). Around first grade, when one first learns to really read (not "see Jane run"), I read very slowly in class and at a normal, flowing speed at home. This placed me into the lowest reading group in my class. It caused such confusion with my parents that the teacher had me read to her in private, where I read with startling fluidity. I had apparently been reading slowly because the other children in my class were reading slowly. This, on the other hand, probably had a lot to do with me being an INFJ (all that Fe and striving for normalcy and connection).

    In middle school, I became less awkward, and I began making a couple friends, but I reached out for misfits (somewhat because I was one but also because they had no friends either). I was still very quiet in class, never talked when the teacher talked. It was rare when I got in trouble, and when I did, it was because of day dreaming and not paying attention. As an 11-14 year old, my attention span was very loosely, if at all, disciplined. So yeah, still quiet, always letting my mind wander, never taking notes, always doodling.

    In high school, I cracked down on my attention span. I found myself doodling in classes I had no care for, but listening and engaging myself in classes that I was interested in. High school was mostly a breeze. Sometimes challenging, but mostly easy. I reached the realization that as long as I did the work, I would pass. Grades are a measure of how well you complete the syllabus. I was sometimes a little ENTP-ish in classes I felt comfortable in, responding sarcastically to my peers and sometimes to teachers I knew well enough. Never had my phone in class or anything like that, though.

    Now, in college, I'm quiet and a bit studious in classes I like. I'm engaging more than I ever have before. College is a breeze, because I like it. I rarely talk in class, and I always take notes. I'm not in class to make friends; I'm there to learn and improve. If I make friends in my classes, it's usually for networking purposes or to ask people about assignments or they've piqued my interest. A lot of my classes have days fully dedicated to discussion, and those are my favorite days. I love hearing other people's opinions, and when someone says something that I resonate with, then I make an attempt to be their friend. I'll sometimes ask questions, but I get shaky and can feel my heart beating when I do, so I tend to shy away from asking professors anything in class.

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    Loud and obnoxious for a bit because I had nothing better to do then I realized that was retarded and shut up for the remaining six years.

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    In high school I'd either sleep or be constantly laughing my ass off and not paying any attention. Pretty sure most of my teachers didn't like me. Now that I'm in uni, I pay attention and talk to the people around me if it's appropriate (asked by the prof to discuss, confused about something, etc).

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    Currently, I'm in my first year of university, but I assume this is in the context of high school, so I'll discuss that. I'm an ENTJ, by the way.

    To begin, almost all my classes in high schools were advanced classes (I took all the ones my school offered). Plus, my grad class had quite a few smart people, making it my high school's most competitive class. For instance, our tenth ranked student would have been top three easily (maybe even first), with the same marks, in one of the other grad classes.

    So, I'm assuming most of you would expect the classes would be very quiet and focused, if it was so competitive? Well, no, they were probably the opposite, and I personally was a big factor in that. A lot of us found the material very easy and could get very high marks without putting in much effort. In fact, admitting you studied would often ruin the validation of how high you scored in the eyes of others. So, we wouldn't pay attention in class and would just talk the whole time, often quite loudly. Sometimes, we'd even hit each other and shit like that (it was all guys in these groups). Of course, the more studious in the classes didn't like this, but we also didn't care. And because we were the top students most teachers didn't care enough to get mad at us for not paying attention.

    I was also known for arguing with teachers (I even found out it wasn't unusual for me to be brought up in staff meetings). For example, if I disagreed with teacher's marking (which was often) I would always dispute it (more than probably any other student). And I usually got the marks too, which was nice. In any sort of social studies class I would often state my opinions on what was being discussed (when it was contextually appropriate), which tended to be quite different from the teacher's and the classes'. But most teachers appreciated this and usually encouraged the discussion. I could also be a bit of a smart ass when dealing with teachers, but it was done in jest. Because, despite all these traits, most of the teachers did like me. It was obvious I cared about doing well (despite not being the most traditionally focused student) and I feel some teachers felt me and a lot of my friends had been let down by the school system not providing an appropriate challenge. Also, I showed off a lot of personality in class, while most students didn't, so I suppose it was refreshing in its own way.

    Overall, it was a fun experience, especially when compared to now. Nowadays, I have no friends, so I have nobody to talk to in lectures (just play poker on my tablet, while taking notes) and being a top student actually requires me to study and do homework, usually every night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by User24 View Post
    Do you talk a lot? Go on your phone a ton
    Teachers pet

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