Struggling to figure out my enneagram type

Struggling to figure out my enneagram type

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This is a discussion on Struggling to figure out my enneagram type within the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; So I am sure I am an INFP, but I can't still figure out my enneagram type. I took a ...

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    Struggling to figure out my enneagram type

    So I am sure I am an INFP, but I can't still figure out my enneagram type. I took a test and it said 6w5 but I am not sure cause when I took MBTI test my very first result was INTJ. When I read the descriptions of 4, 6, 9(INFPs' most likely e-types) I couldn't remember any examples to confirm one of them, i feel like I don't really know myself well...So can you share with your experience? How did you identify your enneagram type?

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    It's hard. Get ready for a ride, it ain't an easy system to use and it takes time. I think the most important thing is not to rely on mere descriptions of behavior or even root causes of said behavior that feel too...all encompassing? Obvious? Can't think of the right word. But if I had a nickel for all the people who mistype as 4's for that very reason, I would be rich, as an example. Anyone can struggle with depression or become lost in introspection or feel socially awkward; that does not mean they are a 4. I realized I was not one when I considered that I did not have the real identity or image issues of a 4, despite my embodying the aforementioned traits; actually, I've tended to be really lazy when it comes to identifying what it is I want and who I am. I flat out have not really known, for the better part of my life; I've even referred to myself as "nobody special" long before I knew anything about the enneagram.

    So that's my experience... I guess I'm just saying, try to focus on what it is that you are truly fixated on, what hinders you, motivates you, etc. The more honest you can be with yourself about that, the closer you'll be.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    If you're going to try an enneagram test then try this one because it is the only decent one around imo.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I figured out my enneagram type by realizing that i'm not a heart type (I assumed 4w5 at first cause i'm an INFP) and that I don't want to be unique, it's just the card that i've been dealt. The only type left that I could relate with was 9 or possibly 6 except i've never been needing security all my life. In fact, that's how I am under stress and then I realized that that indicates that I was a 9 after all. 9s become paranoid and seclusive under stress like a 6w5 and I have seen that with me, so many times.

    I suggest that you click on the links that i've posted below for a quick way to figure out which type you are because I figured out the hard way.
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    Yes, I also don't relate to 4s. I am not really interested in uniqueness and being different. On contrary, I see myself as someone who doesn't have any qualities that would make me stand out except for not talking to some people in my class for several months and getting out of my room once in a day, which is my introversion, I guess.

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