Never Forget, remembering 9/11

Never Forget, remembering 9/11

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This is a discussion on Never Forget, remembering 9/11 within the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Still a punch to the gut after all these years....

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    Never Forget, remembering 9/11

    Still a punch to the gut after all these years.

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    I will never forget that day. My eyes were opened to just how evil some people in this world really are. Words cannot sufficiently describe how awful that day was.

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    Thank you for posting this. It was such an awful few weeks and months and year too... It felt like a black fuzz was in all of our heads and dread in our stomachs.

    I was at college at the time and my roommates (my INFJ best friend and her cousins and I) keep getting together "calling a roommate counsel" to talk about how it was affecting us and what we could DO about it. There were a few groups of guys who were also roommates who we did things with and I remember them coming over a bunch of times saying they didn't know what to do to feel better, with all of us just brainstorming what we could do to feel better and what we could do to help. Doing small things to help helped some. Cards and sending small things to New York. But then sometimes you meet people who lived in New York at the time and I can only imagine how rough that was.

    I heard today about a monument of wind chimes being placed for those who died bringing the airplane down in Pennsylvania.
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    One of the dirty secrets the owner/s wanted to keep hidden was the dodgy fire protection that being spray on insulation that contained asbestos that would have cost over a billion to clean up out of both towers.

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    I was flipping channels on the tv when I saw the first tower in blaze and smoke and flipped back thinking that’s not a movie. I watched in horror as the plane flew in towards the 2nd tower... I sat there so stunned my head was empty while my heart flipped over into silence.

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    In some respect, it's weird to think we have a new generational 'Pearl Harbor' moment, right around the time we as a society were just kinda getting over the original Pearl Harbor moment. Is it cyclical? Will we always have such a thing every few decades?

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