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This is a discussion on Pokemon Roleplay within the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Gillian sat in a rolling chair at a desktop computer in the Pokemon Center, smiling as he listened to an ...

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    Gillian sat in a rolling chair at a desktop computer in the Pokemon Center, smiling as he listened to an unusual conversation taking place at the front desk behind him. He removed his watch from his wrist, and flicked it to reveal a USB plug. He plugged it into the desktop computer, and used the mouse to navigate to a video thumbnail which became full screen.

    "That'd be a first!" The voice of the excitable nurse echo'd throughout the mostly empty Pokemon Center.

    "There's a first time for everything, and this time we're the victims." An older woman's voice responded.

    "Those briny blaggards bombed our boat." A man whined. "Those sea faring scalawags smashed up our submarine!"

    "Meowth. That's right." A third, nasally voice concluded. Gillian giggled.

    "Hey what are you laughing at buddy?" Meowth said, walking over to the boy. "You think this is funny?"

    "Oh!" Gillian exclaimed, as he looked at the Pokemon. It stood on two feet, relied on two crutches under its armpits, and was wrapped mostly in medical bandages. "N-No, I just..."

    "Is it funny to you that I look like a mummy?!" Meowth hobbled closer to the desk, and on its toes asked, "Who's that cutie?" The cat pressed space-bar on the keyboard, and a woman in dragon leather armor surrounded by a beach at sunset faded into view.

    "Gillian," The woman began, "I'm astonished you discovered the kidnapping in Saffron City. Well done." The Dratini he had raised slithered into the shot behind her boots and squeaked toward the camera. "In three days Team Rocket will attack Cerulean City's Pokemon Center. I want you to infiltrate them when they do. Your dragon is safe, but you mustn't take it with you. Team Rocket would steal it and kill you if you did." Thunderous footsteps shook the recording, and then a Dragonite stood beside Clair, holding cloths folded atop its arms. She picked up half of the outfit, and held it by the shoulders to let gravity unfold it. A light gray, sleeved shirt, sporting a red letter R on its chest, hung from her grasp. "Likewise, you'll be noticed if you wear the garments I gave you before, so talk to the inn keeper in Cerulean City, and tell them you'll need 'special' accommodations prepared for tonight."

    The woman gave the shirt back to Dragonite, allowing Gillian the time to remove and inspect a pokeball from his overalls. "Gillian, I'll bet you've never seen a truly evil person before in your life, so keep my Pokemon with you at all times. It'll keep you safe. Goodbye Gillian." The image faded to black.

    Grayish gloved arms draped across Gillian's chest, as a calm and sinister voice spoke near his cheek. "Is that her Pokemon? You'd better not lose it... Gillian..."

    "Don't harass the trainers, Jessie!" The nurse threatened to hop over the front desk with her body gesture. As she was preoccupied though, the man who had accompanied the woman plucked a pokeball from the healing machine, shrank it and stuffed it in his pocket.

    Gillian gulped upon turning his head to see a woman with long red hair, and who wore a version of the outfit Clair had just shown in the recording, its primary difference being that its stomach was cut off to reveal a short black undershirt and navel. She snagged the pokeball from his hand and stood up straight, then clicked it to release a fluid red light which pooled near her boots until an Abra solidified, sleeping soundly. She lifted it into her arms as the blue haired man arrived behind her, wearing a similar outfit.

    "Jessie." She said smiling. "James." The man replied.

    The nurse looked at the only other trainer in the lobby, an old man who slept next to a sleeping Togepi. Sighing in frustration, she picked up a phone and began dialing.

    Although he turned from the PC, Gillian remained seated, still comprehending the two invaders posing dramatically in front of him. Could there actually be a gang like this in the world? He hummed.

    "Meowth, we're going." James said, gesturing with his head. Meowth hopped to snatch Gillian's watch from the PC before it skipped to his comrades.

    "Hey!" Gillian stood frowning and clutching his fists. "Whatcha gonna do about it, kid?" Meowth said, extending its claws.

    The woman bonked Abra on the head. "How do you start this thing?"

    "I got it." Meowth slashed upward, cutting its face, causing its closed lids to open sluggishly. Neon blue light filled its eye sockets as Gillian tackled the woman, and in a flash the company vanished from the Pokemon Center.

    * *

    Several seconds before the rest of the group, Abra reappeared on the edge of a fountain next to a gray haired girl who had been so absorbed in observing an Omanyte that she hadn't immediately noticed Abra's appearance. In its lap lay a wrist watch and Machop's pokeball, and it growled as if to tell the story. Moments later, the grunts and Gillian came crashing to the ground.

    "Ruby!" Without hesitation, Gillian tossed a pokeball to where Abra was sitting, which popped open midair and released a red pool of light into the fountain. His Meganium's broad neck emerged from the water followed by its head, and it locked eyes with Gillian. He turned to the villains, who had yet to get to their feet. "Grassy Terrain!"

    Moss sprouted at the bottom of the fountain, eventually turning it green. The moss spread along the surface on which Abra sat, causing the red scratch along the Pokemon's cheek to seal. Grass beneath Gillian and Team Rocket heightened, nearly reaching their ankles. A leafy aroma scented the air.

    Amid the smell, the boy felt anxiety drain from his body. "Ruby" He pointed accusingly at them, scowling, and then lifted his arm to the horizon behind them. "Energy Ball!" Sparkling dust rose from the grass and filled Ruby's mouth, in such a quantity that it brought with it a small breeze, before a green loogy exploded from Ruby's mouth into the sky, splitting a cloud.

    "Watch where you point that thing!" Meowth said, as the three grunts yelped and hugged each other.

    "Ruby!" He pointed at them again, causing them to flee.

    "If we leave the fight early do we lose?!" James asked while running. "I suppose we could just say we had to catch a flight!" Meowth responded. "Yeah! A flight of fancy!" Jessie added. In unison the hoodlums yelled, "Team Rockets' blasting off again!"

    The boy fell to his knees in the grass and sighed.
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    Iloria watched delightedly as Tacitus, her Omanyte, propelled himself effortlessly through the water, resplendent with rays of sunlight. She could imagine that this scene before her had been lifted from a distant age, copied and pasted onto the present day. Some prehistoric creature might have watched just the same sort of scene, at a moment so deeply buried in layers of time that it was dizzying to think about, a past within a past within a past. Above the Omanyte there stood a statue of a Magikarp leaping motionlessly out of the fountain's waters. So in this moment past and present were reversed: it was the life of the present that was frozen and dormant, while that of the past displayed its energy. Enveloped in this daydream, she could almost hear the growl of some long-extinct Pokémon, and then the crashing footstep of a giant prehistoric creature. Tacitus retreated into his shell at the sound.

    ''Ruby!'' A red light flooded the water, and a hitherto unnoticed Abra suddenly seemed to burst into existence. Iloria's daydream had not initially collapsed with the onslaught of reality, but, as dreams often do, it had absorbed the external sound into itself, incorporating the growl and the loud crash as just another part of the dream, as if the daydream were a living thing that had adopted this mechanism to survive in changing environments. But in the flurry of action that ensued, Iloria was jolted to the realization that some fight was going on. She was briefly frozen in surprised confusion, but then she quickly returned Tacitus to his Pokeball. Tacitus was only at Level 1 and would need more training before he would be able to protect himself or attack; as he was now, he would be essentially defenseless. Iloria saw a boy and his Pokémon fighting impressively against two people and a Meowth. She took a few steps back and then watched, transfixed by what was going on and not fully considering the potential danger. But anyway, the whole fight happened as if she was not there and was just watching it through a screen.

    It ultimately appeared that the boy had prevailed, and his adversaries fled. The boy's eyes then happened to meet hers.

    ''Oh, um, hello!'' she said in surprise.

    The boy apologized for the disturbance, and, to reassure him, she quickly replied , ''It's alright. It actually turned out to be more interesting than my daydream.'' She wondered if that was a strange thing to have said.

    Seeming a little nervous, the boy said that he was heading to the Autumn Inn and asked if she happened to know where it was.

    ''Oh yes, I've actually been staying there,'' she replied. ''I can take you there. Are you staying there, too?'' The boy nodded.

    They walked along in awkward silence at first, until the boy asked her name.

    ''I'm Iloria,'' she said, reaching forward to shake his hand. ''And you?''

    ''Gillian,'' he said, briefly taking her hand.

    ''Well it's really nice to meet you,'' she replied. And, quizzically looking upward, she asked, ''So, um, what was going on there?''

    Gillian did not seem willing to give much detail, and he kept looking askance with shaken eyes. She supposed that was unsurprising, given that he had just been in an intense fight.

    They arrived at the unremarkable inn, which looked like a piece of background scenery. As they entered, Aldred, the innkeeper, looked up from something he was reading and greeted them with a jovial, "Good afternoon!'' Looking relieved, Gillian walked up to his desk and introduced himself. With his eyes suddenly more serious but his tone unchanged, Aldred smiled and asked, ''How can I help you?''

    Gillian said something quietly enough that Iloria, still standing near the entrance, could not quite discern his words, but not so quietly that it would appear obvious that he was talking secretively rather than simply being soft spoken. Abruptly remembering that she had been writing down some thoughts in preparation for her meeting at the Pokémon Center tomorrow, Iloria sat on one of the sofas and removed her phone from her pocket. As she wrote, she heard Aldred saying he would be curious to see what Pokémon Gillian had with him. He sounded a bit as if he were asking for a password for security purposes. Gillian revealed the Pokémon, and Aldred exclaimed, ''Oh, you must be Gillian! Yes, I remember you have a room reserved. I wish you a pleasant stay. Just let me know if you need anything. Where have you traveled from, by the way?'' Amid the idle conversation that ensued, Aldred casually asked, in response to something Gillian had said about his ''friends,'' ''Oh, and did you meet them on the way here?'' And then, his voice infused with an abrupt gloomy resignation, Aldred said, ''Well, that complicates things. You could be recognized now.'' And then, surprisingly, he called Iloria over.

    ''There's something that may interest both of you given your work with Pokémon, if you'd like to see,'' said Aldred. He sounded somewhat strange, but Gillian said, "Sure,'' and Iloria decided just to join them. Aldred led them to the elevator and, once they entered, pressed the button to go to the basement. Upon arriving at the basement, he turned the button for the first floor, and its label changed to read ''B-1.'' He pressed that button, and the elevator continued its descent. The walls made a clattering sound, as the elevator seemed to be passing through some different kind of surrounding. And then a silence chilled the air. When the elevator arrived at floor B-1, there was a click, and the button for the second floor (the highest floor of this inn) was now labeled "B-2.'' Aldred pressed that button, and the elevator moved horizontally rather than downward. When it arrived at ''B-2,'' there was another click, and a compartment, not previously visible, sprung open to reveal a button labeled ''B-3.'' Aldred pressed that button, and the elevator descended again. When it reached B-3, yet another click revealed the button for floor B-4. When Aldred pressed that button, the elevator descended at approximately a 45 degree angle. At B-4, the doors finally opened, and the three of them exited.

    They were in a mostly empty room whose uniformly gray floor felt exceptionally solid. It looked like the interior of a heavily armored bunker. A graceful movement swept by the edge of Iloria's vision, and she was amazed to see, in spacious room separated from this one by a glass panel, an Articuno and a Zapdos gliding through the air. She had not even been sure that these Legendary Pokémon existed anywhere, and she had never imagined she would see them.

    ''This is what I thought you'd be interested in seeing,'' said Aldred. ''These Pokémon are very hard to find, of course. We don't want it to be common knowledge that they are living here, so I couldn't mention them upstairs.''

    ''What are they doing here?!'' asked Iloria as she watched their flight in awe. ''How did you...?!''

    ''I'm sorry, but I can't talk about that now,'' said Aldred. ''And, while it's always unfortunate to prematurely end the contemplation of something significant, I have something else to discuss.''

    Gillian, who had also been watching in amazement, turned back to Aldred. Perplexed, Iloria asked what was going on. Without introduction, Aldred immediately began a concise account of the situation. Team Rocket was going to attack the city's Pokémon Center in three days, and Gillian was supposed to infiltrate them. He was supposed to come here in order to plan the operation secretly and spend the night safely, lest he be attacked when he was asleep and off his guard. (He could leave the inn at times during the day, but he was urged to be extra cautious.) But Gillian had been found by members of Team Rocket earlier today, and, although he had successfully forced them to flee, it was likely that he could be recognized by Team Rocket now. Gillian was open to undertaking some effort to disguise himself, but Aldred suggested that, in order to maximize that chances of success, Iloria also be involved in the operation. She had never been involved in any activities like this before, and she would not seem suspicious to Team Rocket. There was also the issue that Team Rocket could now be expecting a plan like this, so they might try to modify the plan, like by trying to find Team Rocket early, before the attack.

    Iloria initially protested that she would not know what to do and that she had to do work at the Pokémon Center tomorrow. But, given that that Center might no longer exist as she knew it in a few days if Team Rocket were to succeed in their plot, Iloria tentatively agreed to receive instruction from Aldred about how to help with the operation, on the condition that she could still change her mind and also that there would not be an extra charge for her B-4 room. Considering that Gillian had been able to defeat some members of Team Rocket with his Pokémon and that they had not seemed too intimidating as they'd run away, she reassured herself that she would not be in serious danger. She took out her phone to write an email saying that she could not make it to work tomorrow, but she found that her phone had no reception here.

    Aldred assigned Gillian and Iloria to their rooms, and he set them up so that they would open only for their respective fingerprints. The system for opening the rooms was a bit unusual. There was a piano in an open side room. The key to each of their bedrooms was a key on the piano; they would press that key, and, if their fingerprint was recognized as matching the corresponding room, the door to the room would unlock for 15 seconds so that they could enter. There was also an electronic panel on the piano that could be switched between different modes. It could be adjusted so that the piano could be used to send coded messages, or so that it would just function as an ordinary piano. Iloria happened to play piano, so she planned to play some melodies later.

    Now that she thought about it, Iloria was confused as to why Aldred had trusted her to be involved in this effort when, for all he knew, she might herself be working for Team Rocket. When she asked Aldred about this, he suggested that her asking might further reinforce her trustworthiness, since an untrustworthy person would avoid encouraging others to question their trustworthiness. But, she thought, if a trustworthy person would more likely wonder aloud why others would trust them, then an untrustworthy person might also do that in order to imitate a trustworthy person.
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    Route One was much larger than she anticipated with unprecedented obstacles in her path, as her principal ambitions had been to reach Viridian City for a simple lunch with an old friend. Indeed she could see the medical centre over some forestry, but it seemed too far away. Hazel looked at Vulpix and Oddish for some support, but they had little to contribute to current predicaments, that they could do no more than sigh in sympathy.
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    Villain enters, stage right.

    Character: Melino
    Age: 28
    Goal: Melino is a Team Rocket fanatic. Her only goal in life is to recruit as many people to the group as possible. She is committed to its aim of global domination and dreams of a day when they control the world. She likes training and mentoring new Rockets, with a special focus on youths because they are easily indoctrinated into idealism.

    Physical: Melino is average height, standing at about 5'6". She has long black hair which she usually keeps up in a ponytail. Her eyes are green. She has an athletic build and looks much younger than she really is. She usually wears clothes that allow her to blend into a crowd; she doesn't like anything which might make her stand out.

    Personality: Melino is a caring, gentle woman. Driven by compassion and a desire to see everyone's full potential realized, she doesn't hesitate to offer her assistance or advice to those she feels might benefit most. It is an almost maternal instinct that she extends to humans and Pokemon alike. While her own Pokemon are powerful, she seldom uses them in battle because it pains her to see them suffer. She considers battling Pokemon for the sake of battle alone to be barbaric and feels there should always be a purpose, some higher goal, for it to be worth putting her friends at risk. She has an empathetic heart and most find her humble, soft-spoken, and quietly driven by ideals she strives to live up to. She certainly wouldn't strike anyone as a likely candidate to be a highly ranked Team Rocket recruiter.

    Melino believes in a new world order in which the strongest rule over all. She is passionately dedicated to Team Rocket as the highest good. Nothing is more beautiful in her eyes than the thought that one day only those who have pushed themselves hardest and fought the longest will control all those too weak or complacent to dream of better things. At her core, she is remorseless, a dangerous zealot completely loyal to her Rocket comrades...excepting those who she finds woefully lacking. The kindest thing to do, in her eyes, is to put down any and all opposition that cannot be won over by reason. She doesn't believe in recruitment by force or fear; without the heart, the mind will be unwilling. She especially enjoys working with younger trainers, luring them into Team Rocket's embrace and seeing what they become. Many a troubled youth has found in her a teacher and confidante, giving them a mother figure to turn to and rely on until they are fully integrated into the Rocket syndicate. If anyone she's trained defects, she insists on dealing with them personally.

    Family: Unknown


    Arcanine M "Agni" Lv. 52 Fire Spr_4d_059.png
    "This legendary Chinese Pokémon is considered magnificent. Many people
    are enchanted by its grand mane."

    Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed, Close Combat

    Jolteon M "Amp" Lv. 37 Electric Spr_4h_135.png
    "Jolteon's cells generate a low level of electricity. This power is
    amplified by the static electricity of its fur, enabling the Pokémon
    to drop thunderbolts. The bristling fur is made of electrically
    charged needles."

    Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Thunder Wave

    Milotic F "Maru" Lv. 44 Water Spr_4p_350_m.png
    "Milotic is said to be the most beautiful of all the Pokémon. It has
    the power to becalm such emotions as anger and hostility to quell
    bitter feuding."

    Recover, Dragon Pulse, Surf, Toxic

    ((Edit: Tweaked hair color so as not to resemble other characters too much.))
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    Melino had been volunteering at the Pokemon Center in Cerulean City for going on two months under the guise of studying to become a Pokemon nurse. She was surprised to discover that she actually liked working under the Center's administrator, Joy. She shared the older woman's compassion toward Pokemon and found the experienced healer to be a constant wellspring of knowledge which she absorbed as much of as she could. Her Milotic, Maru, wasn't as efficient a helper as Joy's Chancey but her large, soothing presence was a welcome help with some of the more difficult patients and their trainers. She had been hired under the name Linn, and this is the name the regulars at the Center knew her by. Her background story was that she hailed from Saffron City. Having grown disillusioned with the crush of bigger city life, feeling empty and unfulfilled, she had started traveling with a Growlithe given to her by her parents for protection, which was now her Arcanine, Agni. Inspired by the loyalty and devotion of her friend, she had eventually acquired other Pokemon in her travels and had decided that being a Pokemon healer was her true calling. She had had no problem getting Nurse Joy to accept her story and it had set her up to learn everything about the Center's routines, security, and their response to recent rumors that Team Rocket might be targetting them soon. The Nurse spoke little of it, but 'Linn' had overheard more than one anxious conversation with the local authorities. She actually enjoyed such visits...when an officer walked in with a Growlithe companion it never failed to remind her of Agni's puppy phase and she always made sure she had extra treats to give them.


    Linn was staying at a small establishment called Autumn Inn. The owner of the establishment had been a little cagey and guarded at first, but so unassuming, friendly, and kind had the stranger been that eventually she'd won him over enough for friendly greetings and chats in the common area when she hailed him. She'd told him the funds for her living arrangements came from her parents, who were attorneys in Saffron City. And indeed a background check had revealed the payments to be coming from a legitimate source...as far as he and his people knew. Linn's cover was well-funded by Team Rocket and they made sure that even if he called her references, every one would check out clean. She was just a nice girl from Saffron volunteering and studying at the Pokemon Center, which is exactly what she needed people to think.

    When she wasn't working at the Center, Linn liked to wander the town or to lounge at the inn and people-watch. It always fascinated her, the kind of traffic that came through little hole-in-the-wall places like this. Iloria was someone she recognized but hadn't spoken to yet. Gillian was new. When the pair walked in and struck up a conversation with the innkeeper, she half-listened with Amp, her Jolteon, laying at her feet. She was a little uncomfortable bringing him out into public; he could be temperamental and she always worried he might zap someone, but if she didn't let him out now and then he could be even more unpredictable and testy. He hadn't actually hurt anyone yet, so she might have just been worrying over nothing. When the boy started showing off his Pokemon, however, she arched a brow and sat up just a bit straighter. Well, now. She couldn't hear what was said, but felt powerfully curious as the young pair entered the elevator. She'd been close to calling it a day and retiring to her room, but she very much wanted to talk to that boy. He might be a Trainer, she thought, savoring the possibilities. It'd been a long time since she'd had an apprentice to work with and he didn't look as though he had much experience. It was worth investigating further, she decided, and safe enough now that she'd be leaving town soon. Maybe in the aftermath she could convince him to come with her, gain his trust under the guise of looking for the thieves, and build from there. She relaxed back into her chair, her eyes closing reverently as she considered the many different ways this could go well or go poorly. Someone got too close and Amp growled softly, sparks dancing across the fine needles that made up his coat. Drawn out of her thoughts for a moment Linn reached down and stroked his back, ignoring the painful little shocks her touch invoked from him.

    "Easy, sweetie, it's okay," she soothed and the Electric type looked up at her with what she was sure must be a scornful expression. "I don't care if you don't like my baby talk," she responded and ruffled between his ears. It was one of the few soft spots on his body which was safe enough to touch. "Be good, I don't want to have to put you away. Alright?" Amp huffed grumpily, but his bristling subsided and she relaxed again. She decided to wait until the pair emerged from the elevator instead of going to bed early. She just had to talk to that boy...

    ...but she was still a little annoyed with how long it took for them to return. Where had they gone? She'd passed the time reading a text Nurse Joy had lent her, but she'd been unable to focus the longer the pair were missing with the innkeeper. She wanted to ask, but she didn't have that kind of connection with him yet. Still, she suspected him of secrets, and the not knowing got under her skin. When the doors opened and finally revealed her target, she casually gathered up her satchel, tucked her book under her arm, clucked for Amp to follow her, and trailed them as they made their way upstairs to their rooms. Hers was on the same floor but lacked the sophisticated lock they used to open theirs...which was even more interesting. She would need to notify headquarters that this place was worth checking out. She wouldn't be the one to do it; she'd be long gone. The innkeeper was hiding something, though, and the boy was involved. How delicious. She passed them by, yawning into her free hand as she made her way to her own room. She fished her keycard out of her pocket while her Jolteon looked back at the people they'd just passed, his head cocked to one side. He'd picked up on her focus and seemed to be trying to figure it out, studying the strangers.

    "Come on, Amp," she told him affectionately and held the door to her room open. He wandered in and she followed him, shutting the door and then leaning against it. Her mind raced with ideas, theories, questions, and she let it all flow without pushing any one thread too much. In the morning she would leave a note at the front desk for the boy, addressed to him by his room number since she didn't know his name:

    'Hi there!

    I'm Linn, the girl with the Jolteon from last night? We passed in the hall. Your Pokemon are gorgeous, I saw you showing them off in the lobby. I volunteer at the Pokemon Center, if you'd like I'd love if you came by to talk shop. You look like a Trainer, maybe we can teach each other a bit? Welcome to Cerulean City.

    - Linn'
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    Team Rocket grunt 1 was holding a cigarette, "Can I use your lighter for a sec?" addressing Team Rocket grunt 2, who produced An aluminum jet lighter out of his pocket. "Thanks mate" Said he, cigarette in mouth, holding one of his hands up to light it, the other protecting the flame from the wind. It was a back alley near the docks of Pallet town, and wind grew strong during the evenings. All of a sudden a strong gust of air came forth, extinguishing the puny light. Team Rocket grunt 1 attempted to start the lighter with a couple flicks of his thumb when a large shadow loomed over him.

    "You know.." Team Rocket grunt 2 turned his head to face Team Rocket grunt 1, right when his eyes connected with something above Team Rocket grunt 2's head. With eyes full of terror and body retreating back in shock, he exclaimed a chilly scream, indicating a life or death situation. Team Rocket grunt 1 turned his head back to see but a wide furry surface, yellow ring centering it. Looking up was when he felt the doom, as his eyes connected with a pissed off Ursaring.

    With a growl, a swift swing of its clawed hand connected with Team Rocket grunt 1's cheek, ejecting him from where he stood to kiss the nearest wall head first, soon after falling to the ground. By this time, Team Rocket grunt 2 was already running towards the door, only to find his legs lose footing from under him due to shiny bright Swift stars. These made him slip and fall to the ground, the back of his head connected with the street and he lost consciousness.

    Opening his eyes, Team Rocket grunt 2 spotted two Team Rocket members he's never seen before, one significantly older than the other. As he scanned his surroundings he noticed that he was clothless, bar the briefs. He felt a back against his back, turning his head he saw his teammate in the same state only still unconscious, having a chance to see his haircut for the first time. "Shit.." he said, head turning.

    "What are you doing next to our branch office?" Proclaimed the older of the unknown duo. "Wha- who are you? I've never seen you before-" -"And I've never seen you before, which makes me question why you'd show up by the doorsteps to our branch naked and tied together!" -"That's- there must be a mistake, untie me and I'll tell you what happened, I'm getting cold" -"Passcode." -"What?" -"You heard me, passcode. How would I know otherwise that you're not planning on infiltrating our branch and that you're really our team member?" -"That's easy - 541471". The younger of the unknown duo headed to the entrance door "..You bastards!!" yelled Team Rocket Grunt 2, "You've tricked me!!" a smile came up on the younger's face as he entered the passcode. The doors of the branch office opened wide, and both infiltrators entered the building, doors closing behind them.

    "Ahh, that was too easy.." Said Watson. "Yeah, now lets find the Sylph card and get out of here pops" Said Xander. The two split up to search through the desks, Watson headed right to the secluded office, it ought to be there. He opened the first drawer to the right of the desk chair, and there it was. "Too easy" Said he with a frown. He exited the room only to find Xander still looking. "Hey" he said to Xander waving the card in his hand. Xander looked at the card puzzled, when he finally said with a grin - "Really pops, you're something else".
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    ((Really not active on PerC anymore, please disregard my character sheet and post. Sorry guys.))

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