Pros and cons of being a feeling type

Pros and cons of being a feeling type

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This is a discussion on Pros and cons of being a feeling type within the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Help me decipher the pros and cons of being a feeler type. -.- I want to become a teacher but ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Pros and cons of being a feeling type

    Help me decipher the pros and cons of being a feeler type. -.-
    I want to become a teacher but I am a person who deciphers the meaning of things with feelings and not with facts. I feel so useless. -.-
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    You don't have to feel useless! Nothing wrong with determining situations using feelings. For me, feelings BECOME fact.
    And I'm a teacher, so I have somewhat of a basis and experience :)

    I think it's great to use your feeling and perceiving functions to determine the immediate situation, then couple it with your intuition later to determine the best outcome...

    As for your question...


    - able to be warm and loving without fear of ridicule
    - ability to understand and forgive
    - perseverance & strength
    - power amongst/over others (thinking types may know it all but we can completely bulldoze them if we know how)
    - (we will do it in a way that they will enjoy the bulldozing)
    - magic


    - feelings end up controlling us
    - loneliness. facts are hard facts and everyone can relate. feelings are subjective and there's no guarantee someone else feels the same, even if they say that they do
    - when you're not intensely feeling an emotion, you wonder what's up with yourself
    - when you misinterpret someone or a situation but have already cemented your feelings towards that person/scenario, it can be difficult to reverse

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I recently came to respect my feelings more and more, because it makes me so enthusiastic about everything I'm interested in. I like to read a lot (theoretical books as well), watch a lot of arthouse movies and listen a lot to music and it's all very intense. Well-balanced feelings can inspire people and make them drop down their ego, so that's very cool. :) One of the drawbacks is that you can take things too personally. By the way, I've decided to be a historyteacher, I've done some classes before and the feedback was very good, people said to me I put my whole heart and soul in the lessons. Never forget that the majority of famous (spiritual) leaders and authors are NF's, people really want to listen to us if we learn to articulate our thoughts and feelings.

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    I see the main pro as being able to relate to and understand others so well. That ability is magnetic to people.
    The con in my view is how it affects the NF themselves. It can be draining and overwhelming to feel so much all the time!
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