Health Habits of NFs

Health Habits of NFs

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This is a discussion on Health Habits of NFs within the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; I recently started a health and fitness blog and I am thinking of writing about creating a more fitting approach ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Health Habits of NFs

    I recently started a health and fitness blog and I am thinking of writing about creating a more fitting approach to healthy living based on MBTI type.

    What is your MBTI type? What is your gender? What is your age? What type of environment do you live in (city/ suburbs/ rural)? Where do you live?

    What is your diet like? Do you count calories/ keep a food diary? Do you cook for yourself?

    What are your exercise habits? Do you belong to a gym?

    Do you use technology for healthy living (Jawbone Up, FitBit, iphone apps)

    Does music help you exercise better?

    Do you workout better in the morning or at night?

    What kind of physical activity do you prefer (various sports, running/walking, yoga, outdoor activities, weight training)?

    Do you find it helpful to workout with a group?

    Have you ever changed your habits? If so, did you maintain the new habit?

    What motivates your health behaviors?

    What aspect of healthy living do you find the most challenging? What triggers unhealthy decisions (stress/ emotions/ boredom/ pleasure/ not giving a shit)?

    Anything else you would like to add that I didn't think of?

    In case you are interested:

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'll bite. :)


    -I indulge my cravings, but try my best to control going overboard. Can't help it at special occasions though. I mentally keep a tab on my daily calories, no food diary. I only cook for other people, never for myself.

    -I exercise daily, at least 45 minutes of cardio per day, weight lifting every other day. I go through phases of regular weight training and crossfit, or a mixture of both. I do belong to a gym.

    -I used to use a Jawbone wristband but found it unnecessary after a few months. The only thing I use now is a my Nike running watch and app.

    -Music is a must for running, not necessary for lifting though.

    -I'm a night owl and tend to go on runs after 10pm. Waking up before 9am is the hardest thing in my life.

    -I prefer running... clearly. I scuba dive, hike, walk around a lot, play in the park with my dog. I bike from time to time as well, but not enough to call it an exercise routine. I'll play any outdoor sport, but I haven't done anything organized since I was a kid.

    -No, I definitely do not like to workout with a group for my current habits. With running, it's difficult because everyone seems to be at a different place in their distance and pace. At the gym, I tend to socialize too much with the other person and skimp out on the planned workout. However, for classes or guided workouts (where you aren't the one with the plan), groups are fine. I don't mind doing yoga with other people, mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing :)

    -I've tried time and time again to become a morning workout person, but no, I've mounted up years of failure in that regard. I'm comfortable with my current habits.

    -Honestly, my motivation is capability and vanity. I've slacked off for a few months before and put on a lot of weight and I really don't enjoy the feeling of not being able to lift/run/jump/whatever as well as I used to. I hate the feeling of being winded when doing some task that used to be a breeze. It's demoralizing and I work to avoid that feeling. The other part, vanity, is really just for myself. Each person has their own relationship with their body and what they're comfortable with. Personally, I like feeling like I look fit.

    -Two things give me the hardest time staying on track. 1) My love for food. Especially chocolate and desserts. More often than I like, I get carried away over indulging for the sake of sweet, sweet mouth ecstasy. 2) Laziness, the hardest part about working out is opening my front door. If I can manage to get away from whatever is consuming my time and attention to actually get dressed and go to the gym/track/outside, the rest comes easy.

    -Can't think of anything else, but maybe when other people start responding, I can toss some more at ya!

    Good luck and best wishes with your project!
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    - Male/20/INFP Currently in college in a smallish city

    - Try to work out every day at the school gym. Lifting and HIIT

    - I usually look for workout programs online

    - Definitely

    - Morning

    - Lifting, sports, yoga

    - Not at all

    - I guess so, before college I played three sports in high school but never really did much physical activity on my own.

    - I want to be healthier and more physically attractive...

    - Eating shit. It kind of sucks when there's not really many healthy choices available.


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