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INFPs childlike?

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This is a discussion on INFPs childlike? within the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; I think I am very innocent, and childish, and I think that's common for INFPs also. I still see things ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I think I am very innocent, and childish, and I think that's common for INFPs also. I still see things like a little kid, with idealistic mind. For me, I think it is kind of like a defense mechanism to protect myself.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Nope, DON'T SEE YOURSELF AS THAT! But I have to say - I needed to find another INFP - girl to actually understand: the sweet, innocent, kind of thing. Hell no, not childish - lol: may be a strange thing to say (being one myself): but INFP - girls are really the most beautiful and attractive folks I ever came across in my life. :P Meeting others has opened my eyes - I was interpreting the stereotypes in the bad way first too. :) Don't do that, really. That INFP - girl, is so INFP and it's like: wauw. So beautiful :) She's so
    soft, thoughtful and kind that it touches your heart the good way. She's so smart - not in a way she's displaying it actively - but you just SENSE it - makes you think: wohow - this girl - there's so much about this girl. That introversion, earthness, depth and smartness is sexy. Really, in the pure, innocent way. But that smartness that's there, hell. That girl really knows her stuff, respect for that, she's very humble, but far from childish, at the contrary. That INFP - smartness is quite intimidating - not in the bad sense, but more like: You - can't - take - this - girl - not - serious - so - much - respect kind of thing. And yes, she's very humble and selfless. She's so sweet, her innocence is soft and beautiful. My friend is absolutely the most beautiful girl (not meant physical) I ever came across in my life. She's, so calm, soft, caring, SMART, deep, calm and strong in her own shoes and she cares like no one else does. I think she has some insecurities too, I noticed it when she was quite new - and she arrived, and we were standing there in a group and I saw her being insecure/hesistant on the point she wanted the join us (so I immediatly smiled and involved her/started to talk with her when I saw it - being INFP myself...). but hence no - thinking of her as an insecure doormat as last thing I would think. Her brains are to intimidating to feel anything other than respect. It masks up the sensitivities, also, she appears very confident in her own shoes and down to earth. Nothing like the stereotypes would make you believe. Yes.
    If I was a lesbian or a guy - I WOULD DEFINETLY KNOW! Haha, I behaving now like I'm an ENFJ - dude. ;) But no - no, don't believe the stereotypes, because you will interpret them in the wrong way. I did that too, till I came across another INFP - girl. Now I'm freaking blessed to be like that too.

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    Im childlish,but I dont see what's wrong with that.
    Im still pure,am i not?

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    INFP - The Idealists


    Well I think that there's a big difference between innocent/pure (not into drinks and parties and getting laid, talking and laughing about sex..) and being childish (actually naïve in the world, truly acting like a child like I knew an ESTP, and she hanged her spoon on her nose when we we're 18 in the school - restaurant, laughing for the whole room when it felt on the ground, and crawling meters under the tables). I mean, childish is when you can't sense from yourself - this is the surroundings where I can do this/the behavior is properiate).

    I think all NFP's with their enthousiasm Ne and low Si - especially when you set them to those life - serious SFJ's - who seemed to be thé cultural definition of adult... Being ISTJ...
    What's being an adult? Being a J?
    My freaking lord - that's close - minded as hell.

    Like - is a 16 - year old ESTJ full of sex - drive more adult then an NFP next to him in class - because the NFP is more quirky/innocent.
    It's all a matter of people's self - perception.
    Most NFP's are much more clever, open minded - and much more humble - while SJ's seem to have that 'I'm serious, I'm adult, my kitchen is always clean, I have a drink for time to time, I love to talk about sex from time to time, I make a serious impression, I'm down to earth and always on time. Oh I'm so down to earth.''
    Gsssh - that ENFP - woman over their - always doing stupid things, everything so chaotic by her, to macrobiotic - to much - to emotional. Like such cosmos she always talks about even exist!
    Like dude, ENFP - woman are one of the smartest, most insightful, creative and talented creatures out there - full of INSIGHT - emotional CLEVERNESS.

    The whole NFP - childness things just stems from low intuition of the STJ's. Who're tend to be "the norm'', but have normally the intuition of a baby. Of course they see us as childish - they don't get it. All NFP - STJ experiences I've ever had in my life - came down to that - they don't see behind the quirkness - because lot's of SJ's have low intuition - Si - Si - Si... And Si is not able to look behind things.
    So we get childish - we're not childish - they're just sleepwalkers in life.

    Excuse me (:
    All NFP's on this planet, seem to have those trouble - relationships with STJ's. J - J - J, the little things in life, down to earth. At the same time - so stupid and insightless, naive but, at the same time, SO sure of themselves, while being so stupid. It makes you really want to hit them with a brick from time to time. LOOK CLOSER! You're being so wrong about people and things! Only ALL - THE - TIME.
    Them not getting Ne - because it's underdeveloped in themselves (shadow - function) - and the ENFP ACTUALLY being childish is a big, big different. Seeming or being...
    They don't have Ne - so they don't get Ne.
    Of course there's more about us.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Why do you all get naïve btw? In my whole life - I've NEVER EVER been called that. At the contrary - I always been seen as intelligent because my INFP - nature...
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    My INFP brother is usually the one complaining that I am the one who acts like a child.

    Also says I act like an old man.

    He's right on both counts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windblownhair View Post
    I can really see that childlike quality in INFPs and ENFPs.

    The enthusiastic rambling of ideas, the quick flitting from topic to topic, the idealism, the incredible highs and lows. I think I notice this characteristic even more in ENFPs than INFPs, based on how they are more likely to display it to general public. My INFP friend is very childlike, but it took getting to know her before I saw that side.

    Their dark side is always shocking when you see it, because I do envision a childlike innocence. And they have a definite brand of cuteness. The combination of quirky tastes and unabashed delight in them is completely adorable.

    My favorite childlike hero:
    11th Doctor
    This. I bow to you.

    I think all NFPs are like that. The gods seemed fit to make it so.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    My default face is definitely not childlike.
    I've been told that when I'm not smiling, I look very scary and I scare people away.

    You can imagine how shocked I was when I heard that.
    I mean... Me? *poses cutely* scary? Really?

    But yeah I'm kind of childlike i guess.
    The moodswings, the flitting from topic to topic enthusiastically.
    Can relate to probably all of you.
    Yay i likey you guyz cos u guyz r cool lik me hahaha.
    Ok no.
    Just havent met people who are are like me before so im really glad that i found you guys.

    Oh and my default face is just -_-
    Only happens when im alone and thinking about things.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Now that I think about it, Temple Grandin's probably an INFP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summery View Post
    Why do you all get naïve btw? In my whole life - I've NEVER EVER been called that. At the contrary - I always been seen as intelligent because my INFP - nature...
    My sister says I'm naïve because she says I think everyone is good. But that's only because I don't voice my opinions about other people, so she thinks I approve of them. Looking back at our friends and friends-turned-enemies, I'd say I am a much better judge of character than she is.
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