characterisation with MBTI in Mind

characterisation with MBTI in Mind

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This is a discussion on characterisation with MBTI in Mind within the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; I would like to ask this here because INFJs (I assume) are better at understanding real people. At least better ...

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    characterisation with MBTI in Mind

    I would like to ask this here because INFJs (I assume) are better at understanding real people. At least better than I can, as evidentially throughout my time, I have a made false assumptions and mistreated people without realising it.

    So my question is:
    How would I write strong characters, through their interactions, according to a personality type theory?

    I only have very proliminary understanding of cognitive functions, much less can I actually write according to them. Could you guys provide some insight as to how you understand what makes someone who they are, without reliance on, or using very little of, context (jobs/appearance)(mainly because I think my descriptions are ok for now, but dialogue is very hard to go back and fix), and geared towards everything which can be shown by interaction?

    I never wrote anything significant but I want to start, and I dislike cliches and paper thin characters, so I want to stay clear of them as much as I can.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    When making a character, I usually start with a very simple characterization, like "can't sit still but is very loyal to their friends". And then I put them in various situations (through the course of a story, but also through writing exercises if I'm so inclined) and see how they react.

    As time goes on, I start adding more facets to the character, like tidbits of who their family is, where they grew up, defining moments (traumas, etc) in their past, and see how that affects the simple characterization. Does it strengthen it? Weaken it? Work alongside it? What motivations does it add?

    And it's just a cycle. Put them in situations, see what they do, add another facet, see what they do. If I do it right, the character will fit into one of the types already, because it'll reflect a realistic character development.

    The hardest thing is not letting the character do what I would want to do in the same situation, as that will put an INFJ-ish flavor on them that shouldn't be there.


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