In-battle function analysis

In-battle function analysis

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This is a discussion on In-battle function analysis within the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Ni, there is no other process i would rely on, as much. There is no mind as calmed and focused ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    In-battle function analysis

    Ni, there is no other process i would rely on, as much. There is no mind as calmed and focused as an Ni mind which is pre-aware of what might happen, specially in out of context battles. If you don't intuitively understand the essence of fight, then you will probably lose, being trapped in the over-analysis of the battle and battlefield, knowing somehow there is no real constant while fighting. I'm thinking Se and Ti might be good functions to train for combat, but Ni is the one which will be active during the fight.

    I'm thinking Ni would prepare for a fight developing evasion, and precision as the result of it's capacity to quickly and suddenly conceive future possible events. It will study the body and terrain of both itself and the adversary.
    Ni might as well not use brute force but direct it's speed and concentration towards sensible/lethal points to end the fight quickly.
    The other thing about Ni is, it is very difficult for it to be fooled, since the user would have to fool itself, or it's internal master and mystical matrix would have to understood by the adversary to be somehow violated, which isn't even evident for the Ni itself; so it's hard to lead it to fall into a trap.

    Against Ne.- Knowing how to use the terrain is a very useful ability. This creativity to where to go, how to move, in order to gather different attacking options, makes the Ne a great Offensive player.
    As a defensive one it is merely weak, because the Ne cannot creatively wait hidden in the perfect place for the Ni to attack, since Ni understands the world similar to Ne and will be very cautious moving. At some point provoking Ne to fall into its' own trap. Ne looks for options and is continuously finding alternative plans. Ni is concentrated in winning the fight itself and not in the possibilities of how to win it. the framework of Ni, gives it what it need when it need it.

    Against Se.- Se means hardcore developed senses and might be even better at using the terrain in an intense manner. Se would fight much more instinctively blowing fierce punches taking chances as they appear and might be much more direct and hasty. It is also a great offensive player, but this kind of adrenaline rush if weak for defense. A merely not obvious strategy will be more then enough to fool Se into follow it's steps to instinctively react and lose position of advantage. For example Se would never lose an attempt of attacking from the back; It is intelligent and not so well seen, still very effective.
    Se will be winning, not, if Se is to hasten against Ni, because waiting for a resilient moment and merging with their obvious approach is easy for the Ni to follow.

    Against Te.- Te might be difficult to defeat. It would be constructing creative logic interconnections while fighting and developing during combat as it understands better the way the adversary works. Then there might come an arbitrary solution to Te's mind, which is very unpredictable and intense planned.
    Ni's best chance to beat Te is to direct attention to the Te's way of planning. Ni will concentrate towards the stile of fighting the Te has, and will rapidly notice Te is applying random attacks to force Ni's into following similar situations, to react and find congruence in Ni's way of working. This could become useful for the Ni, actively directing Te towards false solutions and messing with their way.

    Against Fe.- Fe is empathetic, so initially it might be very difficult for Fe to force itself into a fight, then again Fe is great at defense because Fe understands how people feel at the moment and how this could develop into aggression. So Fe would rarely attack, only if compromised to a peculiar situation involving others. Their concentration then may be lethal. Then again Ni understands Fe will attack prompt and accurately leaving them carelessly easy to be knocked back.
    Fe's weakness it's empathy while fighting, it won't be as deadly and will be a noble fighter. Emotionally reacting for the Fe lead it into losing focus on the target.

    Against Fi.- Fi might as well sacrifice itself for the better cause. So it would fight idealistically and might be somehow pumped up by its own sense of following the right path and keep on until it is worn out.
    Ni might then keep on evading intense attacks from Fi and lure them into some controversial terrain, like some place that compromises Fi to fight (like a Kindergarten ).
    Fi's weakness is it's well defined sense of right and wrong, it becomes less voluble and looses chances as they come.

    Against Ti .- Ti is efficient and deliberate. So it will probably have worked out an excellent location to fight, something somewhat familiar. Ti is the fighter who has done it's homework, so it will have many variables though out, sequence plans, and will be great at identifying how Ni's way is based in some malleable frame.
    Ni best way of defeating Ti, is being not as congruent. Random patterns are familiar language for Ni users, so what about launching actions following the random factor of Ni. Ti can't foresee inconsistent events, and by trying this will be leaving itself into a chance factor which might as well not be infinite.
    Ti's weakness is it's predictable rationality; Ti can't work if there aren't contexts to mix in order to develop a solution. Finding a pattern in Ni's behavior is most impossible, thus leaving Ti confused and disoriented.

    Against Si.- Si is conservative but practical. Would make not a common attack but resist to start any offensive move until having gathered enough evidence of an easy way to attack. Si is also very ingenious, it will be concise in it's actions.
    But Si also unaware telegraphs it's attacks. Ni leads Si into an apparent chance to deliver a good and easy blow, in a step by step process; Si takes the opportunity and attacks moving with caution, this makes it slower and easy to read for Ni and others.
    Basically Si's geniality dies in the obvious; it will concentrate so much on experience, that it's way becomes evident for most any other function.

    In conclusion Ni works as a mirror wall, that intuitively and quickly understands it's enemy, generating different solutions for each situation. Ni could fight anyone, without previous data or information, it can read the target's way subconsciously and act as it is needed during the fight.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Anyone who analyzes this while knowing their own functions is obviously going to be biased. For example, you favor your strongest function in every situation but I'd favor my top 2.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by mcgooglian View Post
    Anyone who analyzes this while knowing their own functions is obviously going to be biased. For example, you favor your strongest function in every situation but I'd favor my top 2.
    The topic would be favoring what would be the most valuable function. So if you cannot decide such, chances are you would lose for hesitation/indecisiveness.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by mcgooglian View Post
    Anyone who analyzes this while knowing their own functions is obviously going to be biased. For example, you favor your strongest function in every situation but I'd favor my top 2.
    Well sure, my analysis is still based on the abilities available for each function. It's hard to be impartial when falling in an interest discrepancy for my dominant function.
    Still being Ni means knowing there are no absolutes; i did this in an effort of knowing how others would try to describe the efficiency of their own functions, or at least the one they would be wanting or fell more in tune with.
    The other thing is by experience i know how Ni, Fe, Ti and Se work. I invest my time in developing them so i have a good idea of their strengths as well as it's weaknesses. As for Fi, Ne, si, Te (like an INFP in that order) well i know those functions also.
    It seems rather obtrusive to try to convince people into believing i'm always right; i know i might have made some mistakes, although my description is quite accurate for i do MMA and am an advocate of MBTI
    Anyways it would be great to hear the experts talk about their own funtions and get an idea of what they know about other functions.

    Talking about how any function would react during a fight is also a very effective method of learing to instantly notice who you are talking with, when knowing someone else. (entering in argumentation is quite natutral,a and argumenting is also a kind of fight )
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    Good job! Stickied!
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    It is Ironic really, but describing the functionality of Ni for me does not seem essential. Apart from giving too much away, I have learned through about 7 years of Ninpo, that in a combat situation, the Ni knowing combines nicely with the Se inferior of the INTJ types in combat situations.

    Physical power can only be harnessed effectively if one has the paramount calm/assurance of a strong intuition. From the first four training sessions when I was 14 approximately. The training came naturally to me. No grappling, plenty evasion and all the timing and repositioning became less neccessary over time. I got the sparring nick name 'death strike'. Along with the scornful criticism of my sensei. How it normally works is, rather than acknowledge intent, intuition encapsulates the characteristics of the opponents fighting style, weak points, pressure points and general mobility.

    On one occasion my sensei decided to try "disciplining" me to adhere to fighting styles. To which I responded, "One of the lessons you thought me was to remember convention does not apply in a programme of combat". In the sparring match I acknowled that I was not as fast as sensei D. I needed to reassess my position. When he lunged, I dodged, when he Tsuke-d I Hime-d, and instead of attempting to block or evade, I changed my position once, putting him out of line with his centre of gravity. This caused him to buckle, so I Hime-d his throat, by aligning my hand with his falling neck.
    Considering it was a spar, I had to grab his shoulder to hold him back.

    What I am saying, is that my intuition was aware of the limits to his movements, the combinations possible within the situation and how to otherwise adapt rapidly to each assault. The conclusiveness of the most effective method just came naturally, with my Se running the events to my intuition, and my intuition narrowing down the options to the correct action. Pre-consciously of course. If I had used Te, it would have been a matter of moves less. Luckily, Te has become developed in the past few years along with training.

    Ni has a benefit of being adaptive, but better still it condenses the calculative process into a rapid and passive function.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries


    Just Kidding, even though it does seem a bit biased. I still believe that Ne-Ti would kick Ni-Te's ass.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    You are very strongly biased yourself. Always making it your goal to impress a one-upmanship for your little combo.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by Lykos View Post

    Just Kidding, even though it does seem a bit biased. I still believe that Ne-Ti would kick Ni-Te's ass.
    The real question is, whether Ne-Ti-Fe-Si is more effective than Ni-Te-Fi-Se or Ni-Fe-Ti-Se
    or if Ne alone could beat Ni...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Marco Antonio View Post
    The real question is, whether Ne-Ti-Fe-Si is more effective than Ni-Te-Fi-Se or Ni-Fe-Ti-Se
    or if Ne alone could beat Ni...
    I believe that in a battle it would be the strength of all your functions so basically the person, them self, that decides if the battles won or not. Like myself, even though I'm Ti I still have a pretty strong Te and the same goes for Ne & Ni I have Dominate Ti and Ne but I sometimes will go completely ENTJ. That's why Neph seems to change his typing on me a lot. First he said "You're ENTP" then "You're ANTJ" then you're "ENTJ" then "You're ENTP", and currently I'm ENTP. I seem to, whats the word I'm looking for, sway?, back and forth between Ni and Ne Ti & Te. I guess this could be because I'm only seventeen and still live at home. While other types have changed to something different when they moved out. All I know is I'm either ENTX or ANTX.

    So to sum it up in as few words as possible. Depends on the person strength of all functions.

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