How many NTs are Highly Sensitive People?

How many NTs are Highly Sensitive People?

View Poll Results: NTs, are you Highly Sensitive?

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  • I'm an INTJ and a HSP

    6 20.00%
  • I'm an INTJ and a Non-HSP

    4 13.33%
  • I'm an INTP and a HSP

    8 26.67%
  • I'm an INTP and a Non-HSP

    3 10.00%
  • I'm an ENTJ and a HSP

    0 0%
  • I'm an ENTJ and a Non-HSP

    3 10.00%
  • I'm an ENTP and a HSP

    2 6.67%
  • I'm an ENTP and a Non-HSP

    4 13.33%
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    How many NTs are Highly Sensitive People?

    Elaine Aron, who authored the book "The Highly Sensitive Person", says that about 20% of humans (and other species) have an innate temperament with high levels of "sensory processing sensitivity", a different way of approaching life when compared with the less sensitive. The four main characteristics of this temperament have been described with the "DOES" acronym:

    D= Depth of Processing. We observe and mull it over before we act. We reflect upon lessons learned from our and othersí experiences.
    O= Overstimulated. Since we notice more in any situation, we will hit that overstimulated point before a non-HSP. Moderately arousing settings can seem over-arousing to an HSP.
    E= Emotional reactivity. We have strong emotional reactions, and we are in tune with othersí emotional cues, which makes us very empathetic.
    S= Subtle Stimuli. We notice subtle stimuli in the environment that others donít.

    Aron created a test to determine if a person falls into HSP range. A score of 14 or more on this test denotes an HSP (my personal score is 16). This test was given in the NF section, and about 90% of NFs scored in HSP range. So I thought I'd bring it here and see how the NTs score on it. I expect either no, or next-to-no ENTXs will score with this temperament but I might be surprised by what I see. Anyways, feel free to take it, share results and personal life stories.
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    Your total: 18

    That aside, I wouldn't consider myself particularly sensitive. Most questions I answer yes were about whether sensory input overwhelms me and the answer is yes, absolutely, it does, but that's not because I'm noticing more things than most or picking up subtleties. I'm just really slow to process.

    Saying I'm highly sensitive kinda makes it seem like I'm seeing things into more depth than most people, and I'm not. I just need to think about what I saw, and I can't do it if there's other stuff stimulating me all at once.

    I function well in situations that need quick decisive action, like in emergency care, when there's a clear goal and I tune out everything irrelevant and work towards it. But take me to a disco and I'll spend the whole night kinda wanting to die.

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    I scored 16. I don't know how one would differentiate this HSP thing from sensory processing disorders and other medical conditions though. A lot of my answers seemed to pertain to my having an auditory processing deficit, and I'm strongly affected by hunger because I'm hypoglycemic. And I don't relate to like half of the DOES: I'm not generally in tune with other people's feelings, I'm not particularly empathetic, and I suspect that I miss a lot of environmental stimuli because I'm so busy being overwhelmed by whatever is loudest and most distracting (I tend to notice random details of objects and be unable to tune out sounds rather than tuning in to what people are doing/saying or anything important/useful/desirable). I have not had strong emotions for most of my life.
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    I got an 8. I can get rattled if I have a lot on my plate with school, work, or relationships but even then I donít totally freak out like I think other people tend to do. Usually I can pick up on tension in a room quite easily and this sometimes makes me uncomfortable. In terms of my own feelings, Iíve never really been offended by anything that seems been said or done to me, I hope thatís not a disorder haha. It sounds very trivial but I think the time I remember being the most offended was when my friends were going to a big event and they didnít invite me lol

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    Got 24 on the test, things centered around others especially when it is all hurr durr go go go fast fast fast drives me crazy and is very draining. The pace of modern life is not healthy.
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    Your score: 6.

    No surprise there. Though I'd say some questions could also indicate things like introversion and I am not sure if that's intended or dubious.
    Wonder if there's a correlation between this test and Neuroticism in big 5?
    I score low on both.

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    Your Total: 4
    Another low scorer on the Big Five, relative to the neuroticism dimension.

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    INTJ - The Scientists


    Not really surprised, though. My Empathy Quotient (EQ) is 60 and my HSP score on some other test (factored as a percent) is 88% which is way above average. Average EQ is 42 for a man and 47 for a woman. So does this mean I'm Force-sensitive? Cuz that's awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Edwardian Spirit View Post
    Got 24 on the test, things centered around others especially when it is all hurr durr go go go fast fast fast drives me crazy and is very draining. The pace of modern life is not healthy.
    Big mood.
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    Score was 7 and really thought it would be higher. Sensory stimuli is not unpleasant for the most part, but emotional reactivity is an area for improvement.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    What does it mean if I sometimes enjoyjoy certain forms of overstimulation?

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