What functions REALLY are by Vemuera/Strawberry Crisis

What functions REALLY are by Vemuera/Strawberry Crisis

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This is a discussion on What functions REALLY are by Vemuera/Strawberry Crisis within the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; An extensive analysis and illustration of the cognitive functions, and the history of their DEFINITIONS. http://sakinorva.net/library/contextualizing_functions...

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    What functions REALLY are by Vemuera/Strawberry Crisis

    An extensive analysis and illustration of the cognitive functions, and the history of their DEFINITIONS.


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    And that's how, instead of fixing Jung mistakes they only made it worse and now it's a pile of shit. No actual reasonings were ever provided to justify all this attitude swapping but cherry picked examples tailored to the baseless prognoses, and people don't even see why it's a problem.

    And now PerChan is about to beget feminine and masculine functions....
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    "The cognitive functions begin with a concept in Myers-Briggs theory called "type dynamics." Type dynamics describe the interaction between two or more preferences in a Myers-Briggs type. Geyer (2005) puts it more descriptively: "Type dynamics can be briefly defined as the interaction of type preference in a systematic, but linear form, according to a person's type code, from most preferred to least preferred."

    It is no mystery that Isabel Myers' theories about personality were in part derived from Jungian literature, specifically regarding Jung's work in Psychological Types. However, acknowledging this does little to show that Myers largely strayed away from Jung's conception of the four functions (thinking, feeling, intuition, and sensation) and was largely focused on her four dichotomies (EI, NS, TF, and JP)."

    This incorrect. The MBTi is explained entirely by Jung's typology. All MBTI did was come with a test based on common behavior/sentiments to help ID some's type. Obviously M & B may have had some differences in their interpretation from Jung (as would anyone's interpretation of anything differ from one mind to the next).. but all 16 types and the function described in MBTI where in Jung's work.

    One thing that is perhaps misleading about Jung typology is that there are multiple ways (terms) used to describe the Jung function. For instance Irrational vs Rational referred to whether whether N/S or T/F dominated however, whether someone is ration or irrational is also given by their combo of J/P and I/E (also terms Jung used) so it's a bit redundant and so MBTI leaves out the terms Irrational/Rational because its redundant and given by their combo of J/P and I/E. MBTi gave nothing new theoretically that wasn't already present in Jung's work.

    It's not so obvious that all the stuff was in Jung's text because he doesn't neatly organize what the 16 types where or even mention that it comes out to 16 types (tho his did) ...prob because he didn't want people taking tests and putting themselves and others into boxes.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    If I recall correctly, Jung listed the order for only 2 functions tho, and a lot of places list the order for 4 functions.. perhaps that did come from MBTi... perhaps MBTi did contribute some theoretical stuff.... but the functions (EI, NS, TF, and JP) they certainly did not.


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