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Where are all the NT ladies at??

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This is a discussion on Where are all the NT ladies at?? within the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Originally Posted by wind_up_bird Originally Posted by adultchildofalieninvaders One thing I notice that pertains to NT women in particular is ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by wind_up_bird View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by adultchildofalieninvaders View Post
    One thing I notice that pertains to NT women in particular is that many of us peak later, in our twenties or thirties, so our teenage years can seem pretty rough.
    I am in my 20's and boy is this true.
    Started speaking up in my late teens (15/16+) gradually till now (at 21) i'm an unapologetic ENTP.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I agree with the "late bloomer" consensus. High school was certainly not my glory days. College/grad school was better- I had far better luck with friends when I actually chose them based on shared interest not solely geographical convenience. (I went to a very small local high school with a few hundred students, and then a large state university with tens of thousands.) I feel like I have really "bloomed" though as an adult professional woman- who would have thought?? While many of my friends at this point (late twenties) are angsting over getting old/leaving their college days behind, I feel like I am finally reaching my best years so far. Making money is awesome, esp after so many years of broke student-hood. I've become far more confident and less worried about what others think of me.

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    You rang?

    I haven't peaked, yet. I'm just getting started.
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    ENTP here! My favourite years were in elementary school where there were no prejudices and teachers fed my curiosity. I struggled through high school and college (I'm not very familiar with your educational system so let's say in my teen years) because I desperately tried to fit in and only had one real friend. When I started university I began knowing and appreciating myself more. Now I'm proud of who I am, I feed my own curiosity and I am happy with my few but true friends.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Here I am. What's good

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    Wazz good yall.

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    *Advancing scouting pieces*

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    I dealt pretty badly with my teenage years. I was homeschooled and didn't have access to very large social groups, so I didn't get to meet other people who were, I guess, NT. I felt like a weird overly introspective outsider.

    The first time I made a friend who seemed to have a similar mentality to me, I was 14. We became penpals through a magazine. I'd tentatively type her as INTP. We exchanged long letters and emails of our ideas, debated things, and she felt I was the only person she knew her age who also showed any interest in thinking so deeply and analytically.

    When I started getting on forums around age 15-16, I made an idiot of myself because I thought I could reinvent myself online. I poured into it all my frustrations about my inability to relate to the people around me by trying to act like my shadow type, spontaneous, gregarious, and playful to the extreme. I probably missed several chances to engage with people who I could have really related to. It all ended badly.

    I think it was only in recovering from abuse PTSD and six weeks of psychosis that I really learned to be comfortable with myself, and patient, and present myself as who I am, in all my oddness, instead of trying to be someone else. Call it a forced reality check over a period of three years.

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    Hm... I think that one of my oldest friends is an INxJ, probably INTJ. I'm not sue though, since she changed a lot over the years and she doesn't fit the characteristics as well anymore... Then, there's an ESTP and an ISTJ girl, but ST doesn't count... The only other female NT that comes to my mind is my aunt, who is probably also an ENTP ^^

    I really had the problem of "not feeling like a female", because I was usually hanging out with guys and didn't pay much attention to the drama that was going on. At some point, I really thought that everyone just sees me as a guy and that I would never ever be seen as a girl. (which wasn't the case) Still, I think it's more of an advantage to be an NT female ^^ I mean, I was always pretty inventive and managed to come up with new things. It wasn't like I was really handicapped by my lack of sympathy for other people. I simply never cared XD Also, I usually went my own way and even not-so-nice-people never really bothered me, since I either saw them as an irritation or a joke.

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    behind you ;)

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