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Change of Type

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This is a discussion on Change of Type within the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; I wanna be an ENTP! Too much Ti here! >< I used to be really talkative at 10 years old ...

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Change of Type

    I wanna be an ENTP! Too much Ti here! ><
    I used to be really talkative at 10 years old and under but I know everybody thought I was annoying. Maybe I might be ENTP... I read somewhere that they go through a phase usually around their teens when they're really quiet. And I also read that many ENTPs mistype as INTPs. Could it be that I really am one? I'm told that I am really funny/witty when I am relaxed/break out of my shell.

    Hmmmm..... Being an INTJ would be nice too when I'd need to get something done. But that's different.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    If you want to be more talkative, just go ahead and talk more to people. If you want to get more things done, get organised and start doing things. As Nike would put it, just do it. It's as simple as that.

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    Not nearly enough info here for an entire type switch, even for one that is sort of common :P

    These two descriptions are really cool.

    maybe you can see if you relate more to one than to the other and go from there...

    Also, if you haven't gotten into cognitive functions yet, that is actually more of your starting point. The two types have a slightly different function pattern.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    You don't have to be an antisocial INTP. I'm probably rare in this regard, but I have quite a few friends and I'm very outgoing, friendly, and at times, charming.

    At the end of the day though, I need quiet time to recharge and be alone. Even at work, I sometimes separate myself from my very talkative colleagues because I need time alone in my brain.

    My easy method for determining E/I is simply asking: Does being around a lot of people energize you or wear you out? You can LIKE being around people and still get worn out by them.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    You can also look at the inverse of that: How do you deal with being alone for long periods of time? An E is more likely to get depressed or anxious, while an outgoing I might merely be bored.

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    Unknown Personality

    Why do you want to change?

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    ENTJ - The Executives

    How can you not want to be an INTP?

    Don't blame your lack of social skills on your type.
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    ENTJ - The Executives

    Having an introverted dominant function does not mean you're quieter, it simply means that your logic is based off of something internal. If you are confident enough in that internal system then you may be just as outgoing as an ENTP. There is a difference between social extroversion and introversion and jungian. Jungian introversion means putting yourself above the object in question. Whether you are outgoing or not if this is the case you would be considered an introvert.


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