Mafia Mini LVIII: Not PerCafe (Game Thread) - Mafia Win!

Mafia Mini LVIII: Not PerCafe (Game Thread) - Mafia Win!

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    Mafia Mini LVIII: Not PerCafe (Game Thread) - Mafia Win!

    Not PerCafe

    Opening Posts from the Sign Ups

    Opening Post 1

    Quote Originally Posted by Owner Of A Lonely Heart View Post
    Realization: I've decided to make the game a little less closed. There are still things to discover. But you know a bit more information upfront.

    Setup: 3 mafia, 1 sk, 9 townies. (aka Strategy Point 1. You don't necessarily need to know all the mechanics in the game in order to achieve your wincon.)
    • Unless you are mafia, you do not know what type of chat mafia has.
    • The SK is in fact Bulletproof.

    Mechanics: Mechanics can be summarized under 3 points: Bots, Bases, and Other Unknowns

    Everyone is considered to be a "bot". So you might be A bot or B bot or C bot etc.
    Throughout the game, I am likely to assign people more permanent or creative bot names like: Doomsday Bot, or Trendsetter Bot, for example, is of the bots I have already have programmed into the game.

    There are a maximum of 6 bases in the game.
    At the start of the game, each bot is assigned two bases of operation, which they can visit in the night phase.
    Bases are destroyed after taking 2 points of damage.

    Base Actions:
    Each base has a given 3 actions to choose from.
    Each night, the bots in a given base will choose to perform a max of 2 actions.
    Actions are as follows:
    • Target a base (to deal 1 point of damage) (Bases are arranged in a circle. You may only target bases to the right or left of your base. You will also know the names of the bases next to your base.)
    • Infiltrate a base (This allows a bot to infiltrate a base on the next night, that was not previously assigned to them.)
    • Base Action (The base action is whatever ability your base is named after.)

    Pillow Forts:
    Question: What happens when the 2 bases that I was assigned to are destroyed?
    Answer: First bot to lose both of their bases becomes either Trendsetter Bot or Fake Mason Bot/Fake Mason Bot, and constructs his or her own pillow fort.

    This is the one Godfather/Investigative Immune scenario in this game.
    The bot who loses both of their bases first becomes of a recruiting mason if town and becomes a fake recruiting mason if mafia or SK as well as gains Godfather or Investigative Immune status.
    The town recruiting mason will die if they try to recruit mafia. The fake recruiting mason will act more as neighborizer role.
    All bots who lose their bases after Trendsetter Bot or Fake Mason Bot will become neighborizers building their own pillow forts.
    If multiple bots lose their bases at the same time, it will be randomized which bot takes priority or the other.

    Other Unknowns:
    Unless you are mafia, you do not know what their abilities are.
    Upfront, you don't know what any of the base actions are.
    The only ways to figure out what other rooms do are:
    -to talk with other bots
    -to infiltrate other bases that were not previously assigned to you
    -to talk with your mafia partners (if you have them)
    -to massclaim what all the bases do (Strategy Point 2. The only thing is do you really want mafia and the SK to know all this information about what other roles are in the game?)

    And there's like one or two other small unknown things.

    No Posting Yet

    Opening Post 2
    Quote Originally Posted by Owner Of A Lonely Heart View Post
    So again in case you didn't see it or click on the trailer:

    This is a closed or semi-closed setup.
    It is experimental setup.
    The roles are to an extent traditional roles that have been given a more custom title.
    I guess the infiltrate role is a bit uncommon or newish though.
    This is a QT heavy game, as each night phase you will be receiving a new QT.


    Day 1 is 72 hours.
    Day 2 is 48 hours.
    Day 3 and beyond is 24 hours.
    Nights are 24 hours.


    Whoever has the most votes on them at the end of a day will be lynched.
    If there is a tie vote, it will be randomized who gets lynched.
    No lynching is allowed once.
    Votes should be like so
    <<vote Lizabeth>> <<unvote Siggy>>

    No Posting Yet

    Opening Post 3
    Quote Originally Posted by Owner Of A Lonely Heart View Post
    Please take the time to read these rules before signing up to play my game. If you should break one of the rules, I'll be forced to mod kill you.

    Please refrain from posting after Twilight has been called, you will be mod killed if you post after the End of Day post has been made. So you may still talk between Twilight and the End of Day post, but if you post after the End of Day post even if it was on accident, you will be mod killed.

    You are allowed to make 1 gah post when you have died, but it must not contain and game related information.

    Don't make statements in the thread like: "Owner said this or Owner said that" in reference to something we said or talked about privately. That will get you mod killed.

    Administrative Rules

    1. All rules from the main Personality Cafe forum apply at all times, regardless of the nature of thread (i.e., game thread, sign up thread, or a discussion thread). They can be found here: Personality Cafe Rules
    2. Do not talk about ongoing games outside of the game thread (including the game’s corresponding sign up thread), unless you have received explicit permission from the game moderator to do so. If you have received permission, only talk about the game with the specified individuals during approved times through your moderator-created chat. Note: This rule includes discussing your emotional reaction to the game in the sign-up thread, mafia chit-chat thread, or any other location on the forum.
    3. Do not post any part of your role PM or other private communication (including quotes, screenshots, copying and pasting, or paraphrasing role) without express permission from the game moderator(s). Additionally, do not reference private communication with the game moderator(s) in the game thread, regardless of the nature or medium of the communication, without express permission from the game moderator(s).
    4. Do not bring outside influences into the game. This not only includes alliances, wagers, bribes, threats, etc., but discussing issues such as substitutions and modkills. Discussing a player’s behavior related to previous games (‘meta’) is acceptable.
    5. Do not post in a game thread once you have died, unless granted permission by your role, the individual game’s rules, or special permission from the game moderator. Similarly, do not post in game threads you are not playing in.
    6. If you believe an error has been made, privately notify the game moderator immediately. If you disagree with a moderator decision, you may respectfully voice your opinion to the game moderator in private. If you believe you have been treated unfairly by a game moderator, you should respectfully address the issue with the subforum moderators in private.
    7. Playing a game is a privilege, not a right. Game moderators reserve the right to decline potential players from signing up for their games.
    8. All game-related communications (game threads, sign-up threads, and QuickTopic boards) are fully moderated by the game moderators and subforum moderators. . Quick topic game chats are made public when a mafia game ends, as such your posts will not remain private. When you sign up for a game, you implicitly agree to release the information in your game chat, so please post accordingly
    9. Subforum moderators reserve the right to administer punishment as they see fit for violations of these rules, encouragement of others to break these rules, and/or attempting to circumvent these rules via loopholes, up to and including banning an individual from participating in games for an indefinite period. Players who are mod-killed for breaking a rule, will not have access to the graveyard.If a player violates overall site rules during a game, the posts will be brought to the attention of overall forum administration for further disciplinary considerations.
    10. Subforum moderators reserve the right to administer punishment for any other issues that may arise not covered by these rules.

    Player Code of Conduct

    1. Treat others civilly and respectfully, even if you disagree with their opinions or actions. Critique arguments, not players. Insinuating someone is a bad player or of lesser intelligence because they reach a conclusion that differs from yours is never acceptable. While it is acceptable to judge “playstyle” in an attempt to form or fabricate a read, insulting another player’s playstyle - or that player FOR their playstyle - is not acceptable.
    2. Play with the understanding that you will likely be pushed, accused, and potentially lynched during the course of the game. Do not take such actions personally; it is the nature of the game. Additionally, do not make such actions in a personal manner.
    3. Play to win the game. It is perfectly fine to be less competitive than others, but do not actively and deliberately harm your chances to win or try to harm a teammate’s chances. By signing up for the game, you agree to play the role you are assigned, regardless of the role, alignment, or any teammates.
    4. Play within the spirit of the game. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: not using secret codes based on personal out-of-game knowledge shared by specific players, not changing your avatar or signature after receiving your role to hint at your role, and not publicly asking a moderator for clarification on mechanics. Manipulating others emotionally as an attempt to deceive them is acceptable, unless it is done in a manner that violates game/subforum rules or Code of Conduct (see for example Administrative Rule #4).
    5. Do not abuse substitutions. On occasion, a situation may arise where a player is unable to meet the requirements of the game. Players in these circumstances should seek immediate replacement (in private) and remove themselves from the game thread. It is not permissible to seek, or to threaten to seek, replacement because of one’s role or alignment or in response to appropriate, in-game pressure.
    6. Mafia is a time commitment. Do not sign up to play or moderate games that you do not intend to finish without proper arrangements being made in advance. If you are observed to demonstrate a pattern of frequently signing up for and then replacing out of games, subforum moderators may approach you to discuss the issue, and you might be asked to take a break from signing up for games.

    If you believe a player has broken the rules in a game, please PM the game moderator, and if necessary, a mafia forum moderator. Do not discuss the alleged rule violation in public threads until it has been resolved by a moderator AND the game is over AND you have received permission from the moderators to do so.

    If you believe a player has broken Personality Cafe Rules, report the post using the triangle at the bottom of the offending post.

    Scraps of metal lined the corridors as Alles_Paletti and Boquise were dragged to the old brick furnace where the old bakery base once stood. There in fire they burned alive, only to save themselves a little by powering down into their doom.

    Day 1 Starts Now

    1. @Kaboomz
    2. @SuperfluousNinja
    3. @darcstar3
    4. @AAADD Edison
    5. @daleks_exterminate
    6. @Pifanjr
    7. @jeb
    8. @Because_why_not
    9. @Garden Gnome
    10. @Quick
    11. @TrippedOnReality
    12. @Moonious
    13. @Azure Dreamer

    Note: I might be adjusting the times in the future if I end up getting a job.

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    am i first? =D

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    also, revenge <<vote bwn>>

    just to get that out of the way

    yes, i peeked them, theyre scum -.-

    (i wish)

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    Is it safe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darcstar3 View Post
    also, revenge <<vote bwn>>

    just to get that out of the way

    yes, i peeked them, theyre scum -.-

    (i wish)
    Have the two of you been on the same team yet?

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    Yes, I started the game early. You are allowed to post, if you didn't realize it already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrippedOnReality View Post
    Have the two of you been on the same team yet?
    if you dont count town as an actual team, nope =(
    RNJesus is against it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owner Of A Lonely Heart View Post
    Yes, I started the game early. You are allowed to post, if you didn't realize it already.
    I did wonder...but you did say Day I let Darc go first incase smiting happened

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    Quote Originally Posted by darcstar3 View Post
    if you dont count town as an actual team, nope =(
    RNJesus is against it
    What game did you two play where you were both town? I think every game I've seen and/or played with you, you and BWN have been on different teams (even if you count town as a team).

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    Just stopped in to say hi. The cat needs to be fed, and I'll be back for a bit. The demise of the bakery is making me want to eat a cookie.

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