Carte Blanche - Game Thread - town win!

Carte Blanche - Game Thread - town win!

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This is a discussion on Carte Blanche - Game Thread - town win! within the Past Games forums, part of the Mafia category; Welcome to Carte Blanche. Game Info from Sign-Up Thread: This game will be hosted by myself, @ Belzy and @ ...

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    Carte Blanche - Game Thread - town win!

    Welcome to Carte Blanche.

    Game Info from Sign-Up Thread:

    This game will be hosted by myself, @Belzy and @Glenda Gnome Starr .

    We will be following Mafiascum's Noir Open Setup with a few modifications:

    2 Mafia Goons
    1 Mafia Jailkeeper
    7 Vanilla Townies
    1 Tracker/Vigilante (TV?, Trackilante?, Vigacker? Call it whatever you want lol)
    1 Weak Hider
    1 Detective OR Psychologist (determined randomly)


    The Mafia Jailkeeper blocks all night actions, and may not both jail and perform the factional kill on the same night.

    The Detective targets a player and finds out if that player has killed another player or not.

    The Psychologist targets a player and finds out if they have the potential to kill, but if the player has already killed, the psychologist will get a negative result.

    The Tracker/Vigilante will be an alternating hybrid of the two, either an Odd-Night Tracker/Even-Night Vigilante or vice versa. This will be randomized at the start of the game.

    The Hider dies if it hides behind a Mafia member or the Tracker/Vig (on a night where they are acting as a vig), or if the person it hides behind dies.


    Day/Night Cycle: 48/24
    (May reduce to 24/24 later on depending on player interest.)

    Phase Changes: 10:00 PM ET US. There will be no twilight.

    Votes submitted on or after 10:01 PM ET will not be accepted.

    Night Action Deadline: 9:30 PM ET US. Night actions submitted on 9:31 PM will not be accepted. Please submit your night actions in bold.
    Ex: <b>NK Scirrus</b>

    Mafia chat: Day + Night

    Role & alignment claiming is allowed.

    RNG will be used to resolve ties.

    Votes will be counted if they are in brackets, are red and bold, and include the word vote.
    Ex: <<Vote Scirrus>>

    You are allowed to <<vote No Lynch>>

    After you are killed you can make 1 GAH post.

    Minimum post requirement: 5 game-related posts per phase.

    I reserve the right to replace or remove those who do not meet the minimum post requirement.

    Personality Cafe and Mafia sub-forum rules apply. See the links below if unfamiliar:


    The mafia team's win condition it to win at parity.

    The factional kill will be assigned to a member of the mafia team each night. The factional kill is not be a group kill.

    If the detective targets someone the same night they kill, they will receive a "negative" or "has not killed" result.
    If the psychologist targets someone the same night they kill, they will receive a "positive" or "can kill" result.


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    Dawn comes early here. Too early for me. But let's back up the story. To nighttime. The place in which I live. It wasn't always like that. I didn't always make my life in the time when the moon hides in the sky, afraid of the sun and relishing the dark. I lived in the city, in the world of fast talkers and stirred not shaken drinks. I lived in the world of pure excitement. I was a private investigator, a P.I. I was the well known Glenn Stark who always got his guy. But everything changed one summer night. When I found a body of an important man in a smelly alley, where the beer from bottles hidden in paper bag had poured over the old brick walls like a champagne bottle christening a ship.

    I suspected something in that alley that night. So I went to investigate because that's what I do. It was the grittiness of the city. I am used to that. I stepped over the bodies of the sleeping homeless, sensing their despair with every sleep noise that they made. That's hard. I never get accustomed to that. But it gets worse. I found the body. I called for help. It was too late. The man was dead. I was blamed for his death, just because I was there. For no other reason.

    And so, I ran. I left before any charges could be filed. Glenn Stark can never be held captive. And so, I live in the shadows. I am no longer the famous Glenn Stark. I am now every man or no man, someone or no one. I am now the anonymous shadow that comes when the sun sets and the moon rises. I am freed from the constraints of society. I can do what I want, when I want, to exonerate me and to find the real criminal. I'm still a detective. A detective of the shadows. I have carte blanche. And I will use it.

    Day 1 Starts Now:
    @irae @TrippedOnReality @lost monkey @StinkyBambi @Seokjaunnie @Fable Wolf @Bad Bunny @Thunal33 @Halcyon @GIA Diamonds @Dyslexicon @Kommandant @Keagster31

    You can start posting!

    @Belzy @Glenda Gnome Starr @Siggy @braided pain

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    Damn it, I wanted to be first >:(

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    I'm not the SK but if I were, I'd claim I wasn't. *nods*

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    <<vote: Fable>>

    Cuz like when is this ever wrong :P

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    Tripped doesn't wanna talk to me :(

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    Next one to post gets permatown read?

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