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Hospital internship - town win!

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This is a discussion on Hospital internship - town win! within the Past Games forums, part of the Mafia category; Originally Posted by lost monkey I think gia is probably town, i think her playstyle and posts are different from ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lost monkey View Post
    I think gia is probably town, i think her playstyle and posts are different from last game. Plus if gnome comes up as scum, don't think gia will be teamed with her.
    Maybe I should look over Gia's posts from last game to compare because I did also have this thought at one point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Bunny View Post
    Does anyone think haly is wolfing, even just a small chance of it?

    Also I realised perry isn't that inactive but as town he tunnels another town quite often and pushes for a lynch. Now he's way more chill and passive but it could be an activity thing as he was town in BTS and a low poster.
    I doubt it. Halcyon has been playing very well this game, and just seems towny. There is technically a chance because halcyon isn’t confirmed town, but I personally think it would be unlikely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    This is a fair point. I maybe should have waited until now to call her out for it. But I still maintain that it's not townish to suddenly protest a Gia wagon that she kept bringing up and not vote her now that it's actually a wagon.
    I agree with that, but it won’t change my read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyslexicon View Post
    BWN, Owner, Tabby, Gnome - Boom!

    Doing a scum team call out, LoMo style here.
    Except it's probably not correct but omg what if. Throw in Bunny for a random SK or something.
    Quote Originally Posted by Owner Of A Lonely Heart View Post
    who's the poisoner in the list?
    I remember this question feeling very earnest from Owner, like she was genuinely curious. So I think it's very possible I have at least one other mafia in that list, maybe even both. She asked about which one of them would be SK (though I thought there was 4 mafia cause lol derp)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TABASCO View Post
    I don't even mean a sacrifice of Kommandant as a person but as an obstacle for SK
    Yeah, well, it's going to happen. So we better get the SK to revenge Kommandant. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Quote Originally Posted by lost monkey View Post
    Are you saying that gnome is so nooby, that she would out gia the roleblocker by not voting her and keep the vote on BWN?
    What other choice does she have? She wouldn't risk a teammate (who is potentially the PR) getting lynched instead of her until she's absolutely certain the wagons on both of them will stick until the end and BWN is no longer a viable lynch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenda Gnome Starr View Post
    I was waiting to hear more from BWN before I moved my vote. And BWN has responded, so I think that I feel OK now moving my vote off of him.

    I was asking you questions about your vote on GIA, not because I read her as town but because you kept pushing back at my scum read of GIA. I wanted to know what caused your change of mind in regards to GIA, mainly because I didn't understand your vote shift.

    Why would you ask me if GIA is the roleblocker?

    There are two mafia roles still alive: a roleblocker and a goon. There is also a poisoner running around loose.

    So, I think that she is scum, but I don't know what flavor of scum she would be.

    <<vote: GIA Diamonds>>
    Case in point lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunal33 View Post
    That post was basically spewing thoughts, and I didn't read the whole post before posting. But Gnome isn't my main suspect. In your scenario, I would probably vote GIA. Gnome voted Owner, which means they're probably not teamed because she's so anti-bussing. And GIA's post suspecting me and Tabby was strange. I don't know why she thought I specifically would coach Tab and why she thought Tab had to be coached in the first place. After reading Tab's posts I'm fairly confident she's not being coached.
    I don't even remember Gnome voting Owner. Is Gnome so anti-bussing that she would not even vote Owner when Owner was outed scum and definitely would be lynched? I don't even know

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    Gnome/Tabby? :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lost monkey View Post
    Even if this was the case, there are times that they do. I had same problem last game where people were telling tripped won't buss but in the end she bussed her team-mates. Are you saying a dying teammate would rather not buss gia to throw people off than to keep voting you? Even if she is not anti-bus but not bussing gia would kill gia like what is happening, is she so noobie she won't know this?
    Owner was already lynched D1 though. Scum is not going to bus here unless they absolutely have to and especially not Gnomey.


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