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Hospital internship - town win!

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    I’m not fully caught up but Owner’s posts are making me doubt my read since they returned to the thread

    The only other time I’ve played with her she was scum. I was null on her because she’d posted pretty much nothing game related and everybody wanted to lynch her. I defended her but was also going for her scum mate lol.

    Point is, I feel like she’s posted more in this thread about the game than she did in that game. I don’t wanna move my vote yet but it’s a start

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    Quote Originally Posted by King PLATYPUS View Post
    At some point I am going to have to look over haly's 400 post game and that makes me sad

    I am also down for GIA. That's sort of sheeping but she didn't look quite as good as others that have posted thus far

    Also in that game with owner, bad bunny was also in it and they were basically in the hally spot as being the one flooding the thread. Should I be worried?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    But so like, my thoughts on Owner's catch up are this:

    I remember as town she had a lot of weird theories and read into things a lot and I often disagreed with her thoughts but could tell she believed them. But so far this game it almost feels like a parody of her town play. The things she's reading into to shade people are really silly imo. Voting Bunny for a gif? Like, what. I'm used to her thoughts and reads being deeper. This game she is kinda just saying stuff and being like "Hm, I wonder if this" but there isn't a ton of commitment to those thoughts, it seems more like just throwing stuff out there but it feels very superficial. I remember her having more bite as town too. Also the fluff to content ratio is higher than I remember of her town play. And I would expect town!Owner to not be comfortable with me this game. She knows how good I have been in the past as scum so I would think she should be wary of me especially because of my early scum read on her. So yea, that's where I am atm. I want to hear @Dyslexicon 's thoughts on this because he used to be better at reading Owner than me I think.
    Take a peek at her umbrella academy posts and tell me what you think?

    I think this post certainly has merit though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    Okay, so I skimmed Allergies (town!Owner) and Umbrella Academy (scum!Owner) and even from a super quick read I can see Owner is way more similar this game to her Umbrella Academy play. It's really not even close. I encourage everyone to skim these games if you want to see what I mean but yea, my vote is not moving.
    Oh hmmm

    Maybe I should read a town game of hers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poyser View Post
    Oh god not this again
    That's what they said last game too, but in the end i was right lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by King PLATYPUS View Post
    Owner is pocketing the new player. Thoughts?
    Owner is usually helpful to newbie's like this regardless of alignment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    Dizzy is probably town. Imp and Poyser probably are too. Bunny and Thun are meh so far. Uhhh think that's all I got.

    I will start multiquoting because I realize rapid fire catchup is kind of annoying to read through.
    Nice i am leaning town on you this game. You are scum hunting more and i like your reads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    I meant to ask you why you read Lomo as town? I didn't get much from his start but I think you have a better grasp of his meta than me. He seemed more lolzy than he has been in the last two games though.
    That's because of timezone, this game started when i am actually present in the thread compared to the last two games where i started posting after 5-6 hours from when the game started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TABASCO View Post
    My last post was more about the situation itself than about the people involved, but the situation was:

    Dyslexicon tried to make Poyser seem affiliated with her.
    Leaning town on you for this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    I kinda don't get it any more. If you wanna explain your thought process from the top and why you think it's unlikely now, that'd be cool. But if you have any other impressions to share, that would be even better. ^^
    Newbie's thought processes are usually weird, if she was coached do you think she would have mentioned dizzy tried to being affiliated with poyser?

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