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Hospital internship - town win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keagster31 View Post
    Oh, I forgot about this game. Iíll just give my reads even though I skipped pages two and three because of probable fluff there. StinkyBambi, thunal, and dizzy are somewhat town for me, halcyon and owner are fairly town but more town than the previous three, and I donít really like how poyser and king platypus are playing. StinkyBambi seems like last game and genuine, which could mean nothing, thunal just seems town and is playing normally, and I just have a good feeling about dizzy. Iíd say all of that for halcyon, also, but itís a bit more strong. Owner seems to be very helpful so far, and I like that. Poyser just doesnít seem like heís very intent on getting mafia somehow and seems like heís just doing what might look best. And king platypus Iím not sure what to think of, so Iím just going to have them as a slight scum read.

    <<vote poyser>>

    Iíll just have this as my early D1 vote, which is probably going to change unlike my votes in almost every other game Iíve played. In other words, I plan on changing it but it might not happen because I just donít seem to do that.
    Leaning town on you for this post, i like the thought process here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIA Diamonds View Post
    I forgot you were in the game... I realize I will have to be prepared to read a book with you, dizzy, and hally in one game
    Are you scum again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poyser View Post
    So NONE of you got red flags from the fact he acknowledged that heís usually too stubborn to change his vote but is already looking for ways out without being seen to be going against his own meta by addressing it pre emptively lmao?

    Wow ok
    I don't know about his meta but going against you and platy on the first post when both of you are read by most and are the most vocal, doesn't scream scum play to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIA Diamonds View Post

    I donít really like
    Platy and owner

    Everyone else is null
    Why don't you like owner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIA Diamonds View Post
    Owner is just kind of a vibe from the last game I saw her scum game in, but I kinda wanna see more of how she will play as the game progresses
    I get the vibe part but is that it? Are you sure you are not trying to shade owner because other people are doing it, i remember you doing the same thing last game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owner Of A Lonely Heart View Post
    I'm not allowed to be nice?
    Why so defensive?

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    After the whole dizzy conversation between komm and hally, feel both are town.

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    I have a good feeling this game as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owner Of A Lonely Heart View Post
    Is your pic from King's Avatar?

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    @Owner Of A Lonely Heart , Why haven't you defended yourself yet against hally? If i remember as town you are more of a OMGUS player when someone scum reads you hard like halcyon. Though i feel you are helpful and trying to somewhat scum hunt from your other post but i feel you are reluctant to confront hally which is strange.

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