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Hospital internship - town win!

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This is a discussion on Hospital internship - town win! within the Past Games forums, part of the Mafia category; <<vote Kommandant>>...

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    <<vote Kommandant>>

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    komm next time don't cc lol. i get why you did it, but she was on her way to being lynched anyways.

    on the other hand, so many quality town reads just from this wagon. amazing.

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    <<vote: Owner>>

    Iíll get a reads list out tomorrow at some point

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    Also BWN's play here is not similar to his town play that game either, so that's fun ^^
    A lot can change in two years or so.

    Mainly that I've got a more demanding life and I'm not obsessive anymore. I think it's for the best tbh.

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    <<Vote Owner>>

    Because bussing is fun, Dizzy \o/

    Nah I trust Komms cc more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    Thun has so much less presence this game compared to last and the vote/unvote of Owner is so meh.
    Meh not really sure what the point in unvoting a teammate everyone wants to lynch would be

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    Also this might legit be my last post for a while as Iím on a boat and about to lose signal which has cut this readback short sigh

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    GIA next imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kommandant View Post
    Why shouldnt they?
    I mean great then 1 person knows Owner is lying but withhout the cc she lives anyways.
    Iíd rather they didnít CC tbh

    And Iíd still lynch owner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyslexicon View Post
    Exercise: If Owner is town - Who would you rather see lynched today?

    I canít remember why but I remember it was convincing. I might have posted them already

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