Mafia XI.5 - Little Town (Town win)

Mafia XI.5 - Little Town (Town win)

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This is a discussion on Mafia XI.5 - Little Town (Town win) within the Past Games forums, part of the Mafia category; This game is for dead people. There is no sign-up. Unless you wish to die first - in which case ...

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    Mafia XI.5 - Little Town (Town win)

    This game is for dead people. There is no sign-up. Unless you wish to die first - in which case you would qualify. The game will begin once we have 7 players.

    This is a fast-paced game. Each day period will last 48 hours. Typically, I process night actions directly after the lynch, and we go right into the day again. But this requires everyone to be on at lynch least those with power roles. But for now, night lasts a night. If you are interested in having instant nights, let me know in the thread. The rules have been updated to reflect the concept of replacements. Typically everywhere you see a modkill mentioned, replacement is meant to be included, since we will have a steady stream of people available. lol. Hopefully I fixed them all.

    Possible Roles:
    TownieInnocent. You have no power except your vote.
    Doctor Innocent. You are able to protect one person through the night. You will not receive report of whether they were targeted or not.
    CopInnocent. You are able to uncover a target’s role.
    Vigilante CopInnocent. You are a cop with a grudge. You may kill any player on the board. You are a liability to your side. Your ability is a daytime ability, contact the moderator to off someone. You have one bullet the entire game.
    Town DrunkInnocent. You take your target out for a night in the bar. You both get stone drunk, which causes your target to fail.

    Serial KillerEvil. You are alone. You kill alone, in the night. If there are multiple Serial Killers, only one kill can succeed per night.

    1. This is a game. Please remain civil. Attack arguments, not people.
    2. Play to win and have fun. See rule 1.
    3. Do not quote any private communications from me. Private communications between players is forbidden.
    4. You are not allowed to discuss this game outside this thread.
    5. If you have a question, PM me using your role PM.
    6. Green is my color, because pink isn’t readable. :p Don’t use it.

    1. If you signed up, I expect each of you to be active. Failure to post within a 48 hour span will result in a prod.
    2. Players may request a prod on another player at any time, by asking me in bold.
    3. Not responding to a prod within the next 24 hours will result in a modkill/replacement.

    Voting, Lynches, and Deadlines:
    1. Please vote/unvote in bold. Vote: JoeBlough
    2. Failure to follow the previous rule will result in my accidental failure to count your vote.
    3. A lynch will require the vote of a majority of players. (50% of players + 1, rounded down)
    4. When a majority is reached, no more votes/unvotes will be counted.
    5. You may Vote: No Lynch to decide against lynching people on a given day. No lynching requires 50% of the votes. On days with an even number of players it will take one less vote to No Lynch than to lynch.
    6. Votes posted after the nighttime deadline will not be counted.
    7. Once your death scene is posted, you are dead. So no talking.

    Flow of the Game:
    1. Everyone is randomly assigned their role and confirms they understand it via the role PM.
    2. The game starts in Daytime. Each Day, you may vote to execute someone.
    3. Vote publicly in thread.
    4. Nighttime deadline arrives. Have your action in at least 2 hours before next Daytime. No talking during nighttime. Go to bed!
    5. Roles will be revealed when killed.
    6. If I’ve posted your death scene, you’re dead. Do not post or pm anything until the game is finished.
    7. Win conditions: Townies – Kill all Serial Killers. Serial Killer – be the last man standing with one other player.
    8. Daybreak - 8AM EST. Nightfall - 10PM EST. [EST=GMT-5]
    9. Each day will last two physical days. Night will last one night. (Monday, 8AM - Tuesday10PM) - Day. (Tuesday 10PM - Wednesday 6AM) - Night.

    1. Attempts to game the system in any way will be met with weapons of mass destruction.
    2. You may not deliberately lurk, even if it would benefit you. You may post only a vote.
    3. Inform me if you will be away and unable to post.
    4. My involvement is to make sure people have not disappeared, nothing more.
    5. Do not post hidden [invisible, tiny, etc.] text.
    6. Editing is forbidden. I’m serious. :) Think before you post, and use the preview function.

    Little Town Series

    Chapter 1 - Little Town
    Chapter 2 - Little Town: Copy cat
    Last edited by sanari; 11-04-2011 at 09:23 AM. Reason: fixing time continuum.

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    Once upon a time, there was a little town… whose name escapes me. The name of the town is not important. It is probably better to forget the name of the town altogether, because what happened there was horrible.

    You’ve always loved the small-town life. Some people found their way to this town, others were born here. Everyone says hello in passing on the street, and you can reach every necessary service by walking or biking. Life is good.

    As you are cooking dinner, you are startled by the voice of the local news anchor uttering the word “murder”. "Murder?" you think. "Here?" You walk closer to the television so you can hear it better. “…quite horrible. His body was discovered by our police force after being reported ‘missing’ by his wife. The death has been ruled as homicide, and we cannot provide pictures or video of the scene.

    As you turn away from the television, you instinctively walk toward your windows that face the center plaza. Nearly everyone in town has a window of this sort facing the plaza. You live in a ‘green’ community that employed the best urban planners – and this was their idea. As you peer out, you can see the police and medical examiner’s vehicles outside one of the buildings across the plaza. People are milling around, some standing in place – rubbernecking. All of a sudden, you see a man exit the building too fast for his legs, because he trips and falls on the stoop. He sits there on his hands and knees - and promptly loses his lunch.

    Your imagination runs wild.

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    The town looks like Ouran High School :P

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    Current list:

    @very bored

    If you've been mentioned and still wish to play, post here. :)
    Last edited by sanari; 11-28-2011 at 02:44 PM.

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    =D I wanna play!

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    I'm interested in playing btw. I love the Little Town games :)

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    Sign me up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagger View Post
    I'm interested in playing btw. I love the Little Town games :)
    Oh so now I have a brand? Woohoo! lol

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    Wait, will there be a new thread for the actual game?
    Or are you just reposting the rules and player list + sending out roles,

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    Gosh a game of Zombies. All the players are dead.

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