Mafia Large #87: Disney After Party - Game Thread (Town Win!)

Mafia Large #87: Disney After Party - Game Thread (Town Win!)

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    Mafia Large #87: Disney After Party - Game Thread (Town Win!)

    Disney After Party

    Once the work is done on screen, our beloved Disney heroes meet up to celebrate, get shitfaced, and maybe even get lucky.

    However, villains will be villains...

    Mechanics and Rules.

    • This is a 25 player Role Madness game.
    • There will be 18 Town roles, 6 Mafia roles and 1 Third Party role. The 18 Town roles are picked randomly from the list. The remaining 7 Town roles will become safe claims for Mafia and Third Party.
    • All Quick Topic Chats are open at all times.
    • Role and character claiming is allowed.
    • If Third Party is killed noone is allowed to claim or hint that they have been taking care of a puppy!
    • The player with the most votes at the end of each day will be lynched. If there is a two way tie in Day 1 or Day 2 both players will be lynched. If there is a tie in later days or the tie is between three or more players, no player will be lynched.
    • Votes are submitted like this <<Vote Lizabeth>>, brackets, bold and blue/pink are all mandatory for the vote to count. You may elect to <<Unvote Dyslexicon>> to release the vote. You may also elect to vote <<No Lynch>>.
    • Twilight will be called when the timer runs out and End of Day will be announced as soon as possible thereafter. DO NOT POST after Twilight when the timer has run out.
    • All Days will be 48 hours, all Nights will be 24 hours.
    • Ask in your personal QT for mechanical questions. No mechanical questions will be answered in thread!
    • Mafia rule applies. Have fun, be respectful to the players and to the game. Mods reserve the right to mod kill or force replace anyone breaking rules or failing to keep up reasonable activity.

    The nefarious @Dyslexicon and the lovely @Lizabeth will be moderating this game. Please direct questions, comments and any flirtatious content you wish to express, towards us.

    Factions and Roles.

    • 7 random town players will be carrying with them a Dalmatian Puppy. If a town player dies while taking care of a puppy, the puppy dies with the player. Players will be notified if they are taking care of a puppy. No player can carry more than one puppy.

    Possible Roles:

    Snow WhiteTown Mason

    • Factional communication with Princess Aurora

    Princess Aurora
    Town Mason

    • Factional communication with Snow White. Can’t be killed by a Dragon Kill.

    Town Doll

    • Once during the game Pinocchio may replace any player, including himself, with a doll. The player replaced by the doll will be immune to all night actions for that night.

    Bambi – Innocent Child

    • Bambi will be confirmed Town by the moderator at game start.

    Dumbo – Lost Town

    • Will appear to themselves and others as another random town role, and will be given the desription of the random town role in their QT. All Night Actions tried will give no results, empty results or be useless/ineffective.
    • Flips as Dumbo – Lost Town.

    Alice – Town Dreamer

    • Will make a Quick Topic Chat between two random players every night.

    Cinderella – Town Housekeeper (Protective)

    • Can choose between two actions every night and target a player.

    1. Protect the animals: Protects any animal character or character carrying an animal from a regular NK. (Will miss on humans)
    2. Clean house: Protect any human character from a regular NK. (Will miss on animals or puppy carriers).

    • Ariel counts as both Animal and Human. Hercules and Hades count as neither.

    Peter Pan – Town Youngster

    • Peter Pan is 1-shot Bullet Proof.

    Mowgli – Town Wildling

    • If Mowgli is killed a dead puppy will be revived and placed with a random town player. (If there are no dead puppies, nothing will happen).

    Winnie the Pooh – Town Sweetheart (Honey vendor)

    • Can give a honey pot to a player every night. If the honey pot is given to a player carrying a puppy, the puppy will eat it before anyone notices.

    Basil – Town Investigator

    • May investigate one player every night. The result will be given in the form of Mafia or Not Mafia.

    Ariel – Town Mermaid

    • Can protect a random puppy every night, but will not protect the person holding it. If there is only 1 puppy left the protection will have a 50% success rate.

    Belle – Town Reader

    • Will know the alignment of a random town player from the beginning of the game.

    Aladdin – Town Lamp Holder

    • Can rub the lamp and get a random power every night. The possible powers are: Investigation, Watcher, Tracker, Voyeur, Night Kill, Strongman Kill, Vengeance Kill (will die), Roleblock, Jailor, Commuter, Switcher, Vanillarizer, Nexus and Rug Vendor.

    Simba – Town Growler (Roleblocker)

    • Can Roar at a player every night to roleblock them. Scar can’t be roleblocked as all he hears is a little growl.

    Pocahontas – Town Spiritual (Watcher and Tracker)

    • Can target a player to have the spirit of the forest follow every night. The player targeted will be Watched or Tracked. Pocahontas will not know which of the two actions is being used until she sees the result.

    Quasimodo – Town Miller

    • Will give the result of Mafia upon investigation.

    Hercules – Town Even Night Vigilante

    • Can kill a player every even night.

    Mulan – Town Odd Night Vigilante

    • Can kill a player every odd night.

    Tarzan – Town Native (Universal Backup)

    • Will inherit the role of whichever town player dies first.

    Boo – Town Puppy Lover

    • Can move a puppy from one player to another. If the target carries no puppy, nothing happens. (Boo will not be told whether or not her action was successful).

    Nemo – Town Fish (Hider)

    • Can swim out to hide behind a player every night. If targeted by a kill while hiding, he will live. However, if he hides behind someone who is targeted for a kill they will both die if the kill is successful.

    Rapunzel – Town Healer

    • Can use her magic hair to protect a player from a regular NK every night.

    Elsa – Town Freezer (1-shot Super Jailor)

    • Once during the game Elsa can freeze up to three players for a one night, stopping all night actions done by and towards these players.

    Hiro Hamada – Town Hero (Bodyguard)

    • Can guard a player every night. If the player is targeted by any Night Kill, Hiro will die in their place.


    • The Factional Night Kill needs to be carried out by a specific player every night. The Night Kill can't be carried out by the same player on consecutive nights.
    • Mafia can't use the Dragon Kill and the Strongman Kill on the same night.

    Maleficent – Mafia Godmother and 1-shot Dragon

    • Once during a night she can turn herself into a Dragon and target two players for Night Kills. Investigates as Not Mafia.

    The Dragon Kills is in place of the factional kill. Maleficent has to be the one carrying out both of the kills.

    Jafar – Mafia Spellcaster

    • May use one of three spells every night:

    1. Confuse – The targeted player will be Scrambled (they will target a random player instead of their submitted target).
    2. Quicksand – The targeted player will be Roleblocked.
    3. Mirror – The targeted player will target themselves instead of their submitted target.

    Jafar can’t use the same spell twice in a row.

    Ursula – Mafia Ninja Multitasker

    • All kills will be Ninja kills (Immune to Watchers and Trackers).
    • Gets a random actions every night out of the following: Tracker, Watcher, Role Cop and Protect.

    Scar – Mafia Plotter

    • 3-shot Switcher, 3-shot Framer, 1-shot Janitor (Mafia will learn the identity of the body).

    Claude Frollo – Mafia Holy

    • Will not be affected by night actions the first two nights. (“No Result” to investigator, Immune to Tracker, Watcher and any Kills.

    Hades – Mafia Gatekeeper

    • 1-shot Strongman kill, 1-shot Bullet Proof.

    The Strongman kill is independent and in addition to the factional kill. Hades has the be the one carrying out the stronman kill.

    Third Party

    Cruella de Vil – Thrid Party Fashionista

    • Can target a list of three players to Kill a Puppy every night. One of the following will take place:

    1. If the first player is carrying a puppy both the puppy and the player carrying it will die.
    2. If the first player is not carrying a puppy no one will die.
    3. If all the three players on the list are carrying puppies, all three players and their puppies will die.

    (If Cruella succeeds to kill three puppies in a night, she will only be allowed to list one name the following night).

    • Can investigate for a puppy every night. Will get results in form of “Carrying a Puppy” or “Doesn’t own a dog”.
    • Immune to all Mafia Kills (except the Strongman Kill).

    Win Conditions
    • Town Win when all threats to town has been eliminated or nothing can prevent this from happening.
    • Mafia Win when they have majority over Town or nothing can prevent this from happening.
    • Cruella de Vil Wins when five puppies are dead. If all seven puppies die the game will end and she will be the sole winner.

    Order of actions:

    • Doll
    • Strongman Kill
    • Janitor
    • Move Puppy
    • Roleblock/Jailer
    • Bodyguard
    • Switch/Scramble/Mirror/Frame
    • Protective abilities/Hider
    • Vendor
    • Kills
    • Investigative abilities

    (Roleblock/Jailer will block/jail other blockers/jailers)

    No Posting Yet!
    Last edited by Lizabeth; 08-04-2016 at 11:49 AM. Reason: updated Cinderella's role

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    * Small changes was made to the roles of Ariel and Cruella.

    Please familiarize yourself with the rules!

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    Welcome, welcome, everybody! Did Snow White wake up yet? Where's her prince? Oh, Mulan that is the men's room, no no it doesn't really matter to me either. May I take your coat, Miss de Vil? You'd rather keep it on? As you plea- That is the vegetarian one, Pocahontas, fair trade and all that jazz- Peter! We've made this a non flying zone, can you please go outside if- Hades you really need to watch that head of yours, the decorations are in flames! Thanks, Elsa, that's better.

    Ok. I think we're all set. Let's have fun tonight, guys! Like there is no tomorrow.

    1. @AAADD

    2. @Lady Alette
    3. @KindofBlue
    4. @Drunk Parrot
    5. @owlet
    6. @SantaFox
    7. @wickedly
    8. @SilverFalcon
    9. @Clovdyx
    10. @pivot_turn @mjn_the_enfp
    11. @girlinthemoon
    12. @Stultum
    13. @lost monkey
    14. @Veggie
    15. @Tad Cooper
    16. @Pozzai
    17. @Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    18. @braided pain
    19. @Fear Itself @hawkataine
    20. @WorldzMine
    21. @ScarletRage
    22. @Apple Pine
    23. @lets mosey
    24. @Wolf's Tale
    25. @camous


    Day 1 Begins!
    Coundown timer
    Last edited by Lizabeth; 08-04-2016 at 11:53 AM. Reason: minor text editing as per Dizzy's request :P

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    Heads up to @Dyslexicon : I see that we were all mentioned, but I myself didn't recieve a notification. That may be the case for more people.

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    @Drunk Parrot is Bambi - The Innocent Child.

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    Looks like I won't be able to effectively straddle the line between scum and town, like I enjoy doing

    But I also won't be mod killed for claiming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyslexicon View Post

    @Drunk Parrot is Bambi - The Innocent Child.

    I'd hardly call him innocent, but I see what you mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunk Parrot View Post
    Looks like I won't be able to effectively straddle the line between scum and town, like I enjoy doing

    But I also won't be mod killed for claiming
    Pay better attention to the rules XD

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