Mafia Large: Of the Jungle (Game Thread) - Chiefs Win!

Mafia Large: Of the Jungle (Game Thread) - Chiefs Win!

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    Mafia Large: Of the Jungle (Game Thread) - Chiefs Win!

    Welcome to the Congo!
    The adventure awaits….

    Before we begin, you must know a few things. First, this is a closed, experimental setup. Beware. Second, please read ALL information and rules in this post. Because this is both closed and experimental, you cannot afford to NOT know the below information:

    1) ALL forum rules apply.

    2) Please be respectful of every player. You may not attack a player personally - if you do, you risk being modkilled or replaced.

    3) All questions must be asked in your QT. Any questions asked in the game thread will not be answered. You’ve been warned.

    4) You may NOT role claim. Role claiming will result in a modkill (strictly enforced).

    5) The first day phase will be 72 hours. Subsequent day phases will be 48 hours. Night phases will be 24 hours. This game is focused heavily on phase cycles. To clarify, a phase cycle is both a day and night phase pair (i.e. D1/N1 is one phase cycle. N2/D3 are not.).

    6) Please use this format when voting: <<Vote: Owner of a Lonely Heart>> Votes not using this format will not be counted. No exceptions. (Bolded, and in red. Red code is: #FF0000 )

    7) Day start and end is promptly at 8pm EST. Do NOT post after 8pm…even if a day end post has not been posted. Be mindful of the clock. Also, do not post before the day start post.

    8) Twilight occurs at 7:30pm EST. Votes clocked in at 7:30pm+ will not be counted.

    9) The person with the most votes by Twilight will be lynched.

    10) You may vote for No Lynch in the game thread.

    11) There will be no double lynches. In the event of a tie, there will be no lynch.

    Your game mods: Actvscenei and @Owner Of A Lonely Heart


    Deep within the Congo lie civilizations of many people. They withstand environmental challenges that shock the urban and even rural societal groups of the Western World - extreme heat, monsoons, animals and insects, winds and storms...more than that, and in this fictional snapshot of the life in the jungle, we will witness firsthand the challenges far worse than the environment...the viciousness of human nature.

    Step inside the jungle, if you dare. Can you survive? Thick forestry, dense fog, shooting arrows...You won't even know what hit you.

    Good luck! And have fun.

    @Mistletoe of Talon
    @BlueChristmas06 .
    @Winter ishere
    @Winter Moon
    @The Lawyer
    @Snow rose
    @Lady Alette
    @braided pain
    @Ghost Insane
    @Gingerbread Diamonds

    Timer to follow.
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    Yooo...tell me if your name changes. :/ All these mentions worked a few hours ago.

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    i wasnt sure if i could post, but i was here first, and refreshed to make sure there was no "you can start" post ='(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Actvscenei View Post
    Yooo...tell me if your name changes. :/ All these mentions worked a few hours ago.
    my name should have changed back ='(

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    Hi. What sort of fruit grows here or is the vegetation too thick to allow sunlight in?

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    Your name will change back tomorrow, on the 27th.

    Quote Originally Posted by darCHRISTMAStar View Post
    my name should have changed back ='(

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    so.... is now the best time to claim my role? =P

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