Mafia Academy II - Game Thread (Mafia Wins!)

Mafia Academy II - Game Thread (Mafia Wins!)

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    Mafia Academy II - Game Thread (Mafia Wins!)


    Welcome to Session II of the Mafia Academy.

    Most of what you need to know about the setup has already been described in the sign up thread. You can find them here: and here: But see below for additional rules and procedures.

    Mafia Academy II Official Game Rules

    All Forum and Mafia Rules apply, so make sure you are familiar with them: a) Personality Cafe Forum Rules and b) Mafia Forum Rules

    Pay particular attention to the following rules from mafia forum rules thread:

    • You may not post screenshots of, copy and paste, or directly quote your role PM, mod communication, or any other game-related communication that originated outside of the Game Thread.

    • Do not ask the moderators set-up or mechanics-related question in the game thread. Such questions should be asked and answered in private communication with the mods (in your QT or by PM).

    • Do not discuss any private communication with the mods in the game thread. If we decide that an answer we have given you should be shared with other players, we will make an announcement.

    • Talking about the game outside the game thread and QTs is NOT permitted and doing so will invite a mod kill.

    • Be civil. Do not insult other players, including statements disparaging the intelligence of another player.
    • Additional Rules and Procedures

    • Your votes must be formatted in bold, red, and surrounded by angled brackets like this: <<Vote Simonds>> or <<Footy>> in order to be counted. You may vote or unvote as many times as you like over the course of the day.

    • Phase lengths and the timing of phase changes may vary. Generally speaking, you may expect Day phases to last 24 or 48 hours. You may generally expect that Night phases will last 24 hours.

    • Twilight will start 15 minutes before the end of each Day phase (regardless of the time at which the “Twilight” post is posted by the mods). Any vote cast after twilight will be counted. For example, if Twilight takes place at 6:15, no vote timestamped at 6:16 or later will be counted.

    • During Twilight, you will have 15 minutes for further discussion until the End of Day post is posted. DO NOT POST after the End of Day post (unless you are told otherwise).

    • Out of respect for the mods and your fellow players, please do not simply abandon the game if you find it is not for you or you don’t have time. Alert one of the mods as soon as possible if you are in need of a replacement. If we cannot find a replacement for you, your character/role will be modkilled.

    • QTs may be posted publicly at the conclusion of the game.

    • Rules may be changed or added at any time.

    (duh duh DUHHHHHH! )

    Instead of issuing warnings for minor infractions of the rules, we have decided that any rule infractions that occur during the first phase of the game will be punished with "demerit points".

    Each demerit point will count as a mod vote against you in the vote count.

    After the first phase, any rule violations will be dealt with in the typical fashion as the mods see fit.

    If you have any questions after reading through the rules, please ask us about it in your QT.


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    1. @QuickTwist
    2. @kaleidoscope
    3. @WorldzMine
    4. @benr3600
    5. @Kito
    6. @Polexia
    7. @TrippedOnReality
    8. @Desthro
    9. @Memory of Talon
    10. @darcstar3
    11. @Ghost Insane
    12. @Because_why_not
    13. @Azure the Dreamer

    @Clovdyx @braided pain @pivot_turn @BFG @Dyslexicon @Alles_Paletti @Pozzai

    NOTE: Make sure you read the first post thoroughly before posting in this thread.

    THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS WILL BE APPROXIMATELY 24 HOURS (ending at 8:45EST on Wednesday, January 11, 2016)


    Countdown to Twilight:


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    Obligatory first post

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    Yay first \o/

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    also to kick things off <<vote: Darcstar3>>

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    I see azure is a school yard bully. We shall be friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickTwist View Post

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    Sup lads?

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    So I did something I have never done in preparation of a Mafia game: I decided I would meditate for about 10 minutes before the game started to make sure I was calm and in control in the beginning of the game and to set a precedent for the rest of the game.

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