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Do You Prefer MBTI, Enneagram, Both or Other. Why?

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  • MBTI

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  • Enneagram

    35 19.44%
  • Both equally

    51 28.33%
  • Other (Big 5, DISC, etc)

    7 3.89%
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This is a discussion on Do You Prefer MBTI, Enneagram, Both or Other. Why? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; I haven't bothered enough with enneagram, to be honest. MBTI is the one I definitely prefer...

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    I haven't bothered enough with enneagram, to be honest. MBTI is the one I definitely prefer
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    Quote Originally Posted by pearlydewdrops View Post
    i prefer MBTI but i find most people tend to correlate MBTI types to enneagram types in an almost exclusive manner
    I used to do that. I've found there is correlation, like ENTP 7 is most common for ENTP. But, all combos do exist, just some more likely than others

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    Enneagram is a pain to deal with because of the ever growing variables. You start with a core type, then you've got wings, instinctual variants, the triads, countertypes, the positive outlook vs competency vs reactive thing, tritypes, etc. There's actually a point where it can be justified to be a 5 and be socially extroverted... MBTI is simple to deal with, and doesn't come with active witch hunts concerning mistypes.

    I guess both can be as equally useful, but the way the Enneagram is designed makes me want to bash my head in a wall. MBTI by default.
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    I voted both. I find MBTI much easier to understand, thanks to the breakdown of functions and whatnot. But enneagram is quite a bit more interesting, as it deals with base fears and defense mechanisms. And I quite enjoy seeing how one affects the other. To me anyway, it seems like enneagram gives each person's MBTI type a certain 'flavor', if that makes any sense.

    As a side note, I also think the varient stackings (sp/sx/so) are fun to throw in the mix too. There's a lot more that goes into a person than just one type or another.
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    I suppose MBTI if I have to pick. One's better because I know about the other, though. They each contribute to a bigger picture.

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    MBTI gives a very broad general idea. Enneagram digs into the dirty nitty gritty details.
    I like both equally.
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    I prefer MBTI. Probably because I understand it more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thankyoufortheterror View Post
    I think they're both useful but in different ways, I guess.
    Your sig made me lol <3
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    I like both. Enneagram is easier to understand, it deals with motivations and insecurities, which intuitively make sense to me, whereas I had to learn the cognitive functions one by one and how they present in real time.

    Knowing how people think and value info is fascinating; understanding and zeroing in on their internal motivations is more obvious but amusing. Mind traps make me laugh.

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