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Do You Prefer MBTI, Enneagram, Both or Other. Why?

View Poll Results: Which do personality type system you prefer?

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  • MBTI

    87 48.33%
  • Enneagram

    35 19.44%
  • Both equally

    51 28.33%
  • Other (Big 5, DISC, etc)

    7 3.89%
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This is a discussion on Do You Prefer MBTI, Enneagram, Both or Other. Why? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; I prefer MBTI, and I am more interested in it. I have difficulty figuring out my Enneagram type....

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    I prefer MBTI, and I am more interested in it. I have difficulty figuring out my Enneagram type.
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    Values in Action Strength Test aka VIA Strengths test. It's legit and doesn't put people in a box.

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    This poll would be biased because most of us know MBTI and do not know The Enneagram. I knew about The Enneagram when I joined this group.

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    I started with the 'gram but I've come to like MBTI a lot more. It covers more bases and feels a lot more objective. The enneagram is mostly mights and maybes and isn't based on anything concrete, cognitive functions in MBTI have more tangible rules and you can easily see what would cause similarities between people of those types. Though less misinformation seems to be thrown around in enneagram circles than in MBTI, which is probably down to the number of people using them.

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    I prefer the MBTI likely because I was introduced to it first and felt an instant connection with my type. It was the first time I felt understood. I think Enneagrams offers some new layers of insight, though perhaps somewhat contradictory with MBTI. For example, I am an ENTP (not strong on E or P) and identify as a 5w4, the description of which seems too introspective and solitary for an ENTP. But, both types fit for me, especially compared with the options.

    So, MBTI as a base, with Enneagram offering further insight. It could easily be the other way round if I'd been introduced to Enneagram first.

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    I prefer enneagram due to being an outlier in my MBTI. I cannot seem to find too many people like myself. Enneagram helped explain why I am different than other INTJ. As well as help me understand myself, and how it functions through the INTJ operating system. I originally mistyped as 1w9, 5w4, and 8w9 before I figured out I am a sp 4. It was quite difficult to accept, as it is not a popular type to be. But I cannot deny the facts.
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    I use both, they are different but can complement each other.

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    I prefer MBTI. My ex-boyfriend and I both tested ENFJ but we clashed so much in so many ways and I think the reason for that was because either he tested as the wrong type or perhaps because on the enneagram he's a 3 and I'm a 2 and we have conflicting values. My strongest values are community, intimacy, and relationships while his are efficiency, productivity, and overcoming challenges. One could say on the DISC he was more of a task focus (Dominant) and I had more of a people focus (Influential). So I think the two personality type indicators measure different aspects of a person and they work together to give a full picture of a person.

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    Both are needed; MBTI i think is to discover more of your outer self/how you know yourself to be (a stepping-stone to being initated into self-awareness), and the Enneagram is for knowing yourself in depth, your Shadow and get to understand "the real self", the motivations, drive and core fears etc. I currently am more involved in the Enneagram, because i love exploring the depths of self. It's fascinating, it has helped me alot already, as without it i wouldnt have really understood so many deeper/subtle layers of who i am internally, why i do what i do. It's true that one's personal Enneagram is "tricker" to figure out, as alot of soul search is required, but that's what it is made for... and therefore, it is also harder to get to type with accurancy for others too, compared to the MBTI. I see the rest of the systems (BIG5, DISC etc) as complementary.

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    Enneagram > Big Five
    Socionics > MBTI

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