What Do You Enjoy Most About PerC?

What Do You Enjoy Most About PerC?

View Poll Results: What do you enjoy most?

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  • Learning more about personality theory and psychology

    62 62.00%
  • Just a place to alleviate boredom

    43 43.00%
  • Learning more about my type, specifically

    46 46.00%
  • Meeting people all over the world and be in a community

    43 43.00%
  • Debating others and sharpen my reasoning skills

    27 27.00%
  • Spamming and troll others, because arrrggghhh

    15 15.00%
  • Participating in non personality sections

    25 25.00%
  • I don't know, I'm boring

    13 13.00%
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This is a discussion on What Do You Enjoy Most About PerC? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; So I'm curious to see what people enjoy most with PerC. Also, for which you all use the forum. For ...

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    What Do You Enjoy Most About PerC?

    So I'm curious to see what people enjoy most with PerC. Also, for which you all use the forum. For me, I joined 2 years ago, have met some great people. I also enjoyed being able to discuss psychology and typology with a lot of other enthusiasts. I am an interpersonal learner, so I've learned more these past 2 years than the 2 1/2 years before I got involved. I suppose people join for a variety of reasons, so I've added multiple choices.
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    I feel like I've made friends here and I'm really happy about that!

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    I just enjoy connecting with people who are somewhat like me to compare and contrast life experiences. I learn a lot on here because most people here are interested in self improvement.
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    What @brightflashes said.
    PerC attracts people who are into self-improvement and sharing their unique life experiences. Like a support group but with less negativity because not everything is about problems, only differences and quirks.

    It's a haven for introverts too, if they want that quiet place. I wouldn't call it simply avoiding boredom. Maybe avoiding overload?

    My own personal reason? This will sound funny, but the template of the website is similar to a forum I was a proud member of.
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    I've made friends here also. I really enjoy learning more about my personality type and about all of the others, so that I can understand them better. The game forum is fun and it makes me laugh. Sometimes, I really need that sort of entertainment. And, as odd as it sounds, the subforum that struck the most fear in me (Mafia) has become one of my favorite places in PerC. I would encourage everyone to give Mafia a try.

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    I would say the first three. I love learning about personality theory and having something to do in my free time. The only negative is that the sensor forums aren't active at all....I would love to talk about my typing more, but there aren't enough sensors here and aren't enough people interested in us. So because of that, I usually end up going to all the sub forums that aren't even type related. Ah well.
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    venting things that are on my mind.

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    Basically everything on the poll.

    MBTI, Socionics, and Enneagrams are all fascinating subjects, and learning more about ones self is always interesting. But I would say it's the members and the topics that keep me here after all these years. PerC members are really interesting and it's easy to talk with them. And finally, I probably will never retire my account mainly because I can use this forum to vent my thoughts and remain anonymous.
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    I ticked all of them except non personality sections and I'm boring
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    The stories and reading about other people's experiences. They are interesting and sometimes very informative and educational.

    Glad I joined here.
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