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What Drives You Most in Life?

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  • Family. Providing for them and representing my heritage.

    13 6.37%
  • Friends (Some Family). Being my best for them.

    6 2.94%
  • Faith. Life has meaning and purpose from God/higher power.

    36 17.65%
  • The World. Being altruistic and giving what I can to everyone I meet.

    29 14.22%
  • Myself. I live for me and enjoying all I can.

    54 26.47%
  • Nothing. I just go through the motions.

    17 8.33%
  • I don't know. I'm searching but haven't found it.

    49 24.02%
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This is a discussion on What Drives You Most in Life? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; Ultimately Faith... While wrestling with my natural inclination of Myself... Working itself out as "I don't know" how to submit ...

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    Ultimately Faith...
    While wrestling with my natural inclination of Myself...
    Working itself out as "I don't know" how to submit myself (Fi-dom) fully...
    which sometimes befuddles me to "Just go through the motions".

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    I'm grappling with the concept of existence and how much meaning it has which affects my answers. There's a few options that I see before me:
    * We simply exist.
    * What is before me and others is merely a figment of my imagination or failure in my perception of reality.
    * There isn't an answer we can truly understand.

    This makes me lean a bit away from Faith or "hedonism".

    My general motivations are a hunger for understanding, knowledge, and the happiness of my friends and family.
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    I would have said family but I wouldn't have one without faith. So yes, ultimately faith is what drives me.

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    I say I don't know but I wonder if I really do know...
    I just sort of live because Im afraid not to. Im afraid that maybe there is something in the future that is worth believing in and that I may one day find what makes me happy. Im afraid that if I cut things short, I wouldn't find out what it is. I guess its a deep rooted optimism that drives me.
    Until then, I guess I just "go through the motions" of life. I really hope for my sake that it's all worth it in the end.
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    The universe

    My drive is to understand as much about the universe as possible and learn in the process. On a less broad level I'd say that clarity or a perception of being able to gain clarity is very motivational for me, although clarity may in some instances be either temporary or completely illusive.

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    Well my faith keeps me living, but if you mean what gets me up in the morning, I'm talking food, fam.
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    Not listed in the poll, but my driving force is the desire for knowledge.

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    The closest option was the world, but it doesn't really apply to the whole world, nor do I think of it in terms of altruism. Truly doing what is best for others is intimately connected with self-interest. I suspect that altruism has become little more than an alluring concept people use to feel good about themselves and perhaps fill the void left by the lack of natural and geniune mutual concern.

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    Public transit.
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    Creation is my purpose

    The world is a theatre with a myriad of entertainment

    So I voted that I live for myself

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