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How often do you go to concerts, of any kind

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  • I go to as many as I can every week!

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  • (Almost) Every week or month I go to a show

    8 7.62%
  • One or two a year for my favorite bands

    29 27.62%
  • Seldom, but there might be one I get excited about

    36 34.29%
  • Have no desire to go to any concert for live music.

    32 30.48%
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This is a discussion on How often do you go to concerts, of any kind within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; Almost never. I think I've only been to one in my entire life, and that was during my teenage years....

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    Almost never. I think I've only been to one in my entire life, and that was during my teenage years.

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    Never gone to one, and don't plan on going to one either. I feel like I'm going to be really drained and disappointed if I go to one, so to avoid that, I'll just not go.

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    I have never been to a concert in my entire life, truthfully.

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    No desire - too many people!

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    I love all kinds of concerts - huge concerts, small metal gigs, blues gigs... Last two years I haven't been to as many as before - I mostly just went to my boyfriend's concerts.
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    I love music, but I absolutely hate crowds.

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    Maybe once or twice a year. I enjoy going to concerts if it's a band/musician that I like.

    It can be sort of annoying with so many people there, but I usually manage to ignore it and just focus on the music. It's not like I go to concerts to socialize with strangers anyway.

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    Classical music concerts + opera if it counts only. I've never seen any real concert - metal/rock etc. But I want to.

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    I haven't been to a concert--if my memory is trustworthy here, since I saw Joe Bonamassa for the last time (my husband and I used to see him when he wasn't well-known, at The Malibu Inn, for $5 at the door and a two drink minimum, got right up leaning on the stage, it was that laid back), and damn, was that fun.

    So, geez, 2006 maybe? Yeah, 10 years... he played in San Diego, bigger but not by much... and now I couldn't afford the tickets, and I wouldn't want to attend a big gig most likely held in Germany or elsewhere out of The States where he's more popular.
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    Well, I'm a stagehand, I typically work at least one concert a week from April through October and at least one or two a month for the rest of the year. Additionally a number of my friends are musicians of various sorts and I fairly frequently attend their performances to support them, it doesn't hurt that most of them are really good. I also pay to see my favorite bands so I can focus simply on enjoying the performance without trying to get mentally prepared to do the out.

    I love live music, all sorts of it, I see everything from opera to hip hop to bluegrass and I enjoy most of these performances. There's just something special to me about a live performance, something that even recordings of live performances lack. Yes the crowds can be overwhelming at times, but at times the energy of the crowd can be electric making the experience more intense. Even as a spectator my knowledge of the backstage makes the show even more interesting to me, I'm often not just watching the performers but also checking out the lighting rigs, the stage itself etc., theres so much that goes into a show that's often only peripherally noticed but is critical for making the performance shine.
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