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How close do you follow politics?

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  • I follow a lot of news and I get involved locally

    8 6.15%
  • I like watching/reading local and national news during the week

    16 12.31%
  • I follow from a world standpoint, rather than just my country

    35 26.92%
  • I catch some headlines and have an important issue or two

    19 14.62%
  • I don't like politics, but I like to know some important headlines

    29 22.31%
  • I avoid it as much as possible

    23 17.69%
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This is a discussion on How close do you follow politics? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; Originally Posted by Reila I like and follow politics as much as I do the same with porn. In short, ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reila View Post
    I like and follow politics as much as I do the same with porn. In short, I don't. I can't stand it. Life is shitty and bleak enough without bothering myself with this kind of stuff. This world is rotten to its core and wasting my energy and mental health being a keyboard warrior won't change that.

    He is a Fi user. Politics is probably the one thing he can't help but care too much about. Lots of Fi users have that one thing.

    Or maybe he is just a goofball.
    I'm a Fi user. I used to be more involved in politics, until I realized my activism was, ultimately, pointless. Those who rule the world dictate the trends, and nothing is spontaneous.
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    As a Washington DC area resident I literally cannot get away from it, because my entire surroundings depend on it. I've also, aside from DC, never lived in a state that wasn't "purple" or a tossup for presidential elections, so the intensity during elections is always there. Where I live now isn't an electoral battleground at all, however the whole carnival itself takes place right here 3 blocks down the road, so there is no escape.

    My parents and most childhood friends still live in a truly purple state, so I find myself always extremely interested in what people from back home are thinking, and where they are probably getting their information from. What I have found most interesting was that pre-2004, most everyone where I grew up followed the "avoid politics with people you don't know" rule, because there was a legitimate chance that someone may very much disagree with you, regardless of whether you were in the city or in the countryside. In DC this isn't even remotely necessary since everyone has the same belief, and even back home it's interesting to see who pines over the Obama days vs. that woman who planted hedges in her front yard that spell "TRUMP" when neither said anything at all about their beliefs 15 years ago. I really do believe digital media is the root source of the increased political showiness.

    I myself used to be a much more "purple" voter than I am now as well, and feel much more educated on policies than I was 10 years ago. I follow politics quite closely these days, and am a much more reliable voter than before. There are things that happen that make me really want to get out there with the flaming pitchforks, but generally an not at all an activist and probably wouldn't ever "work for a campaign."

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    Enough to know what's going on, but not enough to pull all my hair out in frustration. Type info in sig file.

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    I can't seem to avoid political talk. I'd like to know how others manage to do that. I do follow major events in Canada and the US and the really big world events, but do like a break sometimes. I vote, but I'm too realistic to think I can change the world. I'd rather make a difference with those I encounter and can really impact.
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    I've only recently become interested in politics, in the past adopting the 'ignorance is bliss' ideology. It has always seemed so unmovable and unchanging and static - a little like gravity and how the earth moves on its axis. It will always be there, always working in the same way, doing nothing new, and there is nothing one person can do to change it.

    If one really wants to understand the way the world works, however, the world of politics holds a goldmine of information. So I'm almost studying it from a distance like one may study Ancient Rome, and intermixed with insight are waves of indignation and disgust. I feel like I should be more involved, that people (especially grouped together) can make a difference. But I haven't yet figured out where to make a stand.
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    I used to avoid politics well into my adulthood. I mean, I did have a little interest in high school. I knew it was important, but damn was there a lot to learn. My friend actually introduced me to it, because he was someone who followed politics on a global scale. He introduced me to many unconventional resource networks. As well as things like Drudgereport, 4chan, Reddit, and political bloggers. So I had quite a diverse set of things to work into my daily routine, as well as the mainstream news such as CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. At first I just absorbed it, never speaking my opinions as I was ignorant. I settled on Libertarianism for the most part, but the more I learned about corruption and corperate/elitism mafia-esque government control. The more cynical I got. So essentially, I see the government just as shady as criminals. I do not trust them to support or care for people without a catch/detriment. So I am very much against any socialistic things on the basis of knowing they just want more power and do not care about the populist. Even if Conservatism has a lot of flaws, it is more flexible in terms of getting things done efficiently. Far too many people overcomplicate and rely on government.

    So yeah I only follow it enough to know wtf is going on, but know there is nothing I can do. I dont fool myself into being hopeful for change.
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    Politics makes me livid but I've gotten myself involved in it and you can't really avoid it on the internet anyway. I passively take it in via the people/political circles on the internet I follow and have very strongly-held views on things and whatnot but I try to avoid politics wherever I can help it, modern socio-politics puts me in such an awful mood. And I never discuss my political views outside of spaces meant for that kind of talk because it just drives people apart. Society's going to shit and the people with the power to make it stop are gleefully amplifying it for the sake of them sweet dolla bills.

    Ignorance is bliss.
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    Seeing how we're being flooded with news and sophism designed to confuse people into one of two extreme ideologies I find it all exhausting.

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    I try avoiding politics but it's pretty much unavoidable for me because my friends follow and talk about it. So I end up knowing about a few issues currently going on and headlines.

    The reason why I stay away from politics is because the news corporations who put out these headlines encourage you to be fearful. They want you to be afraid so you get flustered about politics and keep clicking their website. All the paranoia they produce will make you depressed and start thinking crazy shit. (That is, if you really care about what's going on with other people and the injustice happening. I think the only people left who are really into politics are the people who just want to slam people in arguments to prove they're factual to others. All to boost their ego.)

    Though with all the shit going on with Trump and the government shut down, I should start actively following it again. But I can't seem to get myself to.


    I think if you want to help the world and make a difference, you should get involved with local politics. Like in your town. I want to believe if everyone did that, the world would actually get better.

    But we hyper focus so much on national politics, which demoralizes us from doing anything.
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    Local news bores me to tears. Global news is followed closely.

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