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Are you shy around the opposite sex?

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  • I'm Male-In General Yes

    52 15.34%
  • I'm Male-In General No

    42 12.39%
  • I'm Male- If they are physically attractive

    38 11.21%
  • I'm Male- Only around someone I like

    47 13.86%
  • I'm Female- In General Yes

    36 10.62%
  • I'm Female- In General No

    46 13.57%
  • I'm Female- If they are physically attractive

    22 6.49%
  • I'm Female- Only around someone I like

    56 16.52%
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This is a discussion on Are you shy around the opposite sex? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; Nah. If anything I tend to talk more to the opposite sex, especially if I find them attractive. Asking them ...

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    Nah. If anything I tend to talk more to the opposite sex, especially if I find them attractive.

    Asking them out can be a different story, however.

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    If I find a guy physically attractive and/or like him romantically, then I can be very shy. Otherwise, I have many guy friends and don't react to men in general much differently than women.

    It's been a big problem for me in dating though....the guys I like often just see a nervous, quiet girl, and lose interest, and the guys I do not like romantically see the much more charming side of me, and then of course, they want to keep dating me .

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    I am generally not shy around anyone. I can be reserved from time to time, but not shy. There are a few exceptions to this when I am around girls that I would potentially like to be with, but nothing solid that I can say happens every time "X" occurs.

    Also, I tend to respond to social awkwardness not by being shy but not thinking before I speak and just blurting stuff out. Sometimes this comes off as quick-witted, other times I make a fool out of myself

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    I voted in general yes but it depends on the situation, like that would apply for most guys around my age, I've never really had close guy friends irl but I probably wouldn't care too much around my parents' friends or randoms on the street. Level of shyness increasing probably has more to do with how physically/emotionally attractive they are and how intimidating I find the cost of unrequited attraction as a result.

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    I've always been very shy since I was young; I've gotten a lot better but my shyness still lingers :|

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    I would not call it shy. I more put the on a pedestal and the results are the same as if I were shy. If that is what shy means than disregard the last statement.

    You know that brings up an intresting theory-ma-gig. Is being shy decided on your thoughts or actions?

    Oh well, where was I. Oh yes, so I put them on a pedestal and act as if they are godly and incapable of flaw. Only act normal when I find flaw in them.

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    There is this one certain type.. I can't really explain the type, because there is no pattern to it, It's more a feeling within me that determines the type..
    But yeah they make me shy

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    I voted general yes, but I think its more of wanting to analyze a person before I speak to them, and I'll become very reserved until I figure its a good time to talk to them.

    Around females that I can see myself being with I can start to overthink the situation and can end up fighting myself to talk or not to talk. This isn't really all the time. Just sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bett View Post
    Am I the only one who finds this poll very heterosexist?
    I am not even gay, but I do... and the essentially same question could be presented in a less inconsiderate manner too. For example, are you shy around the sex/sexes you are attracted to.
    Yes. Now bath in your authenticity.

    I'm shy...sometimes, but it's situational. If I'm out of my element, like, when an incredibly attractive female news reporter tried to interview me, I'll quickly turn into a mumbling idiot. But, if I'm able to take control of the situation, then I turn into an extrovert, like, last week when I told this girl I thought she was attractive.

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    I used to be afraid of the opposite sex. Like I'd refuse to sit with them, talk to them, work with them...

    It really wasn't really until the end of my junior year of high school where I became less afraid. Nowadays, I'm shy of approaching someone of the opposite sex that interests me as I don't think I have anything interesting to say.

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