MBTI Street Fight ... PII

MBTI Street Fight ... PII

View Poll Results: Which set of functions would be best for a battle?

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  • Ne-Ti (ENTP - INTP)

    8 47.06%
  • Se-Ti (ESTP - ISTP)

    4 23.53%
  • Te - Ni (ENTJ - INTJ)

    5 29.41%
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This is a discussion on MBTI Street Fight ... PII within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; Ladies and Ghouls the First part has been decided and now we will move on to the second course of ...

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    MBTI Street Fight ... PII

    Ladies and Ghouls the First part has been decided and now we will move on to the second course of action. The Winning Functions from the first Round were Ti (21.74%) Ne (17.39%) & Se (17.39%) runners up being Te & Ni (Both| 13.04%). The Combinations for this round are 3).

    Quote Originally Posted by Lykos View Post
    A fight to the death? Not really. I was going to do that but then I remembered the feeling types are still around and it would make them sad. Anyway, I've been put in charge of creating polls for the site, and I wanted my first three to be good. I've came up with the idea to have, for the first three weeks, a Street Fight amongst all types, functions, and functions combination. It's a tournament of sorts, and this will is how it will go down.

    First the Functions, and this will be the poll of the week. Which function do you believe will benefit you the best. Don't vote for just your Functions put yourself into the position of other types. I want you to understand the functions so I will put them down below. Strength isn't everything in a fight, neither is intelligence. Each function has its own strength and it is your job to vote for the one that has the best.

    Next weeks will be Function Combination. I will take the winning, plural, functions from this weeks poll and create different combinations of those winners in order for you to vote. Remember that these are combinations and that means multiple types. Which brings me to the final week of the poll. I will take the top two combinations and place the four types in a final battle to see which type will be the winner.

    I will now provide an example with ENTP winning.

    First Poll:

    Second Poll:
    Ne - Ti (ENTP - INTP)
    Se - Ti (ESTP - ISTP)

    Third Poll:
    ENTP - Winner
    ISTP - Second
    INTP - Third
    ESTP - Forth

    I hope the poll sets up correctly . If there is a problem like Se Ne Te Fe etc are chosen I will improvise.
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    I have placed my vote.

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    Why not involve the actual combination of Ni and Fe as proposed by Marco Anthony?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NephilimAzrael View Post
    Why not involve the actual combination of Ni and Fe as proposed by Marco Anthony?
    Because Fe didn't receive votes. I had a plan and I'm sticking to that plan. I explained that in the first part. The functions that won would be combined to create the list for the second round.
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    I voted Ne 'n' Ti
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    Well i don't know it seems fair to follow the rules as we go but there is something that might not have been contemplated, and that is the best functions on it's own not necessarily will be acting together as good. What i meant is for fighting there might be technics that seem rather not as obvious and still work better then more obvious choices. So well yes feelings might not be excellent to inflict fiscal damage, but could work as great supporting functions, as to keep the battle out of ordinary. With some rushes of adrenaline and inspiration as boosters

    Lets not forget at the end of the day we are acting on one function at a time, being supported by the other one. Anyways i placed my vote on Ni-Te under the circumstances i would say this one could work his way to the winning place.
    It is also easier to decide when there are no feeling functions in play.
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    Week 2 Over!
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