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Do you need to love your career to be happy in life?

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  • I need to love what I do to be fulfilled.

    535 47.98%
  • I need to like it, but I work to pay bills and do cool stuff.

    427 38.30%
  • In the end, I work for money, alone.

    44 3.95%
  • Who cares? Life is meaningless and we're all gonna die...

    109 9.78%
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This is a discussion on Do you need to love your career to be happy in life? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; I won't ever be happy with a life where I have to spend 8 whole hours doing something I don't ...

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    I won't ever be happy with a life where I have to spend 8 whole hours doing something I don't want to do in a place I don't want to be every single day. I want to spend those 8 hours doing something that makes me happy too. So I guess my answer is yes. At the moment I'm spending more than half my day every day staring at invoices and being yelled at by my boss for trying to do my job properly and it's soulcrushing. Adulting sucks.
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    I personally tend to throw myself into work and would be miserable if I didn't find some overall pleasure in it. I also think it's highly possible for anyone to love what they do if you can figure out what feeds you and what drains you. Personally, I get bored easily and like to work autonomously. So I've gravitated towards positions and industries that are complex and varied and environments that provide independence (e.g. project manager, business architect, multi-national company, entrepreneur). It took me awhile to figure this out, and there have been many false starts.

    I wish everyone could find something they love to do and someplace where they feel valued. But I understand that for others that feeling may come from a big paycheck or being able to leave the job at the office. To each his own!

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    I would have chosen an entirely different path if I could be happy being single my whole life. If I didn't need to be a provider & own a house I could have had a fairly stress-free life just following my passion. And maybe added a few years to my life. But that would have severely limited my social options I found out. I've done both. If I had a do-over I think I'd rather fly solo doing what I enjoy. The culture worships success & I've fallen into that mindset too often. I resect self-reliance but I don't envy the rich. Oh, a relative retired from crunching numbers. Paid well but he hated it. He took a manual labor job for 1/4 the money & loves it. And he lost 30 pounds.

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    Working just for money is a creepy idea. I have to love what I do to do it. I have to identify with what I do to do it.
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    Well, it wouldn't hurt... :D
    But I'll be happy no matter what. Make me a slave and force me to shine floors all day, I'll entertain myself SOMEHOW.

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    INFP here. I need a higher motive to work, like feeing like I am making a difference. If I love what I’m doing, I’ll work myself sick. If I don’t love what I do, I’d rather do nothing. And definition of love, I don’t mean there won’t be aspects of my job I don’t care to do, but if it’s helping someone or a cause I’m passionate about, I’ll do it anyway because it means something to me and them. Which is why I mainly do care taking jobs.

    Edit: I tend to never be able to save money because I choose loving what I do over making money. However, if I had more than myself to provide for I’d probably choose a higher paid job so I could support them, though then I’d be working for love of who I’m supporting so in the end I’m still doing something I love.

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    I can be happy if I don’t hate it, so no. Luckily, I’m working on the passion and a pending degree so there are options.

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    To be happy in life, I would say yes. To be content I don't think it is required as much for most.
    Personally I can't stand a job I don't like for very long before just quitting for just about any change.

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    Depeneding on the hours, how long you've worked there, your mental health, and your life outside of work. Luckily for me, I'm an artist.

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