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Do you need to love your career to be happy in life?

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  • I need to love what I do to be fulfilled.

    535 47.98%
  • I need to like it, but I work to pay bills and do cool stuff.

    427 38.30%
  • In the end, I work for money, alone.

    44 3.95%
  • Who cares? Life is meaningless and we're all gonna die...

    109 9.78%
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This is a discussion on Do you need to love your career to be happy in life? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; i don't need to love it, as long as it's not going against my morals or making me feel horrible ...

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    i don't need to love it, as long as it's not going against my morals or making me feel horrible everyday.
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    I wouldn't go as far as saying I have to love it, but I must like some aspect of it at least. It's more important to me that it's meaningful, even if I dislike doing it sometimes (many things about my current path of career fits that description). I'm not doing it for money, nobody is (because the pay sucks). I do enjoy working with people who struggle the most in life / have fallen outside of society, and notice I can contribute for them, even if they're not currently capable of contributing for themselves. When I worked with computers / machines, I enjoyed it as well, but it was not meaningful to me on a personal level, it was working for companies and customers for commercial gain. Now I work for people whose life is dependent on outside help.

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    Because I constantly think about work in my spare time and occasionally end up actually doing some too, I really do need to love the job in order to be happy.

    I can still work at a job I don't love but my mental health will suffer badly and that will impact all other aspects of my life.
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    I answered I have to like it at least somewhat but mostly the money matters, and I can use that money to do stuff I like and take care of my family with it. Then again, I don't have a calling in life so who knows. What if I did, and that would change my outlook on this. Although I do wonder why we do this to ourselves. We spend so much of our life working, for what? Do we even find it's rewards worth it in the end?
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    I don't need to love what I do, but I feel the need to like it and be good at it. I see it as a way to rid myself of debt and fund projects. Now a business would have to be something I'm passionate about, but a job is a means to an end.
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    No. Although -- it is certainly a start for some; darling. As for myself, I prefer to "love," my career (specifically) to do my career efficiently (as it prevents unnecessary stress) - not to derive happiness per se; or (life fulfillment) from it, which I haven't any interests in specifically, I do not wish to be happy in any form (&) have long ceased striving / wishing for 'happiness' as a life-goal.

    Due to [most] of my money simply going toward survival + other necessities, and my "happiness" when gained, that is, where I thrive [rather than simply make-ends], stem from other affairs either career (or) non-career related -- such as relieving bodily waste, and indulging in hobbies, than only applying to my career.

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    I love my work and find it immensely fulfilling. I don't know that I would need to love it strictly speaking to find fulfillment in my life, but given how much of one's time it takes up it certainly helps.

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    Considering I have big dreams. Yes. I need to infuse my work with my passion in order to be happy and satisfied.. idk how someone can be satisfied in a job they don't like for long let alone forever.. sounds like hell.
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    I definitely need to like it. Luckily this is the case.
    The next question would be, how much time I'd have to work. I guess it would be okay for me to work 20 hours a week in a job I dislike, if the money is right. But then, I'd be willing to work 40 hours a week for the same amount of money in a job I'd "love".

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    You always have more freedom in your free time than in your career. The benefit that a career gives you is that you can be part of something bigger. Unless that is your goal (e.g. being part of a big company), free time will always be more interesting than your job.

    For me, commercial things are boring. In work, there are too many constraints for me to fully enjoy it . I can often find a way to be interested in what I'm doing in my work. I enjoy feeling part of something bigger, but because this something is commercial I perceive it as somebody's pursuit of personal interests (money, fame, etc.) rather than something good for the society. Fundamentally it's worse than having free time to do cool stuff.

    I answered "I need to like it, but I work to pay bills and do cool stuff.".
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