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Do you need to love your career to be happy in life?

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  • I need to love what I do to be fulfilled.

    535 47.98%
  • I need to like it, but I work to pay bills and do cool stuff.

    427 38.30%
  • In the end, I work for money, alone.

    44 3.95%
  • Who cares? Life is meaningless and we're all gonna die...

    109 9.78%
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This is a discussion on Do you need to love your career to be happy in life? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; I don't necessarily need to love it, but I don't want to hate it, either. I'm mostly aiming towards just ...

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    I don't necessarily need to love it, but I don't want to hate it, either.

    I'm mostly aiming towards just having a likable job, something I don't mind getting out of bed and doing each day. As long as I can pay my bills and have enough money to "do cool stuff", then I don't really have high expectations for my future career.

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    I do like my job, but I would absolutely not do it for free. It can be quite stressful! No self-respecting human would put themselves through that kind of stress if there wasn't anything in it for them. People work to survive.

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    I chose the second one; if I don't completely love something but it's not insufferable and it has value to others, to improving society and whatnot.. I probably would grow to hate doing it without any extrinsic reward (i.e. money, or at least it has to be a promising investment for a better-paying job later). Because it starts to seem more like busy work and mental masturbation over my skill set than anything actually meaningful. And I resent doing stuff like that.

    I don't think I need to be passionate about a career though - I have yet to experience a job or anything really where the passion hasn't faded over time anyway. Maybe that'll change one day, but sometimes I wonder if people who talk about loving their careers and having a "true passion" really mean what they say, or if they're romanticizing it.

    Only if I had to work for free would I REALLY have to be in love with whatever I'm doing, and have no other reason for doing so.

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    I think that people shouldn't define their lives by what they do for a living as much as what they do for free, especially if their work is unfulfilling both financially and emotionally. Sadly though, it's getting harder and harder for people to get free time that they can spend on other pursuits.
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    I didn't vote because a fulfilling job, is only one part of life, you also need to have good interpersonal relationships and intrapersonal relationships, you need to have a good family life, (which may be dependent on boundaries and the amount of distance between you and your family), you need to be good at managing your health as well.
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    I voted I need to like it, but I work to pay bills and do cool stuff.

    I think I also work to fill a need to work and to contribute - I took a semester off after college and I became bored and overwhelmed with feeling down very quickly. Even if I didn't need to work for the money, I think I would still work, even though maybe I would choose less hours, or slightly different conditions. I like the collaborative social environment of a workplace and I like laboring towards a cause bigger than myself. It helps make my life rich and meaningful.

    But as for liking versus loving, I've worked most of the working years of my life in jobs that I didn't LOVE, and I've had a lot of happiness anyway. So I think I need to have aspects of my job that I like - enough to make me like the job overall - but I don't think I have to absolutely love it to be happy anyway.
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    I absolutely do. Hence why I'm seeing a career counselor! To help me figure out which career I shall change to. :-)

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    After about 15 years as an adult, Iíve learned that I seriously couldnít care less about money. Itís part of the reason it was so natural for me to embrace a minimalist lifestyle...
    So on the flip side Iíve discovered if I donít love my job, Iíll hate it. I canít make myself do a job that doesnít get me seriously excited no matter HOW little Iím getting paid.
    Iím about to start a new part-time retail job at $15/hr, at a store and workshop for furniture made from only local wood, by local carpenters...their commitment to ethical values is hardcore. I'm TOTALLY excited about this one...!
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    I've had lots of jobs that I loved, but none of them paid very well. More importantly, they all turned into work sooner or later.
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    In an ideal world, having a loving career would be pleasant but I've been disappointed many times by the "real" world. I find that I just have to put up with work, people and stuff. In the end, any work brings food on the table and shelter over my head. Although money can't buy my happiness, it's the next best thing I guess. I sell my brain to the highest bidder and tell my brain to love it. It's all a matter of perspective and choosing the good in any thing so they say.

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