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For what purpose do you use typology?

View Poll Results: For what purpose do you use typology?

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  • Satisfying my curiosity about human personality/psychology

    48 75.00%
  • Intellectual stimulation, having a theory to discuss and play with

    37 57.81%
  • Understanding myself

    45 70.31%
  • Improving relationships with family/friends/partner

    23 35.94%
  • Becoming a better parent

    4 6.25%
  • Personal growth

    32 50.00%
  • Finding people similar to me

    16 25.00%
  • Dating

    12 18.75%
  • Professional development, e.g. improving my communication/leadership/teamworking skills

    10 15.63%
  • Deciding who to hire or how best to use my staff

    2 3.13%
  • Understanding my customers/students/patients/clients/etc.

    5 7.81%
  • Improving my performance as a student, e.g. understanding my learning style

    6 9.38%
  • Helping me figure out what I want to do with my life

    17 26.56%
  • Understanding the psychological aspects of other disciplines, e.g. literature or politics

    12 18.75%
  • Creating fictional characters

    6 9.38%
  • Spiritual development

    14 21.88%
  • Other (please specify)

    2 3.13%
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This is a discussion on For what purpose do you use typology? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; I chose the first one—people fascinate me....

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    I chose the first one—people fascinate me.
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    Mind reading :)

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    Entertainment/having something to talk about with friends I made on typology communities.
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    To make it easier to understand other people's motivations and help them walk together w/me towards a goal I guess.
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    I felt all fit except creating fictional characters.
    Jungian ideas and typology is on my mind every day.

    I always factor it in regardless of what decision I'm taking.
    I've yet to stumble across any better method of taking decisions in relation to people,
    except perhaps rules of thumb, but those are of course heavily influenced by typology also.
    They just stop me from over analyzing all the time.
    They are basically prejudices I've developed to allow me to become more effective,
    as I cannot waste my time in every single interaction getting to know someone fully,
    just to make a decision.

    Socionics type relations are marvelous in that regard.
    Hence I have a big bias towards my own quadra Gamma,
    and people with negative relations get discriminated against in my daily life.
    Like if I have a choice between an interaction between my conflictor or my activator,
    I will of course chose my activator, unless there is a good reason not to.
    But when all factors are equal this weights in heavily.

    For example I just ditched a service provider who was EII to switch to a LII.
    The EII was in way over his head, refusing to admit it,
    and hoping I wouldn't notice so I would continue giving him money for crap work.
    He had started taking shortcuts, basically cheating and lying.

    Before typology I might have given him the benefit of the doubt,
    but knowing the moral chasm between Gamma and Delta, I took no chances,
    and the information I got from the LII proved that he was under performing in an extreme way.

    The LII on the other hand was very meticulous, going over all variables,
    and giving me service and tips beyond my wildest expectations.
    I would have spent much more money and time before I discovered the problem if not for typology.

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    No reason at all. Why?

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