For what purpose do you use typology?

For what purpose do you use typology?

View Poll Results: For what purpose do you use typology?

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  • Satisfying my curiosity about human personality/psychology

    48 75.00%
  • Intellectual stimulation, having a theory to discuss and play with

    37 57.81%
  • Understanding myself

    45 70.31%
  • Improving relationships with family/friends/partner

    23 35.94%
  • Becoming a better parent

    4 6.25%
  • Personal growth

    32 50.00%
  • Finding people similar to me

    16 25.00%
  • Dating

    12 18.75%
  • Professional development, e.g. improving my communication/leadership/teamworking skills

    10 15.63%
  • Deciding who to hire or how best to use my staff

    2 3.13%
  • Understanding my customers/students/patients/clients/etc.

    5 7.81%
  • Improving my performance as a student, e.g. understanding my learning style

    6 9.38%
  • Helping me figure out what I want to do with my life

    17 26.56%
  • Understanding the psychological aspects of other disciplines, e.g. literature or politics

    12 18.75%
  • Creating fictional characters

    6 9.38%
  • Spiritual development

    14 21.88%
  • Other (please specify)

    2 3.13%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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This is a discussion on For what purpose do you use typology? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; Please choose all that apply, and feel free to elaborate in the thread. Some of the options may overlap with ...

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    For what purpose do you use typology?

    Please choose all that apply, and feel free to elaborate in the thread.

    Some of the options may overlap with each other, but still seemed worth having as separate poll choices.
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    For the heck of it. First three options

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    Other (please specify): Using it as a convenient shortcut to convey the gist of me to someone else. Saves a lots of words. And saving words is good.
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    A different perspective from which to view and analyze human behaviors and interaction.

    I probably hang around here because there aren't a ton of people around me IRL who like to have deeper discussions with.

    Voted for the top two.
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    Voted for the second and third options.

    I think I originally got into typology to understand myself, but now I just enjoy the theory.
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    Personally I feel that above all it should be used for the personal growth, and to reverse the preconceived ideas that filter reality to our eyes.
    Because, as I five I can relate too much to the intellectual stimulation (2nd option), and I'd feel what I am misunderstanding everything if I take it as a game, because literally this can change my life for the better, and that is TNT that would be lost if I only threw myself to do what I have always done haha. I'd only go back into the shell :/
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    I use typology to fill the holes in my soul
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    I needed something to understand myself.
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    Started out as just being interested in taking psych tests online and reading about things like the Big 5 or even the greek temperaments. Became very interested in mbti and the enneagram eventually. Started out as something to examine myself but I love categorizing other people into these systems too. It's interesting to see how people tick
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    I've used MBTI specifically quite a lot for professional development. Typology and MBTI hasn't been of much use to me on a personal level though.
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