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    Tv shows

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    I enjoy both as movies and TV shows have their separate strengths and flaws. Neither is inherently superior or inferior to the other. For instance, the 1975 Jaws movie is very popular, but as a TV show it would fail as evident by its sequels getting lower and lower ratings compared to the original. On the other hand, there are franchises that are much more popular as TV shows then as movies.

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    Difficult. TV show(s) can just extremely long movies for me - since I tend to wait until the season has completed to binge when I have time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Bee View Post
    This is my position too. You barely get any backstory half the time in films and rarely any worthwhile character development. I like to get into the story more than a movie usually allows. Some of my favorite films are film series, probably for that reason. The average film is very predictable.
    I don't like predictable. Chaos, uncertainty and constant change make stories (and life) interesting. :)

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    I dislike cliffhanger endings, the tv shows use'em a lot so I have to choose movies

    And the plot is just too long in the shows, a lot of filler BS

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    Comic books turned TV shows.

    [1] We could watch glimpses of every character's background from childhood till adulthood.
    [2] It will go according to the comic book illustrative narrations.

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    As someone said on this thread (to paraphrase): Movies are memorable. Tv shows, for me though, are serialized and/or common, which is something I can watch easily.

    As preference, I don't have any leanance toward any side, though on a mood, I watch movies if I want in depth, seriousness, drama, though out action or humor and tv shows for silliness, quick wits or topical stuff, and/or cheap action (not to disparage that tv shows can't have the formers prominent on movies and movies aren't so usually high-quality).
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    Mostly movies, unless we're talking about Anime where Japanese animators usually aren't interested in making a movies that will be popular and good.

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    I need a mix of both or feel life is out of balance.

    I like good characters, plot, mystery, and wonder to be part of what I'm watching typically. I prefer TV series that build upon what has gone before over episodic presentations. Those that do this well (good acting, good writing, good plot, relatable characters) are memorable to me as much (sometimes more than) movies (Lost and Babylon 5 are strong examples for me).

    Some premises work better as movies and work the wrong way when turned into TV series (e.g., The Purge).
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    Movies are too short to have very good character development compared to TV shows, and the stories that movies portray always feel incredibly rushed to me. Sure, there are some movies that are more straightforward and work better as movies than they would as a TV show, but I prefer the more realistic slow burn TV shows offer compared to movies in most cases.
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