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Which Do You Prefer: Movies or TV Shows

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    50 29.24%
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    66 38.60%
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This is a discussion on Which Do You Prefer: Movies or TV Shows within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; '80s B-movies from the '80s a go go!...

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    '80s B-movies from the '80s a go go!

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    I enjoy both equally.
    Regardless of what type of media it is,
    I can only digest about 0.5-1 hour of video content/sitting.
    Can't sit through longer films (i.e. the Batman or Lord of the Rings franchises) without frequent intermissions.
    Thus, they're spread out over several days.
    I'm not sure if I'd make it at the theater, without friends.
    What is this thing people do called "binging".
    Lol. Ne.

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    I like movies, I like tv shows, but I easily get bored especially if the tv show got repetitive story or the movie is too long and I can't understand what it really means. I love very short films, duration is between 20-30 mins.

    btw, I'm new here :)

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    Tv Shows: I can’t get emotionally attached to a character if I only see them for 2 hours. Longer running hours also mean more fleshed out characters.

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    books are more detailed and I can use my imagination while reading them, I can also re-read the same paragraph 3 times if I so desire.

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