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What is the most introverted extrovert?

View Poll Results: What is the most introverted extrovert?

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  • ENTJ

    8 18.60%
  • ENTP

    10 23.26%
  • ESTJ

    4 9.30%
  • ESTP

    1 2.33%
  • ENFJ

    5 11.63%
  • ENFP

    14 32.56%
  • ESFJ

    1 2.33%
  • ESFP

    0 0%
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This is a discussion on What is the most introverted extrovert? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; ENTJ for sure. ENTP second....

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    ENTJ for sure. ENTP second.

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    ENFJ. Very friendly yet so distant at heart.

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    I'm going to have to go with ENTP.

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    Between ENTJ and ENTP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cryptonia View Post
    My first thought was "ENFP, hands down," because of, well... what starry said. The ENFP I know best in real life now does just say he wants to be alone sometimes. It suddenly dawned on me, though, that they sort of mimic whoever they're around, and the only person he expresses the introverted tendencies to is me. He then proceeds to be around people (me or others) all the time. So I think he only really expresses introverted tendencies to me as an instance of seeming just like everybody he's around, only when we're alone.

    I only know one ENTJ, who would be my first real guess, but she's extremely extroverted. I think that may be her-specific, but sadly I don't have any others to compare her to.

    So... I think I'll go with ENTP--but I don't think they're very introverted by choice. As long as they think that they're the center of attention, or among the coolest ones around, they're very extroverted... but the moment the group finds someone cooler, they retreat into a book or video games or something else they can do alone. Since NTs of any type can't naturally hold up popularity too well, I think it's pretty common to find ENTPs alone like you would an introvert.

    I know it's not the same thing... but I'm an INTP, the most introverted of all introverts, so all the extroverts look equally extroverted to me. So for lack of a better choice, I'll go with ENTPs.

    edit: hehe, I just realized how insulting that was . Mildly sorry.
    With me it depends who I am with. If I can relate to the person...Definitely E, but if I can't relate to the person...Introvert. I normally just shut up if I can't relate to the person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarryNights View Post
    I find the N and F contributing to the introversion. Fi especially. The question is, is Fi more introverted than Ti?

    Say if a thinker is pondering an issue and need to be left alone in a quiet environment...
    Relative to a feeler who is hurt and wants to collect their feelings together..
    Which fades first?

    maybe they fade in relatively equal amounts of time

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