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Which season do you like best?

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  • Winter

    86 16.14%
  • Spring

    140 26.27%
  • Summer

    133 24.95%
  • Fall

    174 32.65%
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This is a discussion on Which season do you like best? within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; Spring! The temperature isn't unbearable yet (remains < 30 celcius), life returns to the forests, and the weather can be ...

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    Spring! The temperature isn't unbearable yet (remains < 30 celcius), life returns to the forests, and the weather can be sunny while remaining agreeable. I'd choose summer as my favorite month if the temperature wasn't so damn high. I tend to stay indoors during the summer because simply stepping outside is enough for you to start sweating... a lot.
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    Summer. I love the heat. Sitting outside relaxing with a martini. And cooking everything on the grill.

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    Spring. Without a doubt. After the chill and darkness of winter, the light, softness and warmth of this joyous season truly make the spirit soar. Oh, to take in the delightful sound of gurgling brooks, like a child laughing, and the delicious aroma of fragrant flowers, opening like a baby does his eyes for the first time and drinking in the marvels of a world not a day old! It fills you with such hope, mocking the death and emptiness that winter represents. As we get on in years and feel weary, tired, and hopeless, the freshness and energy of spring really does make one feel that life is beginning anew!
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    Autumn is the best, for sure. I'm surprised so many people on here seem to agree with me, when most people in real life tend to favor summer!

    Autumn is easily the most beautiful time of year. The colors of the leaves...the smell of bonfires and rain...the perfect mixture of warmth and cool breezes....There's something so poetic about the season that I simply can't resist it! I always find myself writing autumn-related poetry.

    ...speaking of which, I'll think I'll post one such poem in by blog right now. Thanks for reminding me!
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    Sumnmer... I love hot, lazy summer afteroons and summer nights are the best! And even though I'm not to fond of rain, summer thunder storms are quite fun. =P
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    spring, second is autumn. spring is more alive and sunny. summer's too hot and winter's too cold. if i was in a place where it was really windy all summer and rained a lot, i'd say summer. summer nights really are the best.
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    Spring's my favorite. I appreciate it both aesthetically and symbolically(all the coldness and frost melting away and things coming alive again. Symbolically, I like to think about spring being around the corner when I'm struggling in the midst of a dark winter day.) Of course we don't have real seasons here, but the symbolism is still meaningful to me.

    I also have seasonal affective disorder so spring tends to be a happier season for me.

    Now that I think of it, all seasons have their beauty and I appreciate each one in a way. So maybe it's mainly the symbolism I like.
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    College Football Season
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    Especially after a hot Australian summer.
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    All of them
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