Out of all the Generations, which do you like best?

Out of all the Generations, which do you like best?

View Poll Results: Which Generation do you like best?

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  • Lost Generation (Born 1901-1913)

    5 7.14%
  • Greatest Generation (Born 1910's-1930's)

    7 10.00%
  • Silent Generation (Born 1923-1943)

    6 8.57%
  • Baby Boom Generation (Born 1960's)

    3 4.29%
  • Generation X (Born 1970s)

    13 18.57%
  • Generation Y (Born 1980's-1990's)

    23 32.86%
  • Generation Z (Born 1990's-2000's)

    13 18.57%
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    Out of all the Generations, which do you like best?

    Which generation do you like best?
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    I don't know...you get different types of people within each generation, so it's difficult to say. But I will say that I admire people that choose not to follow the crowd.

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    Baby Boomer generation is wrong, it began after WW2
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    Yeah, the Baby Boomers are mostly those born in the late '40s and throughout the '50s. Some cut off the Boomer generation as early as '61, though '65 seems to be considered the start for Gen X in most sources I've read.

    Anyway, I tend to relate to Gen X the best even though I am part of Gen Y.
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    The dates on the poll should be tweaked.

    Gen X technically really starts in the mid-60's.
    Boomers occur earlier.

    (If I'm gonna be pigeon-holed, darn it, let me be pigeon-holed correctly! :D)

    I'm Gen X, totally, by personality, and deal better with Gen Y than the Boomers, although I've had to live in Boomer culture for so long I "get them" pretty well.
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    Why is it that once Generation X comes along all creativity in naming goes out the wiindow?

    100 years from now Generation M5XHC3 will think Generation M5XHC6 are all a bunch of rebellious punks.
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    anything called silent is fine by me
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    I'm generation Y I'm not wired enough, or young enough to be generation Z.
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    My one. =]
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    Generation Z: I have faith in us!
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