Which career category do you work in or interested in working in?

Which career category do you work in or interested in working in?

View Poll Results: Which career category do you work in or interested in working in?

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  • Art & Design

    34 37.78%
  • Admin & Clerical

    3 3.33%
  • Banking & Finance

    4 4.44%
  • Construction

    1 1.11%
  • Customer Service

    0 0%
  • Education

    12 13.33%
  • Engineering

    7 7.78%
  • General Labor

    1 1.11%
  • Government

    8 8.89%
  • Health Care

    10 11.11%
  • Hospitality

    0 0%
  • Human Resources

    4 4.44%
  • Information Technology

    12 13.33%
  • Legal

    6 6.67%
  • Marketing

    4 4.44%
  • Manufacturing & Retail

    0 0%
  • Sales & Marketing

    0 0%
  • Science & Biotech

    15 16.67%
  • Social Services

    18 20.00%
  • Other

    22 24.44%
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    Which career category do you work in or interested in working in?

    Which career category do you work in or interested in working in?
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    I'm not sure how my current job fits in, but it would be wonderful to continue caregiving as a lifelong profession. I'd also be interested in anything having to do with art or music, but not as my main source of income. I want it to be something I do freely, whenever the inspiration hits, not because I feel obligated to force creativity when I'm not feeling it.

    Right now, I'm about to start my second caregiving job after finding the first one extremely fulfilling. Having had sufficient time to mourn the death of my first client, I am finally ready to try again, and it seems like the ideal choice of careers for someone like me. It requires me to be responsible for someone else, but at the same time, all of my practical concerns are dealt with. I don't have to worry about paying rent somewhere, budgeting for groceries, worrying about bills, etc. All I have to do is cook, clean, provide companionship, make sure the woman doesn't fall when using her walker, and give her her pills on time. I get to be nurturing while still remaining comfortably dependent.

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    I put healthcare and other. Most dietitians work in healthcare settings, but I am more interested in sports nutrition/personal training.
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    Science & Biotech (Chemisty) -> Healthcare (Dentist/Oral surgeon) [Career pathway]
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    You didn't put any choice for media/press/writer, so I choose other.

    I work as a reporter for in-house magazines for big companies. I am also an editor, a copywriter, and a freelance novelist (though the last time I wrote any novel was 2 years ago. Since that, I'm too busy to write anything anymore). Generally, I'm a writer.

    I love being a reporter, coz I have chances to go all over places, meet fantastic people, hearing awesome real life stories and wisdoms, join many interesting events and parties, and am able to do my favorite activity: writing. It's a fantastic job and I enjoy it very much.

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    I was going to put other but out of the list I'm interested in social services
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    I'd love to be a psychologist. Social services seemed like that was the correct response for that.
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    I have no idea, I am in a university though, so I'm probably going somewhere to work afterwards
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    I want to be a psychologist. I wasn't sure if that was health care or social services.
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    well my major is criminal justice
    maybe i might become a lawyer
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